Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yes, here we go again, give you more, nothing lesser. Back on the mic is the anti-depressor.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--If you have the chance to see Louie live then you go and see Louie live. He put on a helluva show on Friday and I can’t wait until that material comes out on a television special or online. Louis CK hosting SNL November 3rd should be interesting.
Todd Barry from Louie was a strong opening act. You might remember him from such music video classics as...

--I don’t even know what to say about Homeland except wow. Breakneck speed doesn’t begin to describe Homeland’s plot developments this season. Insane. I fully expected Estes to be a monkey wrench in the takedown of Brody, but nope. At least not yet. Terrific stuff. Yeah I could give two sh*** about Brody’s daughter and her little love triangle, but sometimes you need to catch your breath during that show anyway. I don’t really care for Michael and his Scooby Doo detective gang. I do like the new guy that was in charge of Brody’s surveillance which lasted all of about two days.
Man those last 15 minutes with Carrie and Brody was just pure awesomeness. Excuse me I gotta go watch it again.

--This is just an awesome sentence: “Investigators say the saw got stuck on Tanner's shirt and jammed, allowing Tanner to pin Black down with an umbrella.” Tanner was (I assume he’s moving out) a roommate of Black who is a 76-year-old man who likes using chainsaws to make points. Chainsaws are usually quite effective so that must’ve been one magical shirt that jammed it.

--Now see Walking Dead it wasn’t so hard to make Carl into comic book Carl, right? Loving that boy’s new attitude and really liked this episode and its changes from the books. Rick is not to be f’d with and taking a swing and throwing a walker on him is definitely f’ing with him. All that gets you is a machete to the head.
Anyone reading this who I love…should you be bitten, have to have your leg cut off and you stop breathing do not, I repeat, DO NOT expect that I will give you mouth to mouth.

--There’s felony neglect of a child and then there’s felony neglect of a child - Florida-style. The lead on Gainesville.com sums it up: “A woman was arrested Thursday on felony neglect of a child after deputies say they found her holding her 6-month-old infant in her lap while riding with a drunken driver and her intoxicated mother in a stolen car filled with whiskey bottles and beer.”

--That’s what I’m talking about League. This was much better than the premiere and got back to what makes the show funny. Guys bs’ing at a bar, being di***s to one another and showing us all how to properly utilize the waiver wire.
Kevin: “The Stephen Tobolowsky of penises.” – Holy crap that’s an all-time favorite line.
Taco: “Girls are like kickers you can never have enough.”
GTFO with someone in an 8-team league starting Kevin Ogletree in week one. By the way, anyone else pick up and start Justin Blackmon last week? No? Just me? Cool. Carry on.

--I think only five deaths related to Monster Energy drinks is pretty good considering.

--Random old man in Pawnee: “Well that's all fine and good but what if the banana is soft and mushy and doglegs sharply to the left?”
#Unbreakable #WhatsMrGlassuptothesedays #Whynosequel

--If you’re an NFL quarterback what’s the best way to elevate a good season to a great season? Date Samantha Steele. Nicely done Christian Ponder. Still having trouble fathoming that he was the last starting quarterback to throw an INT this season. By the way, Texans only team not to have allowed a rushing TD.

--For a character I used to enjoy Gemma sure has become grating this season. At least that other chick got Louis’d this week. Like Louis it seems as if the show’s writers started out with something then realized their error and just decided to make it a quick and painless exit death. At least I hope that’s the end of her angle.
Please eventually let Jax serve Clay up to the sheriff to handle in whatever way he pleases and please let that way be death. 

--Congratulations to Spring for landing in the top 10 for plus-sized dating.  Carrolton and Metairie are the other locales around here if you're so persuaded. 

--Wait so if someone tells you that the best way to treat cancer is through having lots and lots of sex with them they might be lying?!

--Rest easy America, Evander Holyfield has changed his mind and is NOT going to retire. Whew.

--Animal Practice I hardly knew ye.

--New Girl’s Jake Johnson a writing deal with Fox? Promising.

--Cher has a new single out!!!

Questions, comments or if you're craving El Gran Malo shrimp tacos…


  1. Of course posing as a gyno and telling people that having sex will cute them is wrong. Of course.

    ..but maybe...

  2. LMAO and if I had vacuumed lately ROF. Even if I had to read it twice because cute/cure.


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