Saturday, August 04, 2012

The piano player's out the music stopped. His boy had beef and he got dropped.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Is training camp over yet?  Pretty please.  I feel like Texans camp is in a Final Destination movie.

--Good deed for the week was turning my brother and dad on to Terriers. If for some strange reason you never watched its one glorious season you need to Netflix Instant that. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Pretty great, right? There’s chemistry and then there’s what Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James had/have.

--I only drove past BBVA Compass Stadium every day while it was being built and driven by it every day since then so it's about time I actually got my ass inside.  First, a tip of the hat to anyone who watches an afternoon game there.  Holy hell, even on a Friday at 7 at night I was on the sun side and drenched in sweat.  But once the sun goes down it is outstanding in every way.  It helps when the Dynamo are playing their best ball of the season.  Can't wait to see NY again next Friday.

--Nice to see JB Smoove pop up on Louie. It’s been too long since I’ve watched Leon's greatest hits from Curb.

--Wilfred - “Churros only happen after you dance. That’s the first thing you learn in conservatory!”
The dancing montage was the highlight of Wilfred for me, but toss in a little walk like an Egyptian in anything and I’m going to love it. I also like Ryan’s sister not only not being an annoyance, but being rather amusing and yes, radiant.

--Pretty embarrassing when you have to ban grown men from Twitter. Thankfully it doesn’t pertain to the Twitter gift that keeps on giving, Roddy White. No, Marvin Lewis banned his Bengals from telling followers “Rise n Grind” and such.

--The Bose Soundlink is the best Treat Yo Self gift I’ve ever given.

--How many otherwise strong (I assume) relationships have to be destroyed over Facebook before we all realize Friendster was where it was at? In Tennessee Lowell Turpin saw a handsome man’s face on his girlfriend’s wall. Well f that. Lowell wasn’t going to be played so he tried to smash the computer against a real wall. Never mind the fact the photo was of Mitt Romney. Lowell ain’t losing his girl to no Yankee like Mitt Romney. He is however losing some time in the free world for domestic violence charges. Now to see if Barack uses this in an ad.

--This GIF of Michael Phelps’ mom after she thought he won the 200m Butterfly still hasn’t got old to me.

--River Phoenix’s final film will premiere in September because I can only assume NBC produced it. Are we still making NBC tape-delayed jokes?

--Writing of another great Breaking Bad montage the other day brought to mind what I think are my two favorites.  Wendy and "1977" from Ana Tijoux.

--Yeah I eat the chocolate first, nougat second and caramel peanut third on my Snickers, but all the cool people do. Oh yeah, YOU’RE the freak! I’m not sure how meth would taste with it, but Rogelio Harris has a good idea. He was arrested at an LA airport because I guess federal agents found it odd he was travelling with not one, not two, not three, but 45 Snickers in his luggage. They looked like candy bars, but they tested like meth (trademark pending). Like a quarter of a million dollars of meth.

--Probably not a good sign for you Macauley Culkin when people see a headline stating, “Thin child actor denies he’s addicted to heroin” and everyone’s first thought is “Macauley Culkin.” Like you though I’m puzzled how people could jump to that conclusion.

--A straight up sucka for the Paranormal Activity movies maybe because I feel like my ghost, Otis, is so cool and not, like, possessive and murderous because that would suck.

--When Kentucky and Florida collide you get the likes of Heather Ann Kaminsky. You know how that one guy traded up from one red paper clip to eventually a house?  Well Heather started her version of the game with a newborn baby, kind of odd to start trading up from there, but you know, Kentucky. She traded her baby for a Dodge Dakota truck. Not even a 2012 but a ’99. After that she headed to Florida and traded the truck for some meth and $800. Then she was arrested at a Winn-Dixie where I imagine in Florida cops just sit at the door and make arrests all day. This mother of the year candidate had already had two children removed from her “care” in the state of Florida.

--Reboot. Brady Bunch. Produced by Vince Vaughn. CBS. Shudder.

--I thought Up All Night was okay, but thought the show came to a screeching halt when Maya Rudolph’s character, or her show Ava, came on the screen. Don’t have to worry about the show anymore as apparently it’s dropping that angle. Still some Maya, but hopefully more Will Arnett.

--When you see a headline like: Chinese Diver Wins Gold, Is Finally Told That Her Mother Has Cancer And Her Grandparents Died A Year Ago. You think, The Onion and then you think, well it is China. Then you read it and of course Wu Mixia first won gold before getting all the bad news that’s happened to her family over the last 10 years since she went to live in a government sponsored training facility at the age of 16.

--I loved Jiro Dreams of Sushi as much for pretty pictures of sushi as for Jiro’s life stories and his fish vendors. So four mini-docs about his fish vendors on the DVD sounds like a buy for me. Hopefully one is of my personal favorite guy who referred to himself as an “anti-establishment” tuna expert. F’n rebel.

--I’m enjoying the AV Club’s look at the 90’s Hip-Hop And You Do Stop series from Nathan Rabin. However, you just can’t go around trashing Vanilla Ice’s “I Love You.”
Pop music artists today wish they could come up with lyrics like:
            Cause you’re my lady, and this love is true
            Every sunset makes me think of you
            And I’ll never forget what you mean to me
            Comin’ straight from the heart of Vanilla I-C-E…
Best telephone call drop into a song ever. 11 times platinum don’t lie. Okay maybe fibs. I will say that was the first time I ever heard Riff who did end up dropping a good album on us. You probably never heard it, but you may have heard them in the bathroom singing in Lean On Me.
Good stuff in that link above regarding Tribe Called Quest and Ice Cube as well.  It's so crazy that it's the same Cube nowadays. 

Questions, comments or if you can’t stop, won’t stop…

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