Tuesday, August 07, 2012

24 is my age 22 is my gauge. I'm writing rhymes on a page going off in a rage.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I’ve given Skyler much more rope than most Breaking Bad viewers and maybe in the back of my mind I was hoping she would hang herself with it. Nevertheless I liked the battles with Walt this week. Yeah, I think Skyler changing her mind about being down with the drugs then not down was maybe too abrupt, but I can see it especially once Ted got tripped up. I’m okay with Skyler, but I’m over the moon for Anna Gunn the last two seasons and loved her highlight of her verbal battle with Walt, “I don’t need to hear any of your bullshit rationales. I’m in it now. I’m compromised, but I will not have my children living in a house where dealing drugs and hurting people and killing people is shrugged off as ‘shit happens!’” Awesome. Her comebacks to Walt’s “What’s the plan?” um, less awesome.
Gorgeous and haunting shot of Skyler in the pool. Like a jellyfish that 90% of viewers wish was still underwater.
Loved how Junior got upset when mom took his unbroken piece of bacon to make the 1 in Walt’s 51.
Mike’s line o’ the week,  his matter of fact, without emotion, “She’s dead.”
I’m pretty sure the over/under on Marie telling Hank about Skyler’s affair was set in hours not days. Either way I loved Marie’s astonishment at the dinner table, “A ricer? You don’t hand mash?”

--Co-Dammit of the Week Awards.
Dammit Dominic West why didn’t you want to join Thrones as Mance Rayder?!!
Dammit M83 why is the Houston show in October the only show you’re cancelling?!

--Can’t stop laughing…

--Hell Yeah! of the Week. Archer. Bob’s Burgers. Crossover episode. There are few things I look forward to seeing on television more than I look forward to seeing the Daily Specials:
The Roquefort Files Burger
Foot Feta-ish Burger
Mission A-Corn-Plished Burger comes with corn salsa
Olive and Let Die Burger
Hit Me With Your Best Shallot Burger
Camembert-ly Legal Burger

--True Blood-inspired makeup to be sold on Home Shopping Network? Yeah, I don’t think I’m ever going to regret quitting after 2.5 seasons.

--Parker Posey on New Girl at some point because why the hell not? Now if we can just get Zooey, Lizzy and Parker all in the same scene I’ll have something worthy of “Do Not Delete” status on my DVR.

--“You know if you drink enough wine it tastes like love.” The last two Awkwards have restored my faith.

--The season opener of No Reservations is in Austin? Nice. September

--15-year-old who wins a gold medal in swimming or gymnastics or a 14-year-old who’s already staged at Alinea and is now doing the same at Eleven Madison Park. I’ll take the 14-year-old’s route.

--Dammit Matthew Perry! We all know your new show on NBC is going to fail so why do you have to take down Chris Tyler James Williams with you?

--Is there a need for another Robocop movie? Of course not, but a cast with Joel Kinnaman (The Killing), Jackie Earle Haley, Gary Oldman, Hugh Laurie, Samuel L. Jackson and maybe even Michael K. Williams is strong.

--Sesame Street returns next month with a nice cast of guests including the lovely Kristen Bell and equally lovely Steve Carell. But it doesn’t get stronger than Raylan Givens aka Timothy Olyphant. Hopefully we’ll have a Boyd Crowder/Walton Goggins muppet because I can’t wait to see the hair.  I miss me some Harlan.

--Like any red-blooded American I love the NFL Network with the exception of the two minutes before Total Access when I catch the end of whatever new training camp show they're doing.  Fran Charles and Charley Casserly on the same broadcast seems like it should be against the law.

--This is as close to derezzing as you can get I think. Scary identity theft stuff.

--The cast of The Next Iron Chef is out and it’s almost entirely made up of the same chefs who didn’t take the title in their first attempts. People like Alex Guarneschelli, Amanda Freitag, Elizabeth Faulkner, Spike Mendelsohn and the like. Tim Love and Marcel from Top Chef are the two newcomers with some kind of viewer vote for the last spot. Now you know.

--Club Applebee’s? That’s a thing?

--All of this Bane backstory leaked by the movie’s costume designer to GQ should have been included in the film instead of every scene Matthew Modine had.

Questions, comments or if you don’t think it’s too much to ask that NBC’s stream of the under 10 second 100m actually go the entire 10 seconds without having to buffer…


  1. Steveo2286:12 PM

    I have a coworker who literally comes in late every Thursday cause she was up drinking at club apple bees.


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