Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Terrific episodes of Community the last couple of weeks.  First off anything having to do with Blade is fine by me because it is a fantastic kick-boxing vampire movie.  Who didn’t hear Blade and instantly want to watch the movie?  At least that opening scene.  So we had Britta’s carnie Blade who has “it” and Jeff wanting to know what “it” was so that gave us carnival time.  Then we had Abed and Troy just trying to watch Blade while Annie was on Britta lockdown.
Abed – “Annie subdue your guest.”
Abed also with a killer, “I need help reacting to something” when the dean shows up to hang out and meekly try to convince Troy to go to the A/C school.
Of course there was a Charlie St. Cloud poster in Annie’s room.
Troy – “She was born in the 80’s!  She’s using her phone as a phone!”  Awesome and now Troy’s sweet text to Britta becomes one of film and television’s mysteries like what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.  Sweet moment at the end there even though it won’t change how mustard tastes.
Donald Glover guesting on the live 30 Rock sounds good to me.

--Parks and Recreation is back this week!

--Hey Margaery Tyrell, what’s up girl?  I’m not sure what the over/under was on minutes from the moment we’re introduced to Natalie Doermer to the moment she disrobes, but five minutes sounded like a good number.  Good stuff with her, Renly, and Loras who got worked over by Brienne.  Brienne looked like a freakin’ giant out there in what looks like another nice bit of casting.  Nice of Catelyn to give Renly a kick in the ass.
Theon has been getting his ass kicked since he stepped foot “home.”  Screw ‘em.
The two stand-out scenes for me were Tyrion (shocker) and his little game to find out who is loyal to the queen via montage and Arya and Yoren’s little talk before Yoren went out like the BMF he was.  Now Arya can add “getting Needle back” on her growing to-do list.
I liked the episode, but it goes to show just how vast this cast and world is when we get nothing from Dany, Stannis, or Robb.
Saturday Night Live with a pretty strong Game of Thrones skit that would explain a lot.

--Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.  I’m listening.  Eight-part cable series.  Still listening.  17-year hunt for serial killer.  Now I’m really listening.  Written and executive produced by Nic Pizzolatto from The Killing.  Damn, you had me.  Can you imagine the quality of the pot they’d have on set?

--A few weeks ago it was the appetizing term “pink slime.”  Now you can add the yummy sounding “tuna scrape” to that.

--This Sunday Fox is celebrating its 25th year anniversary.  They’re having a big television special and airing the 500th episode of The Simpsons.  That all sounds well and good, but airing the Married With Children pilot before all that is a fantastic idea.  Writing of The Simpsons, aren’t we a little too old and beyond the point of caring about where exactly Springfield is?

--Seriously had my mind blown at Uchi the other night while Paul Qui was in the house.  I’ve had a lot of great meals, but none that I’ve replayed the flavors over and over.  I was looking forward to the sunchoke dashi the most as that was what won him that mentor challenge on Top Chef.  It was fantastic and probably only the fifth best thing I had all night of the 17 or so courses.  Oh yeah, 17 courses so it wasn’t cheap, but damn if it wasn’t worth every penny.  The tomago congee was sublime.  Houston Press with a solid look at those Top Chef dishes.

--This interview with Justified creator Ned Yost with The Wrap drops some hints about who may be joining the cast next season.  He mentions Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family’s Cam) and Jeff Goldblum and, "Anyone from Boomtown, anyone from Band of Brothers, anyone from The Pacific.”  Sounds good to me.  Also sounding good to me?  Another walkthrough from AV Club.  This one with the aforementioned Mr. Yost.

--Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.  As long as I get me some Carla Gugino I’m in.

--Kind of hard to tell, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Dan Gainor of the Culture and Media Institute was not a fan of Angry Boys.  Dan says, “HBO's new show Angry Boys includes one episode so foul that they have a little girl drinking from a giant cup made from a replica penis. Oral sex 'humor' involving a young child shows precisely where the left's mind is really at.”  Can't wait until Dan makes it to the S.Mouse doing grandmas song.

--Answer:  Florida.  Question:  Which state had to close down a park because of raccoon attacks.

--What hacker doesn’t wake up each morning and say to themselves “today is the day I finally hack Jabar Gaffney’s twitter account.”

--Contrary to popular belief you can go ahead and tug on Superman’s cape and feel free to spit into the wind, but you best not even think about relieving yourself on the Alamo.  Daniel Athens did just that and up to two years for felony of damaging a public monument sounds pretty good to me.

--Damn, I thought things like this only happened in the movies.  Unfortunately this happened in the small town of Greenland, New Hampshire.  A police chief was eight days away from retiring and now you know how the story ends.  He along with other officers were trying to serve a search warrant as part of a drug task force.  Cullen Mutrie was the person to be served and he answered their warrant with bullets that killed Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney and injured four other cops.  The town has or had seven policemen in total.  At some point the bad guy and his woman shot and killed each other or committed suicide.  Terrible.

--Brett Favre consecutive starts streak.  Yawn.  Charlie Batch getting another one-year contract for the 2012-2013 season.  Wow.  The most surprising part is somehow he’s still not 40.

--Why wouldn’t eight of the most expensive ingredients in the world include bird saliva and coffee beans plucked from dung?

--It took me far too long to finally knock out Luck’s season/series finale.  Good stuff.  It was nice to see Dennis Farina even if it was for only nine episodes.  Now let’s get Kerry Condon on Game of Thrones.

--Colin Cowherd gets his own show starting next year because of your sins.  Happy now? 

Questions, comments or if you’re hitting Sleigh Bells on Wednesday…

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