Saturday, May 19, 2012

And then the man upstairs well I hope that he cares. If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--So Dan Harmon is done as showrunner of Community? Wow. Not really sure I see the point of going on with the show without its creator, however controversial he is. I am intrigued that a couple of writers from Happy Endings are coming on board. Still, a big, big loss especially since now the cast can no longer use the word “sensational” for whatever reason.
Abed - “This looks like a multi-player gaming interface.”
Troy - “I’ve heard enough”
The video game episode seemed out of order, but it was also very Community-y with its 8-bit gimmick. It worked for me, but maybe mostly because Troy kept jumping all the time. I hope we get some Giancarlo Esposito next season as well.
Group - “Copera!” Pierce - “Policical”
Goth Britta. Yes, please. I hope that was Chang’s last stand or at least we phase him down to only one or two of next season’s thirteen episodes. How Community has gotten to this point without a heist-style episode is beyond me.
The last episode of the season could have easily been the last episode of the series. Troy becomes the A/C messiah he was always meant to be. Abed acknowledges Britta is the best help he can get. Shirley and Pierce get their sandwich shop. Everyone realizes they’re better for being part of the group yet strong enough to strike out on their own when need be. Just a really nice way to close things out this season. Love these characters. Love this show. Love that we get 13 more episodes. Love the below GIFs from

--I’ve yet to watch Girls, but if Donald Glover is going to appear I guess I’ll have to give it a shot.

--If you had told me a year ago that the Texans would be coming off a season in which they won a playoff game at Reliant I would have said you're crazy. If you had told me a year ago that over a 2-month span I’d see Connor Barwin lead a #BullsOnParadeConcertSeries to Childish Gambino, Sleigh Bells, and M83 I would have asked for your smoke connection. Never thought I’d see Antonio Smith at an M83 concert. Of course I never thought M83 would create a wall of sound that would not only rival but surpass Sleigh Bells. M83’s albums sound so dream pop-y that I wasn’t sure how they’d be live. They were OUTSTANDING. So outstanding that I went ahead and bought tickets to their next show in Houston in October. M83 and a Sunday night home game against the Packers. Not a bad week.

--The 10 Best Time Travel Movies of All Time from I would never argue with Timecop being on any list. It’s at 10. Star Trek IV – eh. Never saw Time After Time about Jack the Ripper in the 70’s but I’m intrigued and it does have Malcolm McDowell. Bill and Ted at 7. Never heard of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Don’t recall ever seeing Twelve Monkeys which seems odd to me. Back to the Future at 4. Mayor Goldie Wilson, I like the sound of that! Terminator at 3. Never heard of Primer, but I’m game. I only saw #1 as a kid and barely remember anything except a bunch of little people. Time Bandits is in the top spot. So yeah, had I known this list wouldn’t have Donnie Darko or Timecrimes on it I probably wouldn’t have clicked.

Never get tired of watching this scene.

--It usually takes me forever to watch a movie and it took me forever to watch Midnight in Paris. I had heard good to great things so my expectations were high, yet still exceeded. I didn’t know the plot and I think that’s the best way to go into this one. You can get to take the trip with Owen Wilson who was absolutely perfect for this role. Clocking in at just about 90 minutes was nice although it forced me to Wikipedia for about another 90 minutes afterward so I could get a quick Paris history lesson. On a scale of 1 to 5 Frank the Bunnies, I’m giving it the full 5 Frank the Bunnies. I can also say I have a new favorite Woody Allen movie. Although I’ve only seen maybe two or three Woody Allen movies.

--Houston Press Chef Chat with Ronnie Killen of the aptly named Killen’s in Pearland. Love Killen’s and loves that Ronnie gives love to another love of mine Thanh Phuong. I recommend all three of the chats. Ronnie is one interesting dude.  Full benefits for employees who work at least 20 hours a week?  Who does that?

--Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in Times Square. Yeah, that sounds about right.

--Now that’s a food truck.

--There’s good news and then there’s Landry from Friday Night Lights joining the cast of Breaking Bad. Sweet.

--I like me some Children’s Hospital so I’m definitely down with their Newsreader segments spinning off into its own show.

--If we can’t get Floyd vs. Manny then I guess Jack White vs. the Guinness Book of World Records isn’t a bad alternative. Jack wants the record for the shortest concert for the one note he and Meg played in Newfoundland several years ago. It was on the White Stripes documentary Under Great White Northern Lights. Jack may not have that Guinness record so his next attempt is most metaphors at a concert. Because. Well, because.

--You thought Dr. Pepper 10 was idiotic. Yankee Candle has “Man Candles.” I don’t know what “First Down” smells like, but it sounds pretty f’n stupid. 2 x 4? Riding Mower

--You thought you did something dumb this week…

--The three major leaguers who have pitched shutouts this season at least eight seasons after their previous shutout. Barry Zito, Kevin Millwood, and Jerome Williams.

--I could look at old LIFE photos all day. In this case old photos of Vegas as it looked in 1955. It’s been seven months since my last Vegas trip and I’m seriously starting to get the shakes.

--Boondocks back on Adult Swim? Sweet. Television Christmas episodes don’t get much better than a Huey Freeman Christmas.

--Octavio Dotel picked up a save for his ninth, NINTH!, different team the other day. He’s a Tiger now if you were wondering.

--I think this is the first time I’ve seen fast food violence arise out of a lack of onions on a McDonald’s burger. We head to Tennessee for the nonsense. Apparently Christopher and Sean weren’t happy with the amount of onions on their burgers. Their collective anger grew as they drank more and more beer and realized they had to put a stop to this madness before some other innocents were shorted of their rightful amount of onions. Masterplan time. Their plan was to throw a slab of concrete through the window. Brilliant. That’ll show ‘em. The concrete busted through the window injuring a couple of employees. High-five! They took off running, but Sean tripped and busted his ass and couldn’t get up because his body was presumably lacking in the nutrients only an onion could provide.

--Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Questions, comments or if your ears are still ringing and you anticipate enjoying M83 concert aftershocks all weekend long…


  1. You need to watch Girls. Genius.

  2. Yea Girls is pretty good stuff. On another note. The alligator was lying around minding his own business, then here come the scientist. BAM! you got bit. read it aLa (BAM U GOT AIDS LADY) tone of voice


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