Monday, October 29, 2012

Leggo my Eggo while I flex my ego. Step off my Seco, dressed up tuxedo.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Love, love, love the James Harden trade.

--Now that’s what I’m talking about 30 for 30. Compelling subject that shed light on a subject I knew nothing about. Albeit a subject that kicked up a little dust in the room. Whatever happened that fateful afternoon of November 20, 1984 the only thing we know for 
sure is that a young man lost his life due to a senseless shooting. Benji Wilson was destined for stardom, but then, yeah senseless is the word.   Senseless describes the shooting and the fact that a trauma victim wasn’t taken to a hospital equipped to handle him.
Incredible job by the directors to get the shooter for an interview. Billy Moore sure looks like he turned his life around and is trying to help others do the same. At the same time he did take a life. Yeah, he was young, but he took a life. And his friend’s life was never the same and all he was doing was standing there. Fantastic doc that I don’t think will be topped in this run of 30 for 30s.
I could have done without every single R. Kelly scene. R. Kelly was only interested in R. Kelly.
I apologize for every Nick the Brick joke I made at Nick Anderson’s expense. Nick and others including Derrick Rose wearing Benji’s #25 was/is very cool.
Benji’s mother had some amazing strength.

--The Chiefs haven’t held a lead in regulation once all season. LOL. I doubt you’ll see a funnier quote this week than Romeo Crennel’s answer to why Jamaal Charles only got five carries, “I’m not exactly sure.” The worst part? Kansas City is on national television for its next two games.

--I think I awwww’d for the entire episode of Parks and Recreation. Sweetest Halloween episode of anything ever. We didn’t hear Ben turn down Florida so I’m not sure how that gets in the way if at all, but man that was a sweet proposal that came out of the blue. 
The only thing sweeter would’ve been Ron teaching Diane’s princess daughters how to properly use a saw.
I hope they make The Thing About Me Is, I’m Perd Hapley available in time for Christmas.

--I knew Timothy Olyphant was going to be on The League, but had no idea about Ryan Hansen. Awesome. Pony-tailed sushi chef Raylan was fun and now I’ll always pronounce it o-Ma-ha. Oh yeah and RAFI!!!!
Who isn’t packing a paint knife in paintball from now on?

--So Gemma gets another chance with the grandkids and family she supposedly loves so much and she falls asleep at the wheel driving those grandkids? And where was she driving? Just how far from the clubhouse does she live? Are we blaming pot? Hated all that.

--“Monkey. Monkey. Where you keep the crackers?” Never change Nadia.
Cece is the hottest hungover girl I’ve ever seen.
Nick – “You gave me cookie. Got you cookie.” Not a home run episode overall, but that was gold.
I’ll never get tired of fat Schmidt and mustachioed Nick.

--A somewhat disappointment premiere for Happy Endings. I’m not sure how the Dave/Alex dynamic is going to play out, but I think I speak for everyone when I say don’t go anywhere Sinbrad.
Line of the night to Jane: “Well I’m out. You have fun talking like two of Scott Caan’s groomsmen.”
Runner-up to Max: “Ken, Doc says you're going to have to start showing up in biker shorts and a Jim McMahon jersey.”

--“And the findings were sobering: Every single hour of television watched after the age of 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 minutes.” According to these calculations I should have died right before the Lost finale. I would say not bad timing, but then I would’ve missed out on Homeland so I’d like to thank my unbreakable body. #What’sMr.GlassUpToTheseDays #whynosequel
Oh and if you smoke a cigarette while watching television you’re practically pulling the plug on your life.

--I was just trying to get over Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez breaking up and now Taylor Swift and that Kennedy kid?! WTF Love?! Why you trippin’?!

--Charlie’s speech from Jaws was fantastic.

--I know things are more expensive in California, but $350 to get slapped in the face at a “massage parlor” seems excessive even by California standards.

--I’d play golf a lot more if I knew at some point a shark was going to fall from the sky onto the course. Some golfer picked up the shark and soon thereafter was placed back in the nearby Pacific Ocean with the golfer, I assume, yelling at the shark to do it again.

--One night showings of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction in advance of Django Unchained’s release? Out-standing. Gonna be weird seeing Nucky as Mr. Pink again. 20 year anniversary doesn’t exactly make me feel young. I think I’ve probably watched Reservoir Dogs more than any other movie in my life since, by law, I had to show it to everyone who hadn’t seen it. Now where is that VHS…

--The Chargers went the entire month of October without scoring a point in the 4th quarter. How ya gonna lose to Cleveland 7-6? Was it really only two weeks ago that San Diego had a 24-0 lead on Denver?

--Astros not going to change Tal’s Hill or train = yawn.
Texans getting a new scoreboard = about f’n time. Seriously the Texans don’t even have an average Texas Class 5A scoreboard right now.

--Firefly: Browncoats Unite – November 11th. Sweet.

--The Jags are under .500 as a franchise for the first time since 1997. Get used to it Jacksonville.

--Ron Artest in a movie written by Nancy Grace. Yeah, that’s about right.

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