Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm mad at my desk and I'm writing all curse words. Expressing my aggressions through my schizophrenic verse words.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--If you haven’t been watching the Rockets you’ve been missing out on some fun times. Khal Dragic has been fantastic and lifted up everyone’s game. Well, lifted up almost everyone.

--Awwww, Don Draper wants a happy wittle life with his young and beautiful wife and would resort to killing in his dreams to achieve it. What a little sweetie. On the other end of the spectrum we have Dr. Harris who I hope we get to see eat it over in Vietnam. The f’n rapist. Go to hell good doctor! Joan and I don’t need you!
As for Richard Speck, I hope he’s still burning in hell for being the cause of Sally Draper to start hitting the pill bottle…oh and what he did to those nurses. I didn’t know much about this sicko, but you can read up on his wiki here. It seems like 41 arrests in Dallas are kind of a lot. Hell, how this guy committed as many sick acts of violence before the Chicago nurse murders without being tossed in jail for years is beyond me. Interesting wiki read. The UT Tower shootings happened a couple of weeks after this Chicago massacre so we’ll see if it gets any mention on the show. Crazy times.

--You’ve probably seen those Lifetime spots for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List. It debuted on Sunday to 2.8 million viewers or the same number who watched Mad Men. This is why “SMH” was invented.

--Oh Harlan County, don’t ever change. The scene before the credits with Raylan interrogating Wynn Duffy via Russian roulette was outstanding and I like how the audience didn’t get to know whether or not Raylan had palmed the bullet or put it in a chamber. In a show full of schemers Limehouse takes no backseat to anyone. Of course now I need to go find a salt shaker with those raised squares on it so I can try and balance it like Raylan did. Great scene with Limehouse showing his guns are never more than a raised voice away. Very cool to see Vic Mackie’s ex-wife even though she unfortunately met Mr. Quarles. We finally had Quarles’ quick draw pistol meet Raylan and what’s Raylan’s reaction? “That’s cute.” This after Quarles asked Raylan for some ibuprofen. Gotta love/hate that Quarles. As for Arlo, wow. Senile or not he’s had it in for Raylan for quite a while, but just when you think he can’t hurt Raylan anymore than he has Raylan finds out that Arlo thought he was shooting him to protect Boyd. A great reveal, well a shitty reveal for Raylan.
"Disarmed him"
Alan Sepinwall with the creator Graham Yost. Good stuff there with a lot up in the air for next season. Is Limehouse still going to be a player? Is Shelby going to be a problem for Boyd? Will Tim and Rachel get more time on the screen? Will they bring in anyone who can top Dickie Bennett and Boyd Crowder’s hair?
Finally my tip of the Stetson to Neal McDonough who was fantastic as Quarles. Margo Martindale was so incredible as Mags last season it was impossible to have a combination of a character and actor come close to filling those shoes, but McDonough delivered. Hell, everyone delivers on this show from Timothy Olyphant to Walton Goggins to Jere Burns to Joelle Carter to up and down that cast.  Whichever awards show rewards Best Ensemble should take a hard look at Justified.

--Hey Melisandre, what’s up girl?
I’m going to be interested to see how the show works in the white walkers because it seems like they want to give them a little more run than they get in the books. Fine by me. The Wall storylines work for me though I hate that sonuvabitch Janos Slynt taking the black. Great scene though with Tyrion sending him off and putting Bronn in Slynt’s place.

Tyrion – “I’m not questioning your honor, Lord Janos. I’m denying its existence.”
Tyrion was also dead on about Cersei’s gift at tearing up papers.
Strong introduction to Balon Greyjoy and the Iron Islands. Stupid Theon. Stupid, foolish Theon.
Why in only 10 episodes where every scene is precious we had to have Littlefinger’s talk taking up time is beyond me.

--Love the idea of a summer movie fantasy league. I’d rather watch summer movies than baseball. Although I might have fielded one of the worst possible teams yet. A movie’s score is based on its box office gross and rotten tomatoes score. I had the 5th pick in a 6-team draft and went with Savages first and no, not just because Riggins is in it. Okay, mostly.  Need a big showing from you Piranha 3DD!!

--Houston among the worst drivers in the country is about as surprising as Houston among the fattest cities in the country.

--If I had one sitcom wish right now it’d be that Happy Endings and New Girl did a crossover because Alex and Jess could be besties and we’d get to put money on how long until Jane killed Jess. Also Damon Wayans Jr. could be on both shows and just wear a hat or something when he’s Winston because this Winston hasn't done much for me. I ran through every New Girl episode the other night starting from when Lizzy Caplan joined the fun. Major improvement over the first couple I watched that were just okay. Still crossing my fingers that at some point Dermot Mulroney smokes pot and tells Jess that her roommates can’t see them because they’re in the spirit world.

--Oral History of Friends? I think I’ll pass. Now a Freaks and Geeks walkthrough? Gimme, gimme, gimme. Shia Lebouef was up for Neal?!

--The next couple of weeks the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi will be playing at the Museum of Fine Arts. If you’ve got some free time I highly recommend checking it out and really the museum should’ve tied ticket sales into automatic reservations at Kata Robata or somewhere because you will crave sushi afterwards. It’s a beautifully done documentary about 85-year-old Jiro, his family and his philosophy on life and sushi. You gotta love any movie that has a tuna expert who brands himself as “anti-establishment.”

--Yeah, if someone had left me a box of $12,000 in cash as a tip I don’t think the first thing I’d do is call the police. That’s what a woman with five kids did and what she’d get for her trouble? Well the police held the money for 90 days because someone might claim it. When nobody did the police said we’re going to hang onto it anyway because we think it’s drug money.

--Four terrifying words: Hot Dog Stuffed Crust.

--Nobody brings the energy, even in a walking boot, like Childish Gambino. He put on a helluva show last Friday at House of Blues. Although my presence really skewed that average audience member age. On the plus side, nobody is in line for beers. I didn’t realize until about halfway through the show that Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed were right in front of me. I tweeted some sarcastic joke about seeing Connor and possibly @sonofbum (Wade Phillips’ account) there. The next morning @sonofbum himself replied back saying it wasn’t him and that he was in Dallas. He even signed his tweet – Wade. All kinds of awesome.

--I’m not the biggest Jason Sudeikis fan, but I do like his Mitt Romney.

--Jimmy Smits to Sons of Anarchy as a “Latino gangbanger”?! So Jimmy Smits is a gangbanger and Danny Trejo is a cop. Got it.

--Now there’s only one question for the newly retired Antoine Walker to deal with. Yep, whether he’ll go into the Hall as a member of the Celtics or the Idaho Stampede.

--I feel safe in saying Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day book will be much better than the movie. The book is a classic. The movie will have Steve Carell so it has that going for it, but, yeah, this is unnecessary.

--I was bored during a Masters commercial break and watched five minutes of Green Lantern. Wow, it looks like they started out to make a piece of crap and then really went for it. Gotta admire conviction like that.

--What do you get when you mix 5 a.m., a relationship status on Facebook, two groups of ladies and Waffle House. Awwww yeah, SHOTS FIRED! This was in Augusta, Georgia over the weekend. I’m guessing Tiger Woods wasn’t involved, but we are talking about a greasy spoon and relationship status problems.

Questions, comments or if you weren’t a fan of piercings and then you saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and you still aren’t a fan of piercings unless the piercee is one Rooney Mara…

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  1. "When nobody did the police said we’re going to hang onto it anyway "

    Yet another reason not to talk to the police, As if the threat of being tazed and beaten wasn't enough.


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