Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Go upstate and get your head together. Thunderbird is the word and you're light as a feather.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--“Yeah, bitch! Magnets!” Damn I missed me some Breaking Bad.
“Because I said so.”
Walt ain’t messing around as if an opening scene that has him acquiring a machine gun at a Denny’s didn’t let you know that already. Great open and can’t wait to see how we get from Point A – Fun with Magnets to a year later Point B – Fun with Machine Guns! Fun with Magnets was, of course, broken down by Wired if you’re interested in stuff that looks like this.
La te xi t 1 1
I imagine seeing Mike this season will be more of the same of me yelling at Jesse from my couch, “Listen to Mike, yo!” But no Jesse keeps buying into Walt’s brain over Mike’s vast experience. Someday Jesse, someday you’ll learn the truth about your “friend.”
Glad to see Hank up and about investigating this quagmire. It’s much better than the alternative of him yelling at Marie about crystals.
Always glad to see Saul. I can’t imagine anyone having that role other than Bob Odenkirk.
It’s nice to look forward to Sunday night television again. And well lookie there, Breaking Bad had 4,000 more viewers than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There is hope America.
"I forgive you."  Holy !*&%$!

--I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about Jeremy Lin and then Stephen A. opened his big mouth and now I just need to know where I can get my Jeremy Lin jersey.

--Game of Thrones comes back March 31, 2013 or about 100 combined Astros and Rockets losses from now. The Game of Thrones cast additions alone for next season are as big as most casts. Glad to see the Reeds are joining the fun. And cheerio how about that bloke Mackenzie Crook as a wildling? You may remember him from The Office, the one that stopped too soon. He was Gareth best known for his contributions to “Free Love Freeway.”

--Joel McHale on Sons of Anarchy? Didn’t see that coming. Nice. I can also get down with a Sons prequel.

--You know you want to see where you’re at on the global fat scale.

--If you actually eat a sandwich on a flight then aren’t you pretty much taking your life in your own hands as it is? Seriously needles maybe, maybe make the top five of most dangerous items on an airline’s sandwich.

--C’mon America! How we gonna let a 7-11 in Singapore put mashed potatoes in a Slurpee machine before we do?!

--My knowledge of New Zealand comes from Flight of the Conchords and the insane movie Once Were Warriors. My knowledge has grown this week as I read about the problem going on there with prostitutes destroying street signs that they're using to pole dance to entice customers. Donna Lee is a city council member who gives us this great quote, "Prostitutes use these street sign poles as dancing poles. The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them. Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people." Indeed.

--We’ve seen lots of Friday Night Lights alums go on to bigger if not better (looks at John Carter) things, but nothing from Smash that I’ve seen. Until now. I just wouldn't have guessed it'd be on Grey’s Anatomy.

--You otter know by now we must kill them before they consume all of our nation’s triathletes. Patient Zero is Leah Prudhomme of Minnesota. 25 otter bites before she was rescued. It’s them or us, people. Them or us.

--Sad to hear about Sage Stallone passing away. He was a big part of the so bad it’s good that Rocky V offered. I’ll never forget his ass kicking of E at the schoolyard NOT THAT YOU NOTICED ROCKY!!!

Questions, comments or if it took you way too long to start listening to The National…

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