Sunday, December 02, 2012

And it seems like it's been so long since he shined. Namaste. But I'm sure it was only yesterday.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Why don’t Charlie and Lance ever discuss dolphin lactation on the radio like they do on Pawnee stations? There will never be a better explanation of the Batsignal than:
"The Batsignal for listeners who might not know refers to the children's character, The Bat...Man,  a strong gentleman who fights crime nocturnally."
The country is a less safe place without Burt Macklin on the job. April made a hot Hitler’s daughter. 
The guy that played the park designer from Eagleton? Yeah, he’s married to Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. 

--David Stern is such a dick that I rooted for the Spurs Thursday night. Just STFU Commissioner.

--“Did I just do your job for you?” Oh, I liked Founder Frank. Not as much as I liked the video for Fight Milk or the fact that Philadelphia has had an abundance of crow eggs lately.
Dennis getting off = awesomely kreepy.

--Maybe Clay and Jax can just shoot each other? Please? I think I’m rooting for Donal Logue and Wendy. Jax is just tiring at this point.
What the hell more evidence does Bobby think the club needs against Clay? Regardless, very strong episode for Ron Perlman.
Why does Jax write in his journal in pencil?
Uh-oh, Juicey’s got a gun.

--Oh yeah like I’m not going to post the greatest exhibition of the Charleston ever.

--JB Smoove was fine. Seth Rogen and Jeff Goldblum are coming back, but I can’t imagine I’m going to enjoy any League guest star more than when Bob Odenkirk makes his appearance.

--Word search in a zombie novel = Vegenius.
I’ll never be able to eat a churro again without thinking of Schmidt.

--You know how for years we’ve been saying we need Barbra Streisand to play Seth Rogen’s mom in a road trip type of movie? Thankfully Guilt Trip has come along. Oh man, I can’t wait for the hijinks.

--Thanksgiving. Arteesha. Latoya. Detachable latex pen**. Ironing Board. Awesome. Apparently Arteesha got mad at Latoya because she couldn’t find her latex friend. Arteesha did what anyone would do and threw an ironing board at Latoya to jog Latoya’s memory. It didn’t work, but it did get the police to come out and arrest Arteesha who oddly enough had warrants out for her.

--Connor Barwin is the NFL’s Biggest Hipster? Well duh.

--There are all sorts of ways to start rap groups. Like for me it came out of my street life slinging dope and hustling fools on the hard streets of Sagemont. Josiah Daniel Curtis, whose mugshots are simply the best, had his own way of starting out. He stole a school bus on Thanksgiving in Wyoming. Josiah attempted to steal not one, not two, but six buses before finally finding one he could go 20 feet without hitting something. Josiah had no choice though because he had a recording session lined up and had to make it to Detroit. He made it to Ann Arbor before The Man ended his recording session prematurely.

--Chicago Sun-Times with a look at six television daughters who are dragging their respective shows down. The impetus for this article? Yep, Dana Brody. I don’t watch the other shows except, of course, Game of Thrones, but Sansa is all right in my book.

--I like Batman. I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I do not like Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman.

--Start clearing up some nights in January. Justified on Tuesday, January 8th. Archer on Thursday, January 17th.

--Seriously though, the Phillies having last won a game since the Eagles last won a game is a sick, sick stat.

--I’m surprised it took this long for Deadliest Catch crab cakes.

--A Caesar spin-off from Spartacus. Interesting, if not surprising. I don’t think it could be better than Rome was. It’d be hard to out-nude Rome too, even for Spartacus.

--Nosh Bistro made me a beet believer.  

--I think we all had North Korea as being the country that would find the secret unicorn lair.

--Good luck Jack Pardee.

Questions, comments or if you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue AND start Matt Ryan/Julio Jones…

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  1. Don't forget Jan 13 when we get Emmy Rossum back in our lives.

    For all the good Matt Ryan did me this season he absolutely killed my run to the playoffs the past 3 weeks.


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