Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Have y’all heard of this Game of Thrones? I was just a little bit excited about the premiere of season two. That excitement compounded when Dragonstone appeared during the opening credits. Probably need to relax a little if I’m getting uber excited about opening credits. I thought it was a solid, solid premiere that set the stage for the season about as well as you can with a cast as large as this one. This looks like Tyrion’s season to shine and he came out firing with both barrels as Hand of the King. Like any normal person the only character I loathe more than Cersei is Joffrey so it was nice to see him get the five fingers to the face treatment from his mother. Cersei’s “power is power” response to Littlefinger’s “knowledge is power” was all sorts of awesome.
It looks like the show has once again hit it on the cast with newcomers Melisandre, Stannis and Davos. It had to have been hard to keep up with the goings on at Dragonstone for those who haven’t read the books. Carice van Houten as Melisandre looks like a keeper.

--I don’t even know what to say about the season finale of Spartacus except *?);*^%$!*#;***^;^@#%#@;*!!!!
That was one fantastic ride this season. A ride that’s over for some really outstanding characters.
I hated to see the Egyptian giant get over on Oenomausa second time. RIP Oenomaus.
I really hated to see Ashur go out at the hands of Naevia. I know Ashur isn’t as skilled as Spartacus or Crixus, but he did take down a gang of Glaber’s Roman soldiers and now freakin’ Naevia kills him?! Ashur was played perfectly byNick Tarabay. RIP Ashur…not really you were a piece of sh**.
As for the show’s matriarch. When Lucretia let herself fall off the cliff with Ilythia’s baby in tow, I mean, what. a. scene. Bravo to Lucy Lawless for a flawless performance in all three seasons of the show. The show wouldn’t have made it this far without her name and performance. RIP Lucretia.
A major highlight of this season was Spartacus’ girl, Mira. She was awesome as Spartacus’ right hand woman with just the right amount of sex appeal combined with an insatiable appetite for violence. She will be missed. RIP Mira.
A really good in-depth interview with the show’s creator, Steven S. DeKnight, from The A.V. Club. Can’t wait to see Crassus and a young Julius Caesar enter the fray next season.
av club link

--Has anyone recorded “Heinz Is On My Side” yet? Fat Betty was an interesting twist, but the fat suit or whatever they did to add the weight seemed odd to me. I’d like to see Harry go on to become the creator of competitive eating.

--Chevy Chase and Community creator Dan Harmon aren’t exactly peaches and cream. Chevy left a nice little voicemail for Harmon. This voicemail followed a back and forth between the two which led to what sounds like one awkward wrap party.
Chevy:  "You're not funny....You're okay."

--And I thought the Florida teenage girl who picked up three DUI’s in three weeks was impressive. However, two DUI’s in a matter of 17 hours is above and beyond.  Wait, he was a school bus driver and his first DUI was while driving 142 students?!  Bra-vo.

--Damn, I'm loving watching these Rockets.

--Smart move by Borgias not attempting to premiere opposite Game of Thrones. Hopefully this season is a little more even than last.

--I swore off The Killing after not really feeling it last season and then that debacle of a finale. I may be wrong, but I think I heard they’re not revealing the killer until this season’s finale. Yeah, even if that’s your intention why on Earth would you let your audience know that?!

--Matthew McConaughey on the season premiere of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is about right or rather about aw right, aw right, aw right, aw right.

--Elias points out that Rajon Rondo’s fifth triple-double of the season is more than Dwyane Wade has in his entire career and is the same number that Isiah Thomas had in his career.

--It is one thing, albeit a foolish thing, when you don’t tap in an octagon. It’s another thing to not tap in a living room. Stephen Arceneaux was watching WrestleMania with friends and family in Destrehan, Louisiana. The 24-year-old had about 4 inches and 100 pounds on his 14-year-old cousin. They were rasslin’ when the kid put Stephen in a rear naked choke. Apparently Stephen wouldn’t tap, so after 30-40 seconds Stephen’s face started turning blue which is the international tap, I think. Stephen stopped breathing and sadly never started again.

--I like oysters. I like Kate Upton. I like Kate Upton and oysters.

I like following @si_vault

--Escargot food truck? Hell yes.

--There are a ton of reasons to be excited about Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrance Gallivan finally finding a spot for their restaurant(s), The Pass and Provisions. Very high on the list is that Annie Potts will take your reservations…at least according to this Vimeo that Seth created.

--When you’re a cop and you roll up to a possible prostitute and you proposition her and she responds that she’ll do the deed as long as you get her a couple of double cheeseburgers off the McDonald’s value menu, then, can’t you just buy her a burger, tell her to get off the streets and let her go on her merry way??? Nah, let’s take her down!!! Crime everywhere else has been solved!!!

--Fresh off his sweep of the Razzies comes word Adam Sandler is looking to remake Summer School. Zero chance this has a quarter of the amount of entertainment provided by Mr. Shoop, Chainsaw, Anna-Maria, Shawnee Smith and the lovely Courtney Thorne-Smith.

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