Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Riding on a thought to see where it's from. Gliding through a memory of a time yet to come.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I really don’t know where to start with another fantastic Boardwalk Empire. At the end with the friendly seas parting to show Al Capone walking up as cocky as possible? At the beginning with shotgun Nucky blasting fools? At the middle with Chalky hiding Nucky? 
I about hyperventilated when Gyp walked up to Chalky. Holy crap. If one of them would’ve been whistling “Farmer in the Dell” I might not have made it through that scene. 

Gyp – “How do I address you?”
Chalky – “You’re doing it.”

Damn next week is going to be on!
I hope Capone brought Van Alden with him.
Richard Harrow has kind of just been there this season. Great actor with a nice enough romance lately, but now everyone better watch the hell out because he is a bad, bad man with a weapon in his hand. I wouldn’t cry if Gyp AND Gillian were on the business end of his sniper rifle. Pretty sure that’s Richard in those new Guinness commercials though it’s hard to tell since he doesn’t have a mask on and uses what he might term his normal voice.
Stupid Lucky. When will you learn to listen to Meyer? 

--I hope the Governor dies a slow, painful death. I thought Merle might go zombie Diggstown on Glenn and have him fight off a zombie once an hour. I think I could've fast-forwarded through the rest of the show this week.  Other than some terrible dialogue and some old man who apparently took a multi-month ambien this was mostly set-up for the mid-season finale next week. Looking forward to it. 

--This rockinhouston.com site that @fbullington brought to my attention is awesome. I always wondered if The Doors ever played Houston and yep.

--I guess we’re going down Homeland conspiracy road with Estes and Quinn and the Vice-President? Were both Brody and the VP playing dumb when Estes informed them of the terrorist plot and Abu Nazir being stateside? Were the camera battery bombs not actually bombs? Will Dana ever stop complaining? Is there something I missed when Jessica took her shirt off? Do I need to go back and rewind that scene repeatedly to look for what I missed? Wouldn’t hurt.
Ought to be an interesting final three episodes.

--Wait, wait, wait, we’re going to off Pullo/Isaak/Ray Stevenson AND not at the hands of Dexter?! What. The. Hell. That was seriously disappointing and to have a bum like George do it. Not to mention (but I guess I will) how silly it was that George would gut shot him and not finish him off. Isaak is a damn near super human killing machine, but I think that one shot to the stomach will kill him so I’ll save this other bullet. And why didn’t Dexter help Isaak when he first asked? He would get to kill and protect him and his family and he says no?
If the freakin’ arson investigator is the serial fire bomber guy, well geez, even Dexter wouldn’t be that predictable, right? Right? Hello?
A hardcore hitman henchman whose only weakness is, yep, fried green tomatoes.
Three more episodes left this season and I’m not really looking forward to them at all without Pullo.

--Wait how does Jake the Snake move in with Diamond Dallas Page and there’s not a television show involved?! There is a documentary involved though called “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.” Good luck Jake. Now let’s see about moving Scott Hall in there.
Also what’s up with Kimberly Page these days?

--I caught some of Doomsday Preppers the other day. First line I heard was an old guy saying about his hoarding, “I’m not gonna drink my own urine.” Obviously I was in for a few more minutes after that.
“I don’t think I’m paranoid. Just open-minded.” – says the 15-year-old who has a collection of gas masks and Chinese throwing stars behind him. All that and much, much more garners this from his mom, “Jason almost takes it to an extreme.” Yeah, almost.

--Rome on Showtime. Oh man if it's half as awesome as this poster this ought to last a good two to three weeks.

--Robert Guerrero and Andre Berto put on a helluva show last Saturday night. I think Max Kellerman put it best, “It ain’t always pretty, but it’s beautiful.” A beautiful, brawling slugfest that left no eye open.

--Bob’s Burgers is rolling this season. This one had me at mechanical shark.
Tina – “Listen to me. I know how the shark thinks. It’s confused. It doesn’t know why you want to kill it. It just wants to go home.”
Bob – “Tina, it’s a machine. It’s dumber than our toaster.”
Tina – “Our toaster is also confused. It doesn’t know why we put bagels in it.”

--A sequel to Casablanca? That can’t end well.

--No more Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show. He had/has his moments.  Now he'll have them, but we're likely not to hear about them.

--Oh Florida, only a state like you can host a roach eating contest where the winner gets a python. And only a state like you can have the “winner” die right after the contest due to asphyxiation from the roach body parts that didn’t quite make it down the pipe.

--For the two of you out there, FX has renewed Russell Brand and W. Kamau Bell’s shows.

--Gotta get Alan Sepinwall’s book, The Revolution Was Televised. A terrific excerpt on Lost from Grantland.com.

--I don’t know if it was ESPN’s bottom line or NFL Network’s, but the name “Fireman Ed” should have never appeared on it. Who gives a f***?! Apparently Pro Football Talk since it ran a blub about Dolphins “super fan” Big Papa Pump calling Fireman Ed a disgrace. Sigh and I hate typing sigh.

--Quality article from C.D. Carter of The New York Times on your fantasy football addiction. I’m not addicted. I can quit anytime. Just like half of my team quit on me. Seriously WTF guys?! I invested heavily in you Aaron Hernandez and Darren McFadden and Pierre Garcon and WTF AARON!!! you’ve got two f’n ankles!!! Now where’s that number to my fantasy football psychologist?

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  1. Steveo228110:25 PM

    So my dad was actually at that doors show. He always describes it as the long night his black ass was hanging with those white boys.

  2. That's all kinda of awesome


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