Saturday, July 14, 2012

He's got the hand me down Pumas and the tie dyes.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Thanks Luis. Houston could not have asked for anything more from you.

--Goon is now on Netflix Instant so I finally got around to watching it. It was every bit as good as everyone said. Absolutely perfect role for Seann Williams Scott as Doug the Thug. Really good casting all around especially for the hockey player roles because that old guy, the Russians and the goalie had me rolling.
Goalie: “Two rules man. Stay away from my fuckin' Percocets…and do you have any fuckin' Percocets?”
I probably would’ve watched Goon a lot sooner had someone told me Tig from Sons was in it. If I hadn’t heard beforehand there’s no way I would’ve guessed that was Allison Pill from Newsroom, Scott Pilgrim, Pillars of Earth as the love interest.

--Wilfred is on a helluva roll in the early going this season. A roll with so much momentum that not even a visit from Ryan’s sister can slow it down.
Dogs vs. Babies was an epic tale that needed to be told. And who better to tell it than…
Wilfred – “There’s a war out there, Ryan. A war between dogs and babies. And you brought it right to our doorstep.”
How awesome was Wilfred “smiling” at the end because it was hot?
Wilfred – “Why do any great civilizations go to war? To see who’s cutest.” Truer words. Truer words.

--Louie was a nice postcard for Miami, but not an episode that did all that much for me besides hearing Louie speak Spanish. 

--Love Tamara on Awkard, but we’ve seriously got to get rid of Ricky Schwarz.

--I saw about five minutes combined of The ESPYs and it was the five minutes Olivia Munn was on stage before Rob Riggle and friends had their fantasy football bit. I think I chose wisely.

--Who am I to say it’s too early for Vince Gilligan to start discussing a Breaking Bad Saul Goodman spin-off?

--Toe-besity? No. Just no.

--My fondness for Market Square Park is well-noted so I’m ecstatic to hear Barnaby’s Cafe will take over the old Convey Sushi spot. Perfect neighbor to the dog park right across the street.

--$60 an hour is the going rate if you need some snuggling. Apparently 29-year-old Jackie Samuel of New York is so good at it that her clients “feel more calm for days afterward.” The name of her newfound business? The Snuggery.  And yes ladies, she's bi-snugual.

--The 1992 Dream Team’s frontcourt would have b-slapped the frontcourt of the 2012 U.S. Men's National Team even if it was 100% healthy. You think this 2012 team practices with anything close to the intensity of the ’92 practices? You think the 2012 guys would be able to take a Karl Malone or Patrick Ewing elbow without crying home to mommy?

--I’m infinitely more interested than a Kyrie vs. Kobe match-up than anything else we’ll have next NBA All-Star Weekend.

--Hmmmm…seems like it shouldn’t take health officials to step in and tell a pizza place to stop using venom as a topping. The restaurateur in question, "They were really popular, especially with people who have a phobia of spiders or snakes. They used the pizza as a way to get over their fears." Yes they ate pizza with snake venom on it to get over their fear of snakes. Right.

--I’m very surprised Daniel Tosh actually apologized for that rape joke. I mean look, for one, you’re at a comedy club so just about anything goes. Two, you’re the one who interrupted his act. Three, it’s Daniel Tosh. What exactly were you expecting?

--As if I couldn’t love Ronda Rousey any more now she’s saying she wants to beat the crap out of Kim Kardashian?

Questions, comments or if Leonard Cohen is one of your rainy day playlists…


  1. Yo-

    I have to say I took your recommendation on the series Luther and was not disappointed. I watched the entire 10 episodes on Saturday and was quite impressed. Luther and Alice's interaction was spot on and there always seemed to be a lust/sexual tension between the two when on screen together but it never played out and I think that was the beauty of it. I will say Alice brings a new level of bat shit crazy to the table....but least she is a sexy bat shit crazy.
    I had to chuckle at Luther's ultimatum at the end of season 2 to the gangster mom...the funny thing is I don't think that was an ultimatum to be taken lightly when you have Alice in your corner.
    Great recommendation!!

  2. Glad you liked it Jarrett. It's one crazy show and Alice is one crazy hot psychopath. You could never tell if Luther and Alice were going to kiss each other or slide a knife blade into each other.


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