Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Only 24 hours in a day. Only 12 notes a man can play.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Seems like I should have seen Paul Kinsey – Hare Krishna coming. Nice episode for Harry. Yeah sure he did cheat on his wife, but he helped out a friend so that makes up for it right? No? Oh, okay.
Finally we got some Joan and Don time. I think I could watch an hour of them just having drinks at a bar. Sex-hey. Thank Hare Krishna that Don finally got the necessary kick in the ass from Joan and Megan to make him care about his work and want to work like the old Don to try and land Jaguar. You can see SCDP getting Jaguar and it being the new Lucky Strike or you can see SCDP not landing it and things spiraling out of control.
I wonder if the LSD awoke Roger’s consciousness to all the little gray-haired Roger Sterling babies running around New York. I imagine all of Roger’s illegitimate kids born in the 60’s forming a terrifying gang for Warriors.
Aren’t you smarter than this Lane?
I think we have three more episodes left in what has been my personal favorite season.

--Not a huge fan of this week’s episode of Game of Thrones because it just felt like last week’s breather was simply extended with more little pawn moves instead of having the consequences to the build-up from two weeks ago. At least this Sunday we know we’re getting the Battle of Blackwater written by George R.R. Martin. I was hoping we’d get Dany to the House of the Undying, but I guess that’s one of the next two weeks. This week Dany might as well have not been shown. Stannis and Davos should have been shown much, much more this season. It seems like they haven’t been seen in weeks and they’re vital players to the game that viewers aren’t getting a full picture of at all.
The casting for this show has been on point for the most part. Two exceptions though to me are Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane and the Lord of Bones (Jon’s capturer). Last season’s Mountain was a Mountain. I pictured Lord of Bones as skinnier, slyer in the vein of Dickie Bennett. In reading the books I never pictured Ygritte to be so damn cute, but I’m not complaining. Not complaining about Ygritte’s looks. Am complaining about Jon Snow being turned into a wuss. I was willing to wait most of the season for the action beyond the wall to be as good as it was in the book, but it looks like that ain’t happening.
“Blackwater” and “Valar Morghulis” can’t get here soon enough.

--Breaking Bad returns July 15th for eight episodes before taking another year off for the final eight episodes. Cannot wait.

--Now we wait to see which Houston burger joint tries to pull off Beefsquatch a la Bob's Burgers. “Bruschetta-bout-it Burger.” “Poutine-on-the-Ritz burger.”
I didn’t care much for Tina and boy Tina/Nathan except for this exchange.
Nathan: “Nice dish tub.”
Tina: “Hey.”
Nathan: “So do you want to go out?”
Tina: “Wow. You must really like dish tubs.”

--I stop when I see the word Tron. Probably because of the video games, maybe because of Bruce Boxleitner. Either way I’m down with TRON: Uprising on Disney. Obviously Bruce Boxleitner and Reginald VelJohnson are the headliners of a cast that also includes Elijah Wood, Lance Henriksen, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Paul Ruebens, Tricia Helfer! and Mandy Moore. Now why all the programs have such long legs is something I’ll need Clu to explain to me.
Elijah has a career I envy.  A show where he does voice work for Tron and a show where he gets high with a dog.  L-I-V-I-N.

--Jonah’s fondness of seeing a “fuckload of bread” in a basket and “primordial” heavy metal were the highlights of Veep for me this week.

--By the way I’m finally caught up on reading The Walking Dead (I know you were dying to know). Helluva ride. Fifteen volumes of the graphic novel out. Coming up to the third season of the television show and we’re on volume three. What I’m saying is for the love of the undead pick up the f’n pace next season! I would love to see the fan reaction if in the first five minutes of next season’s premiere Rick suggests heading back to Hershel’s farm.

--I guess Matthew Fox is getting ready to face the smoke monster? Writing of Lost, Michael/Walt’s Dad/Harold Perrineau is joining Sons of Anarchy. I really don’t like the Tig/ angle that is going to be a big part of next season because it was such an unbelievably dumb play by Tig.

--I don’t think even Daniel Cormier’s mom bet on Daniel winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix when it began many moons ago with the likes of Fedor, Josh Barnett, Alistair Overeem, and Fabricio Werdum among others in it. I’m interested to see what Cormier can do against UFC heavyweights.
Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson put on a f’n show for five rounds. I could have seen either guy getting the decision, but to be the man you got to beat the man and Thomson didn’t clearly beat Melendez. I’m not sure if it gets Fight of the Year consideration because I honestly haven’t watched a ton of MMA this year, but it’s the most entertaining scrap I’ve seen.

--Lost isn’t the example for how long-running shows want their series finale to appeal to its fans. House’s finale, on the other hand, was pitch perfect. I watched occasionally, but never made it appointment viewing until I was bored on Monday nights this season. Good stuff and I liked House mentioning Dead Poets Society considering his co-star Robert Sean Leonard. If there had been a Swing Kids reference I would’ve lost it.

--I mentioned last week that since Donald Glover is rumored to be appearing on Girls so I’ll probably start watching. However Donald, I do have limits so don’t ask me to follow you to Hip Hop Squares on MTV2 which apparently still does exist as a network. Though I don’t think people are going to be scrambling to find it tonight for the likes of Nick Cannon and noted hip hop influence Bam Margera.

--I watched about 10 minutes of The Billboard Awards on Sunday. That was just long enough to know the Dunphys shouldn’t be hosting awards shows, there’s now such a thing as a Social Artist of the Year Award, and The Wanted…well I’m not even sure what to say about The Wanted.

--You can win at blackjack, but you usually have to grind away at it and that’s so boring. So Michael and Carlos came up with a new system to “win” at a Bellagio high-roller blackjack table. The system involved spraying all the players at a table with pepper spray, taking their $5,000 chips and running like hell. It worked for Carlos. Michael not so much which is a shame because he did it only to help his sick grandparents. What? You don’t believe him. When did you become so jaded man?

--How far down the list of states would you have gone through before naming which one has a man in it who has 30 kids by 11 women? You couldn’t have gone too far down the list to guess Tennessee. And to think the guy, Desmond Hatchett, is only 33. Get ready for a Hatchet-ville to pop up Tennessee. How’d you have so many kids Desmond? "I had four kids in the same year. Twice." Uh, yeah that’ll do it.

--You know how when you mow the lawn you sometimes drop your gun? No? Wait. You mow the lawn without being strapped?! Not my man here in Colorado Springs. This guy, we’ll just call him Plaxico, was mowing his grass with a loaded handgun in his pocket when it fell out and yep, shot him in the leg. This guy is either a dumbass or went with a really elaborate and painful plan to get his kids to mow the lawn.

--The relevance window for Maxim’s Hot 100 has been closed for a while, but this year the results were all from reader’s votes. Readers still waaaay overestimated J-WOWW at 74. Sofia Vergara down there at 71 is a joke. Miley Cyrus one spot ahead of Stephen Colbert at 69 is laughable. Off the strength of House of Lies Kristen Bell deserves a fate better than 61. I like Zooey Deschanel and all, but a spot ahead of Brooklyn Decker (42) and eight spots in front of Emmy Rossum? Jennifer Love Hewitt at 20 is nearly 20 spots ahead of Kate Upton so I think we call it a day looking at this. Wait, am I even looking at the right year? Because my girl Tyra from Friday Night Lights is 10th.
Connie Britton probably shoulda placed in the 100 as well. 

--Gotta love Rainn Wilson asking the LA Kings via twitter if he should buy playoff tickets only to have the Kings send him some in Jell-O. Awesome. My hopes aren’t high for a Dwight Schrute spin-off, but it can’t be any worse than the last couple of seasons of The Office.

--With each trailer I’m amazed by how terrible That’s My Boy looks. The only good thing about Adam Sandler's crappy movies is that they usually don’t spawn sequels…he said as he sees the news about Grown-Ups 2 next year.
And stop enabling him Chris Rock!

Questions, comments or if you guess you’ll watch one more horse race this year…


  1. The action beyond the wall has been a huge let down and I totally agree on The Lord of Bones. I think the two biggest omissions were not nearly enough Daavos and all the great interplay between Tyrion and Varys in the book.

    They spent way too much time on Renly and the seduction of Robb Stark. I liked that it happened off screen in the book.

    The best addition by far was the relationship between Arya and Tywin.

    Looks like ACL Fest is trying to pull you in, Childish Gambino, M83, Jack White.

  2. I was willing to let The Wall stuff slide for most of the season because I thought there was still a way for the characters and storyline to be as good as the book, but it's not even close.
    Agree on Renly, but I can understand giving Robb's romance a little more weight.
    Arya and Tywin's scenes hold their own with Tyrion and fill-in-the-blank's scenes.
    Oh I saw that lineup and was as tempted as I've ever been.


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