Monday, July 30, 2012

He put the gun to my head and this is what he said

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--What a beautiful, beautiful Louie. Great direction, terrific writing, funny, scary, awkward and Parker Posey. I think within the first minute of her being on the screen she sewed up Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy. Manic pixie girl indeed with an emphasis on manic. She was all over the place bouncing around the New York track at 200 mph until the end of the night when something slammed on the brakes in her head. You just never knew what was going to cause the ramp up or ramp down. It also had to be one of the more expensive dates Louie has ever been on what with helping a homeless person get a room and a prescription and a romp through Russ & Daughters. That trip looked like some damn good tasty fun.
 Tape Recorder.

--Never thought I’d say Chris Klein stole the show, but Chris Klein stole the show on Wilfred last week. Not a great episode or that much of a good one to me. Everything except for Amanda belonged in a season one episode. Can’t wait to use this next time art is brought up.
Drew – “One time my roommate and I had a big argument about whether it was Monet or Manet. Turns out it was both! That’s the great thing about art.”

--And now we’re cooking. Louie and Breaking Bad are the montage kings and Breaking Bad always has me scrambling to Shazam whatever is that’s playing. This week that’d be the Peddlers with “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.” Not anything crazy and nothing has backfired on Walter yet, but you know it’s coming. Oh hell, you know it’s coming. Everything that comes out of his mouth is manipulative and this week’s talk with Jesse cost Jesse his little relationship. Marie even got a taste. I preferred the taste of “SHUT UP!” she was served by Skyler. Because seriously Marie, STFU!
Look at Skinny Pete tear it up on the keyboard.
Oh and Landry! I mean Todd!
Walt sums up Mike - “He probably threatened someone before breakfast today, it’s what he does.” But line of the night comes from Yoda Mike: “Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James.”

--Incoherent mess? Probably. So it’s right up my alley. Looking forward to Cloud Atlas

--There’s adding insult to injury and then there’s adding a ticket to the loss of a hand. Wally Weatherholt gives tours of the Everglades and was showing an Indiana family the sights. Wally was feeding a 9-foot alligator and apparently thought they had become the best of friends. He was wrong. Way wrong. Like bite off his left hand wrong. He was arrested for unlawfully feeding an alligator, which just seems like piling on at that point.

--A Shining prequel? I’m in.  Shutter Island writer.  Still in.

--Awkward’s first season was great. It’s second has been okay. It’s been renewed for a third. I’m not particularly hopeful.

--How do you make a movie that doesn’t have Alison Brie in it better? Put Alison Brie in the promo. Watch to find out (eventually) what the name of the movie is.

--Now this is the kind of Kickstarter I can get behind. An art collective in Barcelona wants to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lionel Richie’s “Hello.” How? Why making a huge sculpture of his head to put in Lionel’s hometown. The sculpture would also have a phone that plays “Hello” when it’s picked up.

--Playing Song Pop has really opened my eyes as to what crappy music there is today. I guess there’s always been crappy music, but there seems to be an abundance of craptastic popular music right now. Having said that I’m digging Frank Ocean and the new Nas way more than I expected to.

--It seems like we haven’t had a good ol’ fashioned Florida story in a while. Thankfully Brandi Jo Roman came along. Brandi Jo had already had a bit too much to drink when stumbled into a strip club, Mons Venus (oooh fancy), the other day. She just wanted to drink a little more, but the manager was being a dick about it. He even called the cops! Of course, that may have had something to do with the fact she left her 5 and 3-year-old in her truck, but hell she put a movie on for those ingrates! No word if they finished the movie before the state Department of Children & Families picked them up.

--Jon Hamm on Childrens Hospital? Sweet.

--I don’t see how people can run, swim, do gymnastics and all that over there in London while Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are going through this.  Why we couldn't postpone the Olympics until they had a chance to heal I'll never know.

--No more The Killing? Shocking.

Questions, comments or if you'd like to say something about your high school reunion, but old age and alcohol are a memory's enemy, though you do think you backed that or even dat ass up at some point…

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