Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Equinox symmetry and the balance is right. Smokin' and drinkin' on a Tuesday night.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--That sound you heard Sunday night was every book nerd climaxing upon hearing, “You know nothing Jon Snow.” In our defense it was set up and delivered beautifully. We’ll see how it plays out.
Enjoy Winterfell while you can Theon you sonuvabitch.
I like David Lynch directing the Qarth scenes. Dany’s television arc is far more interesting than it is in the books and the House of the Undying sounds like a fun summer trip.
I’m going to hate when we’re done with Arya and Tywin scenes and I assume we’ll be done with those sooner rather than later.
Really good stuff from Lena Headey as Cersei was humanized (or as close as possible for her) in her scenes with Tyrion and Sansa.
Nice to see Jaime Lannister back, unless you’re in a cell with him.
Three more episodes left and after this week’s mostly set-up we should be getting some haymakers the next few Sunday nights.

--Writing of haymakers I miss me some Lane Pryce. Not that Mad Men hasn’t been outstanding without our favorite English pugilist. Ugly and selfish episode this week what with fat Betty wasting whipped cream and trying to use Sally against Don and Megan. It doesn’t get much better than Bobby telling his mom to wait to eat so they can give thanks first and Sally responding, “She’s hungry Bobby.” And damn, Henry, a big ass steak at midnight sounds about as enticing as a glass of whiskey at 10 in the morning.
Don, you’re better than that. Doing Ginsberg like that was just wrong. Although it did allow you to bust out, “I don’t think about you at all.”
Gotta love Roger acknowledging it’d probably be wise for him to start carrying around less cash. Team Gray Hair with Roger and Bert should be interesting.
Roger – “How Jewish are they? Fiddler on the Roof: Audience or cast?”
You can call Pete Campbell a lot of things, but you can’t call him a bad daydreamer.

--I’m just as surprised as you that a show with Nick Cannon, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel doesn’t have the ratings it expected. Mind-blowing. 

--I guess I’m happy Community is being given 13 more episodes, but sticking it on Friday nights after f’n Whitney seems harsh what with everyone being laughed out from Whitney. And if Dan Harmon isn’t kept on as showrunner then I’ll be glad it’s only 13 episodes.

--I checked in and out of Once Upon A Time, but watched the finale. It was in between eh and okay. I just wish Starz had a hold of this and could Spartacus it up. I think it’d be outstanding with that kind of treatment.

--HBO. 80’s Wall Street. Funny or Die. Rob Riggle. Okay, you get a shot.

--“This is the White House, not the Yellow House.” Another solid Veep this week. I will never not laugh when Jonah, who isn’t even his mother’s favorite Jonah, says "POTUS."
Selina – “That door should be half its height, so that people can only approach me in my office on their goddamn motherfucking knees.”
It’s been nice to see Buddy Garrity in a couple of episodes. Gotta find a reason for him to show off one of his Dillon state championship rings. While we’re talking about Dillon’s glory days we got Coach Taylor’s answer to Mrs. Coach Taylor’s “y’all” YouTube.

--Prom of the Week comes to us from Colorado and it doesn’t involve marijuana. Weird. There were a couple of lovely moms chaperoning the Manitou Springs prom. Moms who didn’t appreciate the “dirty dancing” of the high schoolers. We all know there’s only one way to deal with dirty dancers. Yep, spray them down with Lysol and call them “sluts” and “whores.” It’s the only way they’ll learn.

--I’m sure there’s some good stuff on Grantland.com, but I haven’t checked it out that often. Maybe that’ll change with some of the 30 for 30 shorts, podcasts, etc. it will be hosting. The series starts back up in October. A short about Pete Rose titled “Here Now.” If you haven’t seen him at Antiquities then you haven’t been to Vegas enough.

--I never did get around to watching the lovely Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad’s Jane) and the lovelier James Van Der Beek on Don’t Trust the Biya in Apartment 23. I think that’ll change on Tuesdays in the fall when it follows Happy Endings on Tuesday nights.

--LMAO at this elementary school in Georgia where teachers made kids sign pledges not to use acronyms when signing yearbooks. ROFLMAO at the parents who described this as “bullying.”

--Whoops of the Week comes from Florida where burglars stole some medical equipment from an enclosed trash area at a medical clinic. The equipment is worth $500,000 which sounds good, but then there’s that whole it was contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria thing so, yeah, whoops.

--I’m not going to pretend I saw every rookie in the league this season enough to make an informed judgment, but it seems Chandler Parsons should’ve finished higher than 9th in rookie of the year voting.

--Saw this make the twitter rounds so its accuracy cannot be questioned. 1.5 million buys for Mayweather/Cotto. All four of this year’s UFC PPVs combined = 1.7 million buys. A LOT closer than what I would have thought.

--I write a lot about bad parents, but there are lots of great ones out there. For example…

Beastie Boys - Sabotage / MCA tribute from James Winters on Vimeo.

--How does everyone in the country know what a stupid waste of time and money this Roger Clemens trial is and yet it proceeds? I mean when two different jurors fall asleep during the trial then maybe there’s nothing to see here.

--Senior Citizen of the Week comes to us from Oklahoma. Mary is in her 70’s as the article isn’t specific because a lady doesn’t reveal her true age. So Mary hears commotion at her door and they’re demanding she open it. She calls 911 and asks the operator if she can put down the phone long enough to get her gun. Awesome. The guys break down the door and start yelling about “Donnie.” She doesn’t know any Donnie and Mary picks up the story from there, "That ain't right to be looking for somebody else, kick in someone's door in to get that person. And here you've got two warrants out on yourself and your friend with you." Yeah, that’s right these no doubt professional bounty hunters had their own warrants to worry about. Mary is still a little shaken up because that “scared the liver out of here.” Never heard that one before.

Questions, comments or if you’re hitting M83 on Thursday night and you hope you hear about this frog…


  1. Why are they moving Happy Endings? I was enjoying that more that Modern Family. Plus The B show is dreadful. Once Upon A Time would have been better if they would have juts followed the Fables stories they ripped off.
    CP25 being voted the 9th rookie shows you that NBA writers only watch 4 teams.

  2. I think they're hoping Modern Family can boost another new comedy while Happy Endings has gotten a good enough cult foothold. I've yet to watch B in 23.

    Now that I'm caught up on reading Walking Dead I might need to turn to Fables.


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