Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things get hectic quick. From the satellite dish to your joy stick.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Obviously another big surprise on Breaking Bad this week. Yeah, I know The Monkees on the Breaking Bad soundtrack? Crazy, right? What else happened? Seems like there was something…oh yeah Mike died. FU Walt. Of course after the opening scene I was saying, “Holy shi* Walt!!!!” Say.  My. Name. Heisenberg indeed.
“Do you really want to live in a world without Coca-Cola?”
As for the man, the myth, the legend, the Mike Ehrmantraut, I had trouble buying that as bad ass as Mike has been shown that Walt could take him down like he did. Jesse offers to take Mike his bag multiple times and Mike shoots him down only to accept Walt’s offer? Knowing full well Walt will look in the bag. The bag that has a gun. It was fairly obvious when Walt saw that gun what was going to happen in this No One Here Gets Out Alive final season of the show. Although I wasn’t in love with the set up I did love the direction of Walt walking out of the shot only to come storming back through with bad intentions. Oh well. Terrific acting from Jonathan Banks on the playground as his puzzled face turned to panic after two phone calls. Shoulda called Saul. Also I hate that Mike set up his little girl twice for life and twice the DEA took the money. I mean yeah there’s that whole dirty money thing, but she seemed like a nice enough little girl.
Good luck getting out Jesse.
Walt thinks he has Jesse Jr. in Todd when he really is creating a Gale. A Gale that has no problem murdering a kid. That’s a scary Gale who probably has never even sung “Major Tom.”
Mike - “Shut the fuck up. Let me die in peace.”

--Few other Breaking Bad Notes…Badger from the show is joining Dwight Schrute’s Office spinoff. Apparently he’s not bringing along noted pianist Skinny Pete.
Vulture has A Guide to Each Breaking Bad Death and How Sad It Was. Memories.
Alan Sepinwall with a solid interview with Jonathan Banks. 
I really need to go re-watch Wiseguy. Of course I also want to run through all of Breaking Bad again before the final eight air.

--“The officers drove Wutschke to the jail, hearing the sex toy still vibrating on the plastic seats of their squad car. Sheriff officials at the jail removed it as they were booking him, but as of late Wednesday nobody was comfortable turning it off. ‘They’ll just let the batteries run out’ police watch commander Eric Anderson said.” Yeah, feel free to click this TwinCities.com link, but I think you get the gist of the story.

--Well duh I’m going to post a video of all of Alison Brie’s raps…

--Biggest laugh of the last Thursday’s FX hour was when Lilly goes walking by with headphones on while Louie is on the phone with her mother and the police are standing next to him. Awesome.

--Wilfred – “Imagine how hilarious I’d look in a full-bodied animal suit.”

--Lance Armstrong. Not a coincidence I yawned immediately after typing that. And now you did too.

--Of course Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has a Ron Donald Do and Ron Donald Don’t list. He is one special kind of boring. Oh and Miami might want to think about rolling Tannehill to the left, like a lot, against the Texans in week one. You’d be hard pressed to pick an easier opponent for week one.

--Maybe you remember Miles from the all-too brief run of Rubicon. Damn, I miss Rubicon. We got two season of The f’n Killing, but just one terrific season of Rubicon (finale notwithstanding)?! What was I typing? Oh yeah, Miles (Dallas Roberts) from Rubicon is joining The Walking Dead as the Governor’s right hand man. That next volume with issue 100 needs to come out already. I know a biggie dies.

--I gotta check out Bernie which came out on DVD last week. Right after I check out Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters.

--I cannot wait for 30 for 30 to come back.  9.79.  Sweet.

--I long ago passed my tolerance for Fox and ESPN NFL pregame shows, but I do like Fox adding Rob Riggle in for Frank Caliendo.  They're both kind of one note, but I like Rob's one note more at this point.

--There’s gotta be a better way to fake a Bigfoot sighting than wearing one of those military heavy foliage suits and standing on a highway in the dark. Unfortunately Randy Lee Tenley will never find out since he was wearing a military heavy foliage suit in the middle of a highway in the dark. He was hit not once, but twice by cars that, you know, were trying to use the highway and not driving to find some drunken Bigfoot.

--Kendall Marshall ain’t nobody’s fool. Especially after attending the league’s Rookie Transition Program - "The female species are a lot smarter than us so we have to realize maybe it's not always that we're the best-looking guy they've ever seen."

Questions, comments or if you’re building your drafts around Aaron Hernandez and Russell Wilson…


  1. I was kinda hoping for "questions, comments or if you watched a chef that's been on TV get into an argument with a blogger..."

  2. Did it before we recorded. And I missed the first part because I had to duck out for an important call. From what I saw each of you made your respective points and it was a good debate.

    1. I feel really good about how it went. I'm looking forward to hearing it tomorrow. Hope you guys have a chance to book me again. That was a lot of fun.


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