Tuesday, December 04, 2012

She knows what she's talking about. And for a moment I know. What it was all about.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Richard Harrow’s wallet is the one with BMF on it. That’s how you go on a shooting rampage. Also how you “surrender” your gun. So sad to see him walk away from his girl, but we know he’ll be back because somebody has to protect Tommy from his grandmother. And damn you Gillian for recounting the events that likely sent you off into your twisted world. I’m trying to hate you here. Crazy hot Gillian.
Plain crazy Gyp. I think you could have got Tonino at +500 to be the one to put an end to Gyp and his murder/comedy stylings. It was a little bit of anti-climactic death for such a character though it was directed beautifully. Of course it was Nucky that set that whole thing into motion with his wheeling and dealings. AR, so cocky so self-assure, so gonna be in trouble next season with the Overholt distillery. Nice move Enoch. Also looking forward to next season when Lucky Luciano starts becoming Lucky Luciano.
Al Capone is certainly becoming Al Capone. I like the bonding time he had with Chalky. It’s always nice to bond over an ambush of a common enemy.
Nucky was dealing out lessons left and right. The only play that didn’t work out for him was with Margaret. I should say it didn’t work out, yet. Who knows what next season will bring? We have a soon to be pissed off Rothstein, a pissed off Lucky and Meyer, Masseria, Van Alden, Capone, Chalky with a place on the Boardwalk, a carnation-less Nucky, Richard, a heroin-addicted Gillian? and who knows what else? Boardwalk Empire is a slow burn drama and it can feel like it’s dragging its feet at times, but when you know you’re going to get major payoff it works. The last three episodes this season were a fantastic conclusion to a really, really strong season. Steve Buscemi deserves his Emmy.

--The midseason finale of The Walking Dead brought us Cutty!!! Cutty as Tyrese is just awesome. Hopefully the show does a better job with Tyrese as a newbie than it has done with Michonne. They really have no idea what they’re doing with her do they? Why does she want the Governor dead so badly? Yeah, he’s a bad guy, but to go back to Woodbury just to put a sword in him didn’t make much sense. And she couldn’t tell Andrea that the Governor had imprisoned her friends because...? All that was unsatisfying as was not seeing Daryl get captured. I would have liked to have seen how the most bad ass person in the show was caught by Woodbury’s keystone cops. Couldn’t he have just used some more magic smoke to escape? That was kind of sloppy even though Merle and Daryl’s fight for your lives reunion looks promising.
Best use of Shane ever.
Worst explanation of why I have fish tanks full of zombie heads ever.
Midseason MVP: F’n Carl. 
He’s like Adrian Peterson or Peyton Manning because Carl is MVP and Comeback Player of the Year. Blasting his mom. His perfectly delivery of “I did” after being asked if they should help Tyrese. Great job with Carl.
LVP – Michonne and Andrea.

--Ouch Lions. Just ouch. Three straight home losses in which you led in the 4th quarter in all three. Ouch.

--How do you let Jim Deshaies get away?! Seriously, I can’t even use the Astros game as a background channel now. Of course that’d be assuming I’d be receiving CSN Houston.  I'm so sick of this bullshit between the Astros, Rockets, CSN, Uverse, Directv, Dish, whatever.  I don't care who's to blame.  It's just wrong though.  Flat out f'n wrong.

--What is this feeling I have after watching Homeland. Disap. Disappointment? It was a very 24-like episode and it didn’t really work for me. I thought Abu Nazir wanted to cause mass casualties on American soil and have the world know who it was who was responsible. Hacking into the VP’s pacemaker doesn’t fit with what we knew about Abu Nazir. 
 “NAZIR!!!!” Seriously Brody, what the hell? You go to the trouble of finding a quiet spot since Abu Nazir facetimed you with CIA agents everywhere and you start screaming Nazir’s name?! The only thing that was louder than you was Carrie banging around the warehouse.
Hopefully we get a little something on why Carrie didn’t warn the CIA about Nazir’s pacemaker plan.
Saul and F. Murray Abraham was fun until it made Saul dumb enough to keep poking the Estes bear.
That was really weird for Galvez to just pop up like that after being near death. And how exactly did he “hear” about Carrie? Just weird.
Dana and Finn. Sigh.
Just some atypical misfires to me this week, but nothing that makes me anticipate these final two episodes of one big bang after another season.

--Pi Pizza Truck thinking about a brick and mortar? Do not play with me!

--While we’re on the subject of pizza or “pizza”, Pizza Hut has a pizza perfume coming out. That's only the second dumbest thing I've ever heard of.  First of course being the New Orleans Pelicans.

Questions, comments or if your new friend calls itself Scrimshaw Pilsner…

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  1. The Pi Pizza thing is totally legit. Got it straight from Anthony. He sounds really serious about making it happen soon.


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