Saturday, November 10, 2012

Armed insurrection, popular election. Get paid every year like tax collection.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I know it’s all about television, but seriously MLS playing on NFL Sundays is just f’n idiotic.

--Loved this Grantland oral history of the 80’s Rockets. Good times. Good times that should have been better. So crazy to think about a first time drug violation resulting in a two-year ban. I should have known it was an NBA conspiracy like Robert Reid lays out. It makes perfect sense. Think about it. David Stern is a dick. See? Makes perfect sense.
As @Tymo214 pointed out on Twitter, there was zero need to qualify the Rockets two championships as coming during the Jordan baseball sabbatical. Weaksauce.

--Never has there been a scarier use of the word “Twizzlers” than when Jonathan Banks stated, “We’re a Twizzlers family” to Leslie Knope. Times like those I’m glad to have no licorice allegiance.
Andy – “Dave Mathews Band.”
April – “Dave Mathews Band.”
Mix in a unity quilt with a Game of Thrones patch and you got yourself a solid, solid Parks and Rec.

--Didn’t really care for the League this week. Maybe the thin, clear hair hit a little too close to home or something.  However, Sunny is on a nice little roll.

--Why wouldn’t you want to read the preface to Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story.

--Dexter isn’t exactly a realistic show on any level, but still it bugged the hell out of me that on the dry erase board where the cops have their Colombian murder investigation laid out that Colombians is spelled “Columbians.”
Probably the weakest episode of the new season for me what with the inevitable love angle and dumbass Quinn.

--Niles Gammon – Hero. I mean there’s probably another term for a drunk who gets arrested twice for DWI with each arrest occurring at the same time, but I don’t know what that term is so I just went with hero. First time in Urbana, Illinois the 22-year-old was pulled over and the cop took two seconds to determine he was drunk. In two more seconds Niles revealed a mouthful of pennies because he’s a dumbass who believed the myth that pennies would help pass a breathalyzer. Yeah, he was arrested at 1:08 AM. He was released to an adult and wouldn’t you know that adult didn’t want to drive Niles home so he dropped him off back at his car. And Niles being smart didn’t want to risk getting cited for public intoxication so he just had to make it home. Only way to do that? Yep, drive. He didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before the same cop saw him and busted him again at 2:08 AM, whoops, time change, make that 1:08 AM. Again. Well played Niles.

--Love that a lot of the Texans defense hit up Killen’s this week. If you’ve never been you need to make it your next special occasion place.

--They had me at Z.

--Jermaine Jacksun. Uh, okay.

--Why does any discussion around marijuana make a network news anchor act like a child?

--The title of this week’s Sons of Anarchy is “Andare Pescare” which as we all know translates to “I touch myself.” No? It means “to go fishing”? I’ve never heard it called “to go fishing” before, but whatever. Otto and Tara’s scenes have been pretty good. Not that I have any idea what Tara was doing while she “was going fishing” on herself.
I like that Jax quickly put it together who the rat was. In a club with too many secrets Juice has way more than his fair share. He needs to come clean to Jax then spy on Clay. Quality episode.

--Whiskey advent calendar. F’n brilliant.

Questions, comments or if you are becoming a master at the office nap…

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