Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can't do me nothing, can't tell me nada. Don't quote me now because I'm doing the lambada.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Do sports weekends get much better than that? I’ve never been an Aggie fan or hater, but how could you not get caught up while watching them beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa? Wow.
Dynamo. Wow.
Texans. Wow.
Shaolin Temple. Wow.
Cougars. Well yeah.

--Really growing tired of the Texans fans who feel slighted by the national media. Who. The. F. Cares. The Texans are 8-1. That is all that matters. Not how many seconds they spent on SportsCenter talking about them. Not how they said the Bears lost instead of the Texans won. Not how Cris Collinsworth is a hater. Not someone’s power rankings. Certainly not anything you hear or don’t hear from the Skip Baylesses of the word. The ONLY thing that matters is 8-1. 8-1.

--Terrific Boardwalk Empire this week highlighted by maybe Steve Buscemi’s best episode in the series. Great work. Great direction. Great use of a general’s hat. Great kiss scene. Well earned moment for Richard on the dance floor. Of course he had to go back and get admonished by crazy Gillian who is remarkable for how she continues to be more and more hateable. Though I will say that I’m pretty sure warm milk and rum is in all of today’s mommy books.
Good stuff with Margaret as well and a solid Adrian to Rocky-esque speech to Nucky before his meeting. I’m actually interested in Margaret for the first time in a while.
Chalky? Chalky White? Is that you? Hopefully he gets Babette’s space and returns to the show next season.
I know what happens to Joe Masseria, but I can’t wait to see how we get there and how Nucky can survive another close encounter of the death kind. 

--Oh Dana. You naïve, naïve little child. I think the hit and run “ended” about as well as possible considering the possibilities.
Great callback to Aileen from last season and solid scenes with Saul who did totally get played.
Toss in a Carrie/Brody alone scene and you got yourself a typical strong Homeland.

--A great weekend was only marred for me by foolishly not over-recording for Bob’s Burgers on Sunday. I’ve neglected this season until the last couple of weeks because I kept forgetting about it and was never home. But I missed my burger names like “We’re Here! We’re Gruyere! Get Used To It! Burger. And the wisdom of Gene, “Ugh, summer is awful. There’s too much pressure to enjoy yourself. It’s like New Year’s Eve for kids.”

--Top Chef is back. Hopefully John Tesar stays on for a bit and provides a little crazy old man drama. Can’t wait for the Anna Farris/Chris Pratt episode.

--Life is so full of tough decisions. I mean like what if you have a really good pastor, but he’s also a registered sex offender and on sex offender probation? Harumph. I guess you could just ban kids from attending church in that same building. Nothing weird about that I guess. Nope nothing weird about that at all in Florida.

--Finally a little movement on psycho Governor. I think the actor is what is bothering me most about this version of the Governor.

--Congratulations to the Bills who may have lost to the Patriots, but can take much pride in stopping New England from scoring on its 12th consecutive possession against them. Sure they scored 11 straight possessions against them, but when it came time for a 12th straight that Buffalo D held strong.

--Fifteen years ago a little ol’ thing known as “The Montreal Screwjob” happened. If you want to read way more about its genesis and aftermath than the normal person needs to know then I highly recommend you settle in for this oldie but goodie. Man, WCW had no, NO, idea what to do with Bret once he came over. That was a disaster. What an era though. 

--St. Arnold’s Bishop’s Barrel don’t play.  I'm no beer hunter, but you tell me St. Arnold's aged in Woodford barrels and I hunt.

--Peyton Manning is a pretty good quarterback. I mean a record six straight games with at least a 70% completion percentage (minimum 20 completions) is okay.

--Wait, so storing gasoline in containers labeled soy sauce at a sushi restaurant is frowned upon?

--We haven’t had a Dumbass of the Week for a while because either there is a lack of dumbasses lately or I just forgot. One of those. Buddy Olvera, you the man though for reminding me. Ol’ Buddy worked at a Pasadena Walmart. It seems a shopper left their wallet in a cart in the parking lot so ol’ Buddy rifled through it and found himself a debit card. Not sure if Buddy smiled, but he was on the parking lot cameras. He then went back inside the store he works and decided he needed some shoes and a laptop to celebrate his find. Somehow this criminal mastermind was caught.

--Not sure how Catfish works on MTV as a television series I just know I don’t care to find out.

--Line of the Week goes to Christian Ponder after the Vikings won despite his dating the lovely Samantha Steele - "I want to thank my girlfriend. Because she obviously has such a big impact on how I play. Which allowed me to win. So thank you." Hilarious.

--It’s one thing to steal a man’s car. I mean that’s low, but if that man happens to be a Chinese food delivery driver then you got to do the right thing. Yeah, you totally gotta deliver his orders. It’s the only right thing to do. Keith Hinds knows car theft etiquette. He just probably forgot about the part about larceny being against the law.

--If you haven’t seen the Rockets Christmas Day uniforms yet, you’re lucky.

--Jerramy Stevens is an irredeemable piece of sh** as far as I’m concerned. Why Hope Solo would want to hang around him is beyond me.
I wrote the above Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon of course Jerramy Stevens was in court on domestic abuse charges with Hope Solo being involved. Apparently Jerramy wasn’t found guilty so yeah, stand up citizen that guy. I seriously don’t really hate people, but I hate that sonuvabitch.

--Alan Sepinwall tweeted this awesome pic of Carla Gugino in honor of her New Girl appearance. Had no idea that the first time I saw her was on Falcon Crest.

Questions, comments or if you’re not sure why anyone was surprised at the awful announcing by Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson…

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