Tuesday, May 08, 2012

And This Is Me Y'All, I M.C. Y'All. My Name Is M.C.A. And I Still Do What I Please.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--F’n Theon, what a punk ass bitch. I was hoping Bran would get to unleash one smack upside Theon’s head. Dumbass can’t even take a head off with one whack like a proper lord should be able to do. RIP Ser Rodrick.
The show has ventured from the books, but it’s worked for me. Tywin and Arya’s scenes are gold and Jaqen H'gar is somehow even more of a bad ass than in the books.
The attack on the royal procession was well played even if it seems a little odd that the royal family, in the middle of a war no less, would march out in the open like that without horses or a carriage. Still you can never get tired of Joffrey getting slapped or the Hound taking care of Hound business. I’ll say this for Joffrey, he REALLY knows how to react to getting slapped.
I’m very interested to see where they’re going with the dragon-napping. My guess is not too far. Mother of dragons don’t play.
Hey Robb, she’s a Lannister spy. I don’t know how much more obvious she can make it. Oh and you’re betrothed. Yeah, it sucks to be getting a Frey, but a deal’s a deal.

--Mad Men is on a roll right now even as Don Draper’s grip on the reigns of the world gets weaker and weaker. The whole elevator shaft and Megan’s departure shook the formerly unshakeable. The old Don would’ve saved that Cool Whip spot somehow, someway. This Don just let Peggy screw it up and now they both disappointed Mr. Belding. For shame. “Tomorrow Never Knows” was a great choice off of Revolver and perfect for a little montage. I’m curious to see how Don’s work life goes now that Megan is out of the office.
Nice to see Pete or any of the philanderers on that show get played like Beth played him. Pete doesn’t seem to be having much fun this season after showing up Roger. Writing of, all Roger gave us was “and I got to see that” when Pete fumbled the skis and just that little Sterling was gold. I’m sure there’s a Mad Men death pool around somewhere. I’ve gotta think that Pete and Megan are up near the top.

The story behind the song that my like of turned to love of the first time I watched Beatles Love.By the way, the cost of doing business to use “Tomorrow Never Knows” from the Beatles catalog? $250,000.

--Girl Scout candy bars? Nestlé is helping out with the three candy bars ranging from Caramel & Coconut to Peanut Butter Crème. I’m not big on Girl Scout cookies, but just for your own safety don’t stand between me and a Nestle Crunch Thin Mint.

--$70 for a fight in HD is just ridiculous. Having said that Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto put on an entertaining show. Cotto caught Floyd a few times, but the fight never seemed in doubt because Floyd was never close to going down. You’re not going to out-point/out-box Floyd for 12 rounds. Good stuff and we’ll see if this more humble Floyd sticks around or will be history after he spends his summer in jail.

--Most interesting story I read over the weekend was this from the LA Times about those people who own/owned lifetime airline passes. Back in the olden days on 1560 when there was a Seinfeldian Mock Draft a couple of lifetime airline passes would have been a decent late selection.

--I finally got around to watching Bridesmaids. It wasn’t as laugh out loud funny as I thought it was going to be, but overall it was as good as most everyone said. A role like that must be a lay-up for Jon Hamm. Melissa McCarthy was good enough to make me watch Mike & Mol…eh, maybe not, but she was great.

--I can’t decide whether Newsroom looks good or not.

--Bob’s Burgers gave us a couple of burger specials this week with the “If Looks Could Kale” burger being the winner. And we got an homage to Mr. Blonde’s ear cutting scene from Reservoir Dogs with the deadly wet willie. Fan-f’n-tastic!

--Out of the three we’ve seen that was the best Veep.
Catherine on scene-stealer Jonah: “Are we seriously going to let the guy with the police sketch face of a rapist tell us what to do?”

--Intent is so hard to determine. For instance, to the uneducated eye it might have looked like Andres Martinez was trying to run over a cop during a low-speed chase, but Andres later explained that wasn’t the case whatsoever. He was merely trying to roll a joint and also call his friends to let them know he was going to jail. That’s all. See, just a big misunderstanding.

--My DVR has to be wondering what the hell is up with me asking it to record PBS multiple times in one week. First there’s the new Sherlock Holmes. Second there’s the documentary Johnny Carson: King of Late Night that airs next Monday night. Johnny was the best.

--Apparently you can blacklist the word “blacklist.” I guess the obvious question is whether you can blackball “blackball.”

--Give me a cast that includes Nathan Fillion, Kevin Bacon, Linda Cardellini and Bubbles from The Wire and you know I’m in. Super was basically an even darker and much more graphic Kick-Ass. I’m not complaining. It’s been playing on Showtime 2 lately so if you have an hour and a half and you want to see Kevin Bacon as a drug dealer and Ellen Page put the moves on Rainn Wilson then by all means…

“Shut up, crime!”

--AlphaNail.com. Roger Huerta-tested. Roger Huerta-approved. It’s like the Dr. Pepper 10 of male nail polishes. From their website:
"For those of you with a flair for style, our colors are so sick Dr. House can’t fix them. The revolutionary matte collection provides an uber-masculine and fashion forward satin finish, and our metallics shine like candy paint in the summer time. What’s more, our unique click pen applicator does away with those dainty little brushes and girly nail polish containers. Just click, paint, put the cap on, and its ready to go for another round."

--Will somebody please take Matthew Fox back to the island already before he drunkenly kills or crotch punches us all?  Damn I miss that island.

--You’ve probably seen the story about the four kids strapped to the hood of a car in Indiana. No surprise either way that the kids were strapped onto the hood in front of a liquor store. Crazy, but where in the hell is our picture of this moment! The logistics of being able to strap kids onto your hood and then drive, even if for only a short distance, is fascinating to me. C’mon cops. Instagram that shit.

--Am I the only one who never read “Where the Wild Things Are”? Maybe, but I did watch Maurice Sendak on The Colbert Report. Now if you’ll excuse I need to go find my huffing markers.
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Grim Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak Pt. 2

--Cole Hamels is a dumbass with the only dumbasser thing to come out of his unprovoked plunking of Bryce Harper being the 5-game suspension. Ooooh, you have to have an extra day of rest. What a joke.

--I was probably more surprised to find out Jack White had never been part of an album that got to #1 on Billboard than I was to find out the album he topped was Lionel Richie’s country album. Either way I’m really liking Blunderbuss the more and more I listen to it. “Sixteen Saltines” is not only my usual dinner accompaniment, but sounds like it came off of Get Behind Me Satan. There’s definitely some White Stripish-songs, but a helluva lot more instruments.

I totally get this video.

--Four delicious words: Michelob Ultra Light Cider. Wait…

--Bloomberg headline that sounds about right: More Than 40% of US May Be Obese by 2030, Study Says

--While I’m happy NBC is picking up a Justin Kirk (Andy from Weeds) comedy I’m not happy it’s letting Parks and Community twist in the wind. What the hell? Kirk will be in Animal Practice in which he’ll play a vet who loves animals, but owners not so much. Promising?

--My new favorite television critic is Linda Stasi from the NY Post who reviewed the awful-looking Around the World in 80 Plates. Cat Cora and Curtis Stone host and Linda used those magic phrases that want to make you watch a show. Words like “forgettable,” “truly terrible,” and “incredibly annoying,” and "kill me."

--Maybe if Denver school officials came out and said they were suspending a 6-year-old boy for liking LMFAO it would be understandable. But they’re suspending him for reciting the lyrics not his poor taste in bands. “I’m sexy and I know it,” got the kid suspended. 

--I work with a lot of good people I like. That doesn’t mean I’m jumping into a vat of acid should one of them clumsy their way into said vat of acid. Rob Nuckols is a far better man than I.

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  1. You are the only other person to admit you don't like Girl Scout cookies. And now they are 4 bucks.

  2. I think they're just cheap, flavorless cookies with the exception of the occasional frozen thin mint.

  3. Guys used to throw at hitters just for standing in the box. This wasn't all that long ago either.

    Clean up the steroids but don't pussify things. Lets make better helmets....


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