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Riddle me this brother can you handle it. Your style to my style you can't hold a candle to it.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It wasn’t quite like last year’s Community clip show, but it was close and that was more than fine with me. It wasn’t quite full of rapid-fire shotgun blasts of hilarity, but the story around the clips fit better and in with the progression of this season. First off where do I sign up for “Ladders” or “Can I Fry That?” Secondly, John Hodgman was the absolute perfect person to play the fake psychiatrist. Thirdly, the MVP was Donald Glover. Holy crap, from his dismissive, “It’s all-terrain, dummy” to Annie to his worry about parking in front of a meter. Or maybe the MVP was Abed for his outstanding Don Draper impression alone that Warming Glow was kind enough to put in a GIF.
Or maybe the MVP was Dean Pelton who had a great package of clips especially his line at the insane asylum, “I want to see what happens if we confiscate one of their pens.”
Britta – “How long does peyote last?”
If you couldn’t tell I liked this episode. Now we get three next week to wrap up a season that has had its ups and some downs, but when it connects like it did this week it goes yard. And hallelujah we get at least 13 more episodes next season. Whew.

--By the way, NBC has also renewed Parenthood which is good news. What the holdup was on Parks and Recreation I have no idea. To me it’s the best combination of comedy and accessibility to a wide audience on television right now.
If for some moronic reason Parks and Recreation had not been renewed that season finale totally works as a series finale. Leslie Knope has achieved a lifelong goal, Ben gets to work in Washington, Ron stays Ron, Andy might become Officer Dwyer, Tom and Ann are moving in together? Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty close. I mean anytime you roll with a Jermaine Jackson ballroom and a Jean-Ralphio appearance you start with a grade of A. Not to mention Andy listing “Winterfell” and “New Caprica” as places to live.
Ron – “I still get my milk delivered by horse.” “Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets.”

If there’s been a sweeter moment on television this season I haven’t seen it.

--There’s research that is necessary like cancer and AIDS research and then there’s research that’s NECESSARY like determining how many bullets have been fired at James Bond through the years. 22 films and 4,662 non-lethal bullets for Bond, James Bond.

--The best part of Between the Two Ferns I saw last Sunday night was the priceless clip from Will Ferrell’s appearance shown during the Comedy Awards. Ferns was nominated for Best Sketch or Alternative Comedy. I think that’s what it was I mean Louie was in that category along with Tosh and Children’s Hospital so I’m not sure what was what. All I know is Louie won a lot. As for television debut, eh. The Comedy Awards themselves, however, were much better than last year.

--Schmidt tried to White Fang Cece. Classic. Although that whole thing seemed rushed, but the whole season finale of New Girl did. I would’ve been happy with an episode or two or three of Nick moving in with Caroline and Thomas Lennon from Reno 911! working his way in as a roommate. But thanks for not having Jess and Nick get all kissy kissy. I know it’s inevitable, but I like the show when it’s not Jess & Nick will they or won’t they angst. Solid season overall despite a shaky start to the season. No Justin Long next year, okay? Okay.

--I had high expectations for The Muppets movie and they were still surpassed. Jason Segel and Amy Adams were great. It was great to see all the Muppets from Kermit to Fozzie Bear to Foozie Bear to Lew Zealand to Animal to Sam Eagle to The Newsman to my personal favorite Rowlf. The songs were fantastic and sounded very Flight of the Conchords-y. Well deserved Oscar for Bret McKenzie and his “Man or Muppet.” A proper homage to the Muppets, which is one of the few shows I remember playing outside until a minute before it came on. So crazy that kids used to play outside.

--Fascinating look from GQ at the hacker who hacked Scarlett Johansson among other celebrities and a look at the Hollywood hacking industry overall. Hacker Chris Chaney on reading personal emails between Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett after their break-up, “It was almost too personal.” Uhhhh, ya think? And to think all he did was plug in celebrity names into gmail and then research pet, school and other common passwords to gain access.

-- Word -- @ChrisSolis – “I’m going to give credit to John Travolta for the term ‘reverse massage.’”

--Good news! For the first time in a decade Disneyland is opening membership to its super exclusive restaurant Club 33. All you need is $25,000 and $10,000 for annual dues which you’d spend on cokes for a family of four weekend there anyway. You also get to go to its new little lounge, 1901. The waiting list which was closed years ago has over 800 names on it so even if you have the means (and you’re here so you don’t) you might not want to promise the kids anything just yet.

--Terrific story involving an injured Gulf War veteran, yoga and one Diamond Dallas Page.

--Will Ferrell and Usher hosting SNL this weekend. Is it 2012 or a re-run from eight years ago? Only one way to find out. Yep, check Twitter Sunday morning to see if anything hit.

--DVR Alert: Louis C.K.’s stand-up, Live at the Beacon Theater, airs on FX Saturday night. It’s the one that he made available online for $5. The one I have no excuse for not watching yet. That’ll change this weekend.

--ATTENTION PARENTS! I know we’re coming down to the end of the school year and it’s report card time, which means it’s also creative punishment time. A mom and dad in Minnesota have helped us knock one potential punishment off this list. Yes, if you were thinking about forcing your 12-year-old daughter to dress in a tank top and diaper and run up and down the street, DON'T. There is a very high chance the cops will arrest you even if you tell the cops that the daughter is picking up trash as well. Because I guess trash pick-up is only for good for community service and not bad grades. The poor girl had a crowd of about 50 people and will either turn her school grades around and excel despite her obvious crappy parenting or she’ll just accept her role and go through life as a diaper wearer. There’s really no middle ground for someone with parents like that.

--You had me at Emma Stone.

Questions, comments or if you set a personal record at Central Market and it’s all because you just had to have a pound of langoustines...

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