Monday, April 23, 2012

I Said Root Down, It's Time To Scoot Down. I'm A Step Up To The Mic In My Goose Down.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Before I get into the serious discussion that you came here for let me first say STFU to Philadelphia writer Reuben Frank for his b.s. piece about how, “Philadelphia has embraced DeMeco Ryans more in a month than Houston did in half a decade.”

--Getting high with Peggy was already on my to-do list, but now it gets underlined.  Trip with Roger Sterling joins the list as well.  Why acid makes cigarettes burn like that is one of life’s greatest mysteries.  Nice little journey for Roger that crystallized his mind regarding a divorce though had it been my mind I would’ve forgotten about that silly divorce the moment I saw Jane in my bed.  A terrific episode from the direction to the acting to the drugs to the orange sherbet.  Hopefully the combination of the orange sherbet fiasco and Bert Cooper give Don the kick in the pants he needs to get his work life together again.  This Don who gets downright giddy when giving Megan her first taste of orange sherbet is not a Don I want to see.  The Don I want to see gives the Peggy speech telling off Heinz.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find some LSD and a bottle of Stoli.

--Since reading that part in the books I was wondering how Game of Thrones was going to show Melisandre’s birthing of the, the uhhh, shadowy, smoke monster-y, thingy.  Answer?  As graphically as possible.  We have to let it play out, but I wonder if that is going to turn off a lot of people from the Red Priestess angle.
Note to Game of Thrones:  We can’t hate Joffrey anymore than we already do so there’s really no need to show him abusing whores.
Tyrion: “Now that is a threat.”
I thought Harrenhall looked every bit as bleak as it is described in the books.  I guess now we know why they call him “The Tickler.”  Tywin Lannister be praised, at least momentarily, for rescuing Arya and Gendry.
Robb and Jeyne sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love then comes marriage then comes…
Then comes Instagrammed wedding!!!

--Jon Jones is still a bad, bad man. World Peace wish he could throw elbows like Jon Jones.

--It’s nice to have Pawnee back in my Thursday night life even if I didn’t get all the West Wing references.  Andy putting dog biscuits on the table to try to get the dogs to sit there and play poker was all I needed.  Plus I saw the cat from Boogie Nights.
Jennifer:  “I’m not saying she’s a dog murderer per se.  I just think her actions raise some questions, like ‘is Leslie Knope a dog murderer?’”
Ron makes “spinning cone of meat” sound so delicious. 

--I think it was probably a polarizing episode of Community, but I thought it was well done and Alison Brie and Danny Pudi delivered some nice performances considering how much green screen time they had.  And any episode that pushes Troy to the brink of tears or beyond is a good episode to me.  “I didn’t get Inception….There’s so many layers….”
I’d really like to see a webisode of the Dean’s trip to the bank and subsequent lunch.  His good news/bad news outfit was fantastic.
Things we need:  Blazertag.  DancePants.
The Today Show is struggling in the ratings and yet they still haven’t come back from commercial with Troy and Abed in the Morning.  Idiots.

--I could watch Stacey Keach Kouchtown commercials all day.  I lost my sh** when he spit into the camera.

--I finally got to the Bob’s Burgers food trucks episode.  As awesome as expected what with truck names the likes of “Ain’t Muffin to It” and “Something to Taco About.”
Gene – “It’s not a lie if you lie to vegetarians.  You taught us that!”

--Love Netflix releasing all ten new episodes of Arrested Development at the same time. 

--Way to f’n old to be going to shows that don’t start until 10:45 on a Wednesday night.  But for Sleigh Bells I’ll make an exception.  Connor Barwin is quickly climbing up my list of favorite Texans hitting shows like Sleigh Bells and Childish Gambino.  If I see him at M83 next month obviously he’s stalking me. 

--A Between the Two Ferns special on May 6th with the likes of Tina Fey and Jon Stewart? Sweet.

--Wait, drinking two liters of Coke and smoking 30 cigarettes a day can call you?!

--An all-male My Little Pony fan club?  Yes.  Sorry Houston, but your chance to meet with your fellow "Bronies" was last weekend at SRO.
Nice of the Ponies to give Tori Spelling some work.

--Dumbass of the Week and likely the year is Cedrick Barnes of South Carolina.  Apparently Cedrick had a bunch of pot on his hands and couldn’t find any takers.  So he started randomly calling numbers in his cell phone including the number of one Carlos Raines.  That would be the same Carlos Raines that was the former probation officer for Cedrick not that Cedrick could remember.  So yeah, Maj. Carlos Raines set up a meet and then got one of the easiest arrests in South Carolina history.

--Interesting list of the 10 fastest-growing industries in America.  Number 1 – generic pharmaceuticals.  Drugs!  Pilates and yoga studios check in at 4.  Hot sauce production at 8.  If I could combine those three things into an app (social network game development 7) then I could die a drugged out, spiced up yogi like I always dreamed of.

--If you’re keeping score at home or drinking alcohol in Alabama.  Fat Bastard wine and Raging Bitch beer are okay to sell.  Dirty Bastard beer, on the other hand, is not because somebody is finally thinking of the children.

--You wanna break into Sea World to swim with dolphins, okay, you’re young, knock yourselves out.  But you start stealing cute little penguins and there will be hell to pay.  I’m not sure what hell the three guys who broke into Australia’s Queensland Sea World are in for, but I suggest what’s good for the penguin is good the robbers.   They released the penguin into a waterway known for its sharks.  So I think a visit to the shark tank would save a lot of time and money.

Questions, comments or if you wanna see how things play out first before committing to having a smoke monster baby with Melisandre…

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  1. The Stacy Keach commercials were incredible. I fast forwarded through the first one before I realized what they were. I'm right there with you on him spitting into the camera.


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