Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Round-house kick the mic out your hand . Drunken mantis, my name brand.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It’s not quite to the point where I want a Homeland viewing option to watch the show without any scenes involving Dana, but it’s not far off. I just don’t care. I don’t even think the acting is bad, but the character is just so damn naïve for a supposed strong, smart teenage girl. Everything else this week was pretty much gold. Although Saul might not characterize listening to Carrie and Brody’s baum-chicka-baum-baum as “gold.” Damian Lewis was terrific and had a breakdown that would make Claire Danes proud.
Now it’s Abu Nazir and Brody with true facetime. Should be interesting.
Hey Roya, what's up girl?  I liked you on Lost when you were less about terrorizing America and more about terrorizing The Man in Black.
No show in the last ten years has utilized home phones more than Homeland.

--Boardwalk Empire is coming strong down the stretch. It can lull you to near sleep sometimes and sometimes, well sometimes you get episodes like this where someone ends up in a box. Now that someone being Owen was a surprise. I assumed it was the mole they sent Gyp because Gyp doesn’t meet many strangers he doesn’t automatically kill. But probably should have guessed Owen what with his romantic scenes with his lady friends. Owen was a bad ass so I kind of wish we had seen how exactly he fell, but I did like the little flashback with him at the end.
Dude, you have to expect a shovel upside the head if you attempt to explain to Gyp what a rogue wave is. Gotta love Gyp shovel smashing a guy’s relative and then telling that guy afterwards, “You owe me.”
Stephen Root as Gaston Means OWNS his scenes.
Always love when Rothstein educates pool(table)side.

--Pretty sure I’m not going to see a better Thanksgiving episode than what Bob’s Burgers offered up this week. I love Thanksgiving, but I agree with Gene that the holiday “Season Premiere of Game of Thrones” is above it.

It’s impossible now for me not to refer to the Thanksgiving turkey this year as Lance.
Tina – “That turkey is our mom now.”

--And the icing on the cake for Boardwalk and Bob’s? Two new songs from The National. Boardwalk really does have the best closing credit songs week to week.

--Andrea and the Governor sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the awkward introduction to the Governor’s zombie daughter.
If that Governor hurts one hair on Maggie’s cute head. POS Merle.
Finally we get Michonne and Rick in the same room. The inevitable meet and greet with Woodbury gets closer and closer.
In the comics the phone comes into play a little later, but I think the show handled it well and Andrew Lincoln certainly played the part of crazy Rick just right.
Carol’s alive. Yay.

--Like this…Matt Schaub had more completions (43) on Sunday than the Cardinals had passing yards (41).

--“What’s going through my head is a cop beatin’ up a clown. How can I not capture this video and not show it to all my friends?”

--I didn’t watch the American Music Awards because I’m not 12, but you know I watched Hammer and someone known as Psi or Psy or Gangnam Style. Either way Hammer crushed it, but for them to use “2 Legit 2 Quit” over “U Can’t Touch This” or “Turn This Mutha Out” or "Let's Get It Started" is wrong.  The 3-minute mark is when the entertainment starts.

--Jim Deshaies interviewing with the Cubs broadcast team? You're doing it wrong, Jim Crane.

--John Carl Arabie, Jr. has the big balls o’ the week. John was found guilty of murder. Sentencing came on John’s 34th birthday. John requested that the court allow him to wear a full length white rabbit fur coat on said birthday. Thankfully the court told him to F off then told him that he was sentenced to life in prison.

--Adrien Broner is a bad man.

--Ooh gross Deb. You weren’t supposed to tell Dex you were in love with him. Now that your Final Destination love shadow knows, Dexter is probably dead within two episodes. Dumbest thing Dexter ever had to have spelled out to him was that Pullo/Isaac? is gay.

--The only other rookies besides Doug Martin to rush for at least 1,000 yards in his team’s first 10 games…Ottis Anderson, George Rogers, Eric Dickerson, Edgerrin James and Adrian Peterson. Not too shabby.

--Because the one thing Cracker Jacks was missing all this time was caffeine.

--A very Larry David Thanksgiving from Funny or Die.

--A sexting app in which photos self-destruct in 10 seconds because frankly it's just too hard to not take nekkid pictures of yourself and send them to other people.

Questions, comments or if you expected Justin Blackmon to lead all rookies in receiving yardage, but not exactly like this…


  1. When Deb told Dex she was in love with him, I instantly thought "ugh, I thought we had all agreed to pretend that crap with the psychologist never happened."


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