Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Detox at the flop house no booze allowed. Remember the good old days with the rockabilly crowd.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It’s okay to say Dark Knight Rises was just a good movie and not go into superlatives, right? I thought it was good and maybe I had just bought into the enormous hype, but it fell short to me on the GOAT scale. Some of the dialogue and themes had me rolling my eyes and some of Bane’s voice had me wishing for closed captioning. I was entertained, but not blown away. As crazy as the final fights and scenes were they kind of undercut the solid work with Bane up to that point and didn’t make sense if you thought about it, but I don’t want to go trying to work sense into it. What I do want to do is go see it again. This time without a large woman sitting next to me who alternated between loud coke sips (IT’S EMPTY LADY!) and yawning. Seriously, it’s already a 3-hour movie so don’t start yawning at the first sight of Littlefinger Carcetti! And why the hell are you sitting next to me on the single aisle seat when you came with your man who is on the other side of the theater?! That's my third wheel protection seat.  It’s a 3:15 Saturday afternoon showing, go see a different one so you can sit together and annoy the hell out of him...unless that was his plan. Damn. Well played sir. Yeah, I need to go see it again.

--A Mike-centric episode of Breaking Bad? Hell yeah. First though I’m still trying to find a moment this season when Walter White has been on screen and I haven’t cringed. He is a “timebomb” as Mike told him and he even seemed to embrace that description. On the one hand my favorite Breaking Bad scenes are Walt/Jesse montages to great music. On the other hand this one was the “search” for the ricin cigarette and to see Jesse breakdown like that and Walt’s despicable, manipulative comforting was disgusting. Then Walt’s creep act with Skyler. But this hour belonged to Jonathan Banks who continues to be all kinds of outstanding with Mike. Don’t fu** with Mike. Lydia had to find out the hard way and her hired gun the hardest way. Great cat and mouse interrogation with Hank and Mike and I hope we get more between those two. I also hope we get more backstory on Mike’s cop days in Philly.
Jesse naming the RV the “Crystal Ship” was very Jesse.
Diner scenes are all kinds of awesome especially when you have a promo for their “funnel cake fries.”
Walt Jr. at the breakfast table? Weird.

--I hate to see Samba Grille close in Bayou Place especially with Sundance Cinemas just opening there. I was hoping that would bring in more people looking for post or pre movie bites like the theater crowds Samba Gets, but I guess not. Downtown is a sonuvabitch to try and keep open a restaurant at night. 

--Anyone else have a dream this week that you were in Lost with the regulars, and for some reason Keenan Thompson and for every reason Alison Brie. Barbra Streisand was Ben. She was acting all nice and protective when in truth she was slowly poisoning us all in our drinks except Alison Brie because she doesn’t drink. And Jack didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. And you don’t remember the details, but Keenan Thompson got shot. And then you went from inside the television to outside of it watching it with your brother and you were both happy Keenan Thompson got shot because he was terrible. Anyone else have that dream last night?

--Okay Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters documentary. I’m going to need you to get on Netflix Instant as soon as possible. You too SOMM.
--Well played AC Milan. Jettison two of your best players and to deal with the fan revolt you refund season ticket holders. Take note American sports franchises. Also look at relegation because we all need to stop pretending the Astros are playing Major League Baseball.

--If you were wondering what ever happened to Stromile Swift. He just plead guilty to stalking so there ya go!

--It was a brutal final four holes on Sunday for Adam Scott.  Sports Betting Online couldn't do anything for Scott, but could for those who lost money on him so they refunded those who had a financial stake in bogey after bogey down the stretch.

--“I’m not going to turn into a Bruce Jenner.” Well America we have that going for us in regards to Pete Rose’s TLC reality show. I still get confused when I read The Learning Channel instead of TLC. Although I guess there’s a lot to learn from a show titled My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I.

--I caught most of the final hour of Raw’s 1,000th episode. Has John Cena ever been involved in a good, entertaining match? Maybe he has, I don’t know. His in-ring work is just so boring.

--Probably not a good sign when the plane that is towing your wedding proposal banner crashes.

--I haven’t kept up with Newsroom but credit to the guy who plays Jim Harper. Having Aubrey Plaza as your first teenage girlfriend would be bolded on my résumé.
--Instagram was inevitably going to show up as photos printed on chocolate squares, right?

--I thought all the cooking reality show ideas were taken and then here comes Time Machine Chefs. Yeah, I’ll pass.  Although nothing personal I'd love to see Top Chef Ilan Hall fall flat on his face.  Nothing personal.

Questions, comments or if you’re going to your high school reunion but really have no idea why…


  1. I'm with you on DKR. I thought as a movie it was just good but it worked better in the context of being the capper to the DK trilogy.


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