Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reached in his pocket took all his cash. Left my man standing with an egg moustache.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Does any show on television have a better, more powerful, more consistent leadoff hitter scene than Breaking Bad? This week it was a body and miscellaneous meticulous disposal montage we’ve seen before, but this one resonated a little bit more. Frankly I thought it should have resonated more. Maybe it would have if we weren’t down to just a handful of episodes left this season. It just seemed like they rushed right through it after the vote. Nice job by Landry Todd channeling his inner Heisenberg because that’s exactly who he sounded like. Though if we had spent more time on the aftermath then maybe we don’t get the funniest, most awkward dinner scene in recent memory. Jesse was perfectly uncomfortable (and apparently on a vegetarian diet) and then Skyler dropped the infidelity bomb and then the way he drank his water had me rolling. Which all leads to Walt continuing his earlier manipulation of Jesse though I’m sure Walt would term it justification with his story about selling out too soon and it’s all that he has left and such.
Nice to see Saul back and playing to his strengths gaming the system. Saul’s “I’m sorry” to Mike after calling him a senior citizen was all kinds of awesome. Of course Saul and Mike’s little how do ya do with the DEA gave Macgyver White all the time he needed to burn his restraint off and take the methylamine. Then that f’n Walter White smirk with Mike’s gun at his temple. Walter, you sonuvabitch.
I like the way Sklyer pours wine.
I like to think I live in a world where Albertson’s delis everywhere are running out of green beans.
Mike's line of the week: No, I said I threw them. I would never come to the headquarters of our illegal meth operation dragging a bunch of cops.  It would not be wise."                                 
In the upper right is my personal favorite of the 13 pieces of fan art Vulture put up.

--The newest Dexter trailer is…is…promising?  Or maybe it's just the lack of the annoying 3/4s of the cast.

--Homeland has a trailer out as well, but I won’t be watching it because I like me some surprises. Especially as far as this show is concerned. But don’t let me stop you.

--The latest example of my advanced age, Lost Boys was released 25 years ago. The LA Times with a look back at the boys of eternal summer. This one needs a re-visit.

--We all know Delaware excels at two things. One, incorporating businesses. Two, running toddler fight clubs. For some strange reason a Delaware day care is actually in trouble for the latter. Hands of Our Future could very well be the name of a boxing gym instead of a daycare or maybe the name of a boxing gym daycare. Either way its employees are in trouble for supervising and encouraging a 3-year-old brawl to settle it all. NFL replacement officials suck so why not let these ladies handle it. Look how they handled this exchange:
Whiny 3-year-old – “He’s pinching me.”
Sitter Ref – “No pinching. Only punching.”
Three ladies are in deep trouble. Two of them were, I guess, working the corners of the combatants. The third was filming with a cell phone because surely this would never come back to haunt them.

--There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just come out and say it. My name is Danny Vara and I watch two MTV shows. I already feel better. Awkward is one and the basically male Awkward in the form of The Inbetweeners is the other. I know I should probably watch the BBC version, but one episode into the American one and I liked it. By the way watching Inbetweeners live and the first season of Awkward on MTV.com I can say unequivocally that MTV has the worst commercials in the history of television.

--You take the good (Blair Warner). You take the bad (Jeff Kent). You take ‘em both and there you have the next Survivor? The next Survivor?                                                                                    

--Nicki Minaj as a judge on American Idol and Michael Strahan on Live with Kelly.  Yeah, that's about right.

--Normally I’d be in favor of any school who wants to punish a student for using something from Twilight in their work. But withholding a diploma from your valedictorian because she used the word “hell” in her valedictorian speech is just dumb. Oklahoma-dumb if you’re looking for specifics.
Then again we are talking about a state that has a school in it which made a kindergartener turn his Michigan shirt inside out because it violated the dress code what with the school not being Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.

--Thankfully it’s finally official that the next season of The Office will be the last. Nice to see that the original showrunner is returning to close it out (cross your fingers) in strong fashion.

Questions, comments or if you hit a mall during tax free weekend and decided to press your luck on a Friday night dinner during Restaurant Week…

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