Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Finally some zombies back in my life. Strong premiere for Walking Dead as we finally found a new home with nice fences, gates, walls and what are those things, humans?! And perhaps more miraculously than that is that I didn’t roll my eyes at Carl once! I guess that’s what Lori, Carol and campfire songs are for.
Rick has crafted himself one nice undead killing unit. Although I don’t understand why Hershel became part of it seeing as he’s all old, they were in the dark, he’s the doctor and Lori is about to give birth to something. But hey it gave us the best Achilles bite since Gage got him some Fred Gwynne Achilles in Pet Cemetery.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Lauren Cohen was perfect for Maggie. Never has a person looked sexier killing a body-armored zombie. Also she can actually act which I don’t think was a consideration when they originally casted.
All that goodness and we still haven’t gotten to the Governor. VERY curious to see what they do with him.

--“I was right.” I think we can go ahead and give Claire Danes next year’s Emmy.
Damn good stuff with her all episode, but her moment of triumph at the end with Saul lived up to expectations. Sure Abu Nazir is still on the loose and they have to figure out how to take down Brody while dealing with what I’m guessing is going to be an uncooperative Estes, but hey, she’s not that crazy after all!
So every week Brody is going to have a side spy mission from Abu Nazir? This one made little sense to me because it seems like giving a ride to a safe house is more of a terrorist lackey chore than a traitorous U.S. Congressman chore. But that’s just me.

--Drudge Report Headline of the Week: “Gov’t Study Confirms “Gaydar” Exists; 60% Accurate.

--LOLouis. “It’s not cheating if you pay for it.”
An okay Dexter this week with Pullo earning MVP honors for taking care of the above business. Yvonne Strahovski a close runner-up for MVP simply for being Yvonne Strahovski. 
Missed you Agent Walker.
Watching Quinn and the stripper’s scenes were PAINFUL.
WTH Dex and Deb all you did was smack the bull or minotaur or whatever, you didn’t shoot him/it so maybe we apprehend the baddie next time?

--Of course for a franchise that had Montana and Young it is Alex Smith who holds the Niners record for most consecutive starts without throwing multiple picks in a game. Streak went to 26 before Sunday’s implosion.  Seahawks and Niners is going to be fun on Thursday.

--Say it ain’t so Val? Wyatt Earp’s Revenge?!

--I think I could’ve watched a full hour of Boardwalk this week that consisted entirely of Eddie Cantor trying to entertain Milky Chalky and Purnsley.
And shame on Nucky, Rothstein and Benny trying to murder a guy while he’s in the middle of pleasuring himself while his girl chokes him with a belt. I don’t think Gyp can surprise us in any way at this point.  Van Alden thinks Gyp is a nut job.
Really liking the Van Alden stuff. Really checking twitter during the Margaret/hospital stuff.

--Some people have way too much money. Like who(m)ever bid $9,995 on a jug of McJordan BBQ Sauce that McDonald’s used in limited areas 20 years ago.

--The guys from Epic Meal Time with a You Tube show coming out called Epic Chef? Sounds like Chopped except more, you know, epic.

--Michael Bolton’s Daughter is Destroying My Life. Uh, yeah I think I’ll pass.

--If I told you to guess which state…wait, you didn’t even let me finish, but yeah, Florida. The rest of it was which state’s board of education passed a plan that sets education goals based on race. It reads like an Onion story, but it’s just Florida being Florida. By 2018 the plan has goals of 90% of Asians, 88% white, 81% Hispanic and 74% black to be reading at or above grade level. Those goals are slightly less for math except for Asian students because they’re Asian I guess. Looking good Florida.

--You mean taking an offensive line coach and installing him as a defensive coordinator at the NFL level didn’t work? Wow, nobody saw that coming Eagles.

--Iron Chef is being rebooted in Japan and, of course, there is zero chance it will be as good. Especially when you replace the chairman.

--Because you asked for it America (why did you ask for it America?) you’re getting another season of the Guy/Rachael Celebrity Cookoff Thingy. That might not be the official name of the show. The “celebrities” include Johnny Weir, Hines Ward, Gilbert Gottfried, Carnie Wilson and I think that’s about enough of that.

--C’mon kids, you can do better than assaulting each other using “homemade pepper spray” made with jalapenos.

--If you didn’t catch Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado last Saturday night on HBO I hope you have at least one more time to watch those two throw down. You know it’s good when the talk is trilogy before and after the first fight.

--I’ve barely watched Modern Family this season, but you tell me Rafi from The League is coming on and of course I’m down.

--Why would anyone let Khloe Kardashian host anything?! Seriously X-Factor is this just to make Mario Lopez look better by comparison?

--I liked 9.79, but I never even recorded the other two new 30 for 30’s that have aired. And it sounds like I haven’t missed anything.

Questions, comments or if you dreamed your dog turned into a cat and multiplied and while you were in the dorm at New York Giants training camp one of the cats crapped all over the stairs and it was your job to determine which cat it was…


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I've tried watching Dexter, but I've seen soap operas that expect you to believe less asenine stuff.

    When life gives you lemonade make lemons. Then life will be like "what!?"

  2. The first season was pretty great. The second season was good. Then it was diminishing returns and Sunday nights weren't as loaded back then. John Lithgow was terrific and then I was pot committed no matter how terrible the B and C plots were. Now that there's a definitive ending after next season I'm curious to see where it all ends.


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