Saturday, September 22, 2012

B-E-A-S-T-I-E, what up Mike D. Ah yeah, that's me.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Why doesn’t my job ever throw a Leslie Knope Employment Enjoyment Summer Slam Grill Jam Fun-Splosion? Much less a gazpach-off?
Yay no more Tom and Ann!
Andy – “That’s what makes you…
Leslie – “No.”
Andy – “…an amalgam.”
Oval Reddenbacher.
Pig Tom.
Damn I missed this show.

--Terrific episode of Louie Balboa. Rarely do we see Louie win and this wasn’t a flawless victory, but it was definitely a win for him and it felt like a win the audience could feel a part of. The strongest episode of the three because it really did have everything from his little girls pulling for him, to Seinfeld lying, to Rocky moments, to Louie telling Susan Sarandon he jerked it to her for the first time, a crying cleaning lady show and more of the awesomeness of David Lynch (Emmy worthy) as Jack Dahl. 3-2-1-funny.
Champ is short for champion?

--Wilfred got into some dark, crazy sh** this week as we watched Ryan mindf*** himself. Wilfred too for that matter. It was weird seeing Wilfred not working any angle, trying to put the pieces together himself and actually showing compassion for Ryan by lying that he drew the picture to screw with him. Now it looks like they’re on a plane with no pilot.
Hated to see Amanda go. The scene where she “heard” Wilfred was so well-played and sad.
There wasn’t a lot of laughs in this one, but I sad-laughed my ass off when Ryan kept putting his hand on top of Wilfred’s at the end and watching how much that frustrated Wilfred.
It’s supposed to be in the works, but this show had better get renewed if for nothing else than the fact it seamlessly worked in an awesome Battlestar Galactica reference.

--I almost forgot just how sprawling the Boardwalk Empire universe is as we started season three. I also forgot just how much happened last season. I did not forget how much I expected to miss Michael Pitt as Jimmy. Nevertheless we push on to 1923. A world in which Nucky is a full gangster. Margaret is, well she’s Margaret. I’m glad at the end we finally got to see their public façade drop and Nucky tell her off about the money/hospital. I also liked his new girl Billie Kent but she had me at walk like an Egyptian. Always enjoy Eddie, but yeah Billie Kent. A brief bit on the November 1922 discovery of King Tut’s tomb that intrigued our fair partygoers.
I was curious about what was going to happen to Richard. Once they showed Manny on his New Year’s Eve celebration you knew it wasn’t going to turn out good for him. I’ve always liked William Forsythe, but good for Richard because that was jacked up what Manny did to Angela. Now if Richard can somehow keep Jimmy’s son away from his creepy, but hot, but creepy grandmother. I guess we’re still headed down that path to an Owen vs. Richard showdown a la Brother Mouzone vs. Omar.
So the new Italian guy beats a good Samaritan to death, insults Rothstein, insults Nucky, insults Lucky and lives past the first hour?! Can’t wait to see him choke on his own blood.
Iron agent Van Alden now has two babies?! I guess we’ll have to deal with iron agent a little bit longer until he turns O’Banion henchman after their most serendipitous meeting.
Did I mention Billie Kent? She’s like totally an amalgam. #nailedit

--Like any normal person watching the beginning of Boardwalk I was terrified that gangster was going to do something to the dog. Thankfully he didn’t. Not like this a-hole named Michael Wayne Jones. The piece of crap got into a fight with his girl and as she attempted to drive away he picked up her dog and started swinging him in the air and then proceeded to beat her with the dog. Thankfully the dog and woman ended up okay. I forgot to mention, (not that I had to) but - Florida.

--The best part of Sons is that maybe we’re done with mopey Opie. That’s how you get thrown in jail!
I don’t like the way Danny Trejo and Aceveda (what I’m supposed to remember their character names?) are used to get the Sons out of backs to the wall situations time and time again.
They sure are giving us the hard sell on Nero two episodes in so I’m curious what kind of sonuvabitch he’s going to turn out to be.

--Hard to believe that this is the first time since 2004 the Eagles have started 2-0. Of course the Texans have done it three years in a row because we’re all awesome and stuff.

--I’ve been hate-watching Weeds for a while now so it’s not like I was expecting to be blown away by the penultimate and series finale episodes. I was expecting to make it past the 17-minute mark of the hour-long series finale, but then Shane had a mustache and I just had to stop. What a crappy ending to what was once a fantastic series then a decent series then a series where at least Mary-Louise Parker would get nekkid then a series where Andy was worth watching then a series where every episode you questioned while you still watch then a series that FINALLY put a bullet in itself.

--Nice job by Sergio Martinez temporarily shushing Julio Cesar “got a joint?” Chavez Jr. last Saturday. Sergio simply outboxed his bigger opponent, but credit to Julio for hanging in there until he found success in the 12th. Great round. Really good night for boxing with Alvarez/Lopez on Showtime. No need to get into the stupidity of having quality main events competing against each other.

--Boxing was good on Saturday but performance of the night was, of course, Frank Ocean on SNL.

--I watched The Office and I guess I’ll watch it when Colbert is on and the series finale. I don’t think I’ll miss much by watching only those episodes.

--I still need to dig in on Stephen King’s 11/22/63 which I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I don’t know if I’m intrigued or just plain wary of The Shining sequel he’s doing that’ll be out next year.

--Take every drug possible and draw a self-portrait after each use is an intriguing idea. Yeah, I don’t know what DMT is and I want to stay that way. Huffing lighter fluid is a thing? G13 marijuana looks interesting.

--It’s pretty much impossible for me to like Matt Saracen/Zach Gilford more than I do. What’s that? He turned down throwing a first pitch at Wrigley because he’s a White Sox fan? Oh man, Saracen 4evs. Although he’s not enough to get me to tune into Mob Doctor.

--Chris Johnson is averaging 1.1 yards a carry. I know, right? I would have sworn it was under a yard per.

--Shazam has added TV show identifiability? Nice.

--I’m a Killers mark so this will not be shocking – The new Killers album is really good.  It's like an amalgam (crap, I think I might have accidentally used it right) of their previous stuff.  Seems like Runaways has been out forever and I still play the hell out of it.  Love the remix of  Flesh and Bone.  Heart of a Girl is very U2-ish.  Miss Atomic Bomb.  Be Still. A little country twang with From Here on Out.  Just good stuff all around.

--I haven’t watched, but somebody must be since W. Kamau Bell’s show on FX has been renewed. His has, Wilfred hasn’t.

--Cabin in the Woods out this week. Gotta put that on my to-do list before my DVR starts getting filled up.

--Top Chef is going “back to the basics” when it comes back in November. I won’t hold my breath. A couple of chefs from Dallas in the mix including John Tesar who should be very interesting to see in this format. Oh yeah, it’s in Seattle if you didn’t know.

--A remix of “Angels” from the xx? Thank you much.

--I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with you if you haven’t at the very least signed this petition for changes in the food truck regulations. They’re not asking for anything that isn’t logical, which is probably why the city council is having a tough time getting behind it. That and the Greater Houston Restaurant Association pays well, I assume. But seriously councilman “terrorist threat”?

Questions, comments or if you pinned all your fantasy hopes on Aaron Hernandez and the players on your team keep popping up on buy low lists…


  1. I was feverishly searching IMDB trying to find out who that was playing Billie Kent during BwE. She's my density.

    I'm convinced Jenji Kohan made that finale shitty on purpose. "You're going to cancel us? Well watch this." It was so incredibly stupid, I kept waiting for someone to wake up from a dream. I will remember the the series ending with Doug turning on the sewage during Matthew Modine's big opening ceremony. Everything after that doesn't count.

  2. Sorry, but she's my density.
    Still disgusted at Weeds.

  3. I dont get the billie kent thing besides her cutesy face. ::shrugs::
    I do know that David Lynch was wonderful. My long time twin peaks love showing through.

    Only problem I have with is with the title track. Don't like the 70s rock-choir sound of it.


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