Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ad Rock Don't Stop, Just Get On The Mic With The Tic And The Toc

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Yo, that’s “Rati!”  Am I right fellas?

--I haven’t watched Girls, but I’m thinking it’s not for me.  Veep, on the other hand, is right up my alley. You had me at Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but kept me with Anna Chlumsky and Tony Hale.  Julia is now 51-years-old.  51!!
Mike’s two cents on how the VP saying the word “retard” could possibly get overlooked by the media – “What if Tom Hanks dies?”

--Famous Last Twitter Words…

                     You’ll never guess, but yeah Pearland police with the help of Lamar University police got this 20-year-old idiot.  Not only did she have the aforementioned warrants, but it was discovered she used her sister’s name when previously stopped by Houston cops.  What a delightful young lady.

 --Shitter is a brilliant idea.  I mean who doesn’t want to wipe their butts with their tweets or better yet the tweets from someone else’s account (looking at you John McClain)?

--It’s not like I watch the show religiously, but I do catch and enjoy the occasional House with the exception being any scene with Charlyne Yi. 

--Finally caught some of Frozen Planet and I’ll be catching the rest now too.  Love shows like this that teach you valuable, pretty to look at lessons like how killer whales attack in gangs.  I’m pretty sure that segment will be the coolest thing I see on television this year unless Robert Evans and Jack Nicholson guest on Archer.  Seems a little excessive for eight killer whales to use calculated tactics like creating a wave to break the ice underneath a fat seal.

--If you’re keeping track put another mark down for Heart Attack Grill.  This time it was a 40-year-old woman who was chomping on a double-bypass burger when she collapsed.  She’s okay now so hopefully she can throw down more burgers until she reaches that magic mark of 350 pounds.  That’s when you can eat for free at Heart Attack Grill.  Classy place ya got there.

--Writing of disgusting.  Cheeseburger crust pizzas and other all kinds of wrong from Pizza Hut Middle East.  How Pizza Hut U.S.A. hasn’t outdone Pizza Hut Middle East is beyond me.  Where’s our national pride in all things gluttonous?   

--Oh sure, I fire you and NOW you want your kidney back.  Maybe you don’t know how “no takebacks” works.

--If teenagers want to drink hand sanitizer why are adults supposed to have a problem with it?  I’m not saying ALL teenagers are bad, but if they’re drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk do we really need those particular ones?

--Bad news guys.  Sinead O’Connor has cancelled her 2012 tour.  I know. 

--There’s douchey then there’s naming your sunglass company Helen Keller.

--Things Dr. Dre should never have to say:
“I won’t be touring with Tupac’s hologram.”

--Best part about New Girl this week was that Jess and Nick didn’t start slobbering on each other after having that passionate argument.  I know it’s inevitable, but I’m also kind of dreading it.
If Fox wants to spin Cece and Nadia off into their own show I’m down with that.
Nadia – “I like salad bar.  Despicable Me.  Tosh two point o.  Freedom of speech.  I like yo mamma jokes. Sidewalks.  Ice skating for fun, not to save life.”
Schmidt and Cece 4evs

--The A/V Club walkthroughs are pretty much required reading.  This time around it’s Archer.  Sploosh.

--Dogflipper.  Yeah, that’s a thing.  A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing.  Worst part is we can’t even point and laugh at Florida since it happened in our backyard.

--Drudge Headline that we’ve all become numb to:
“More than 30 Women Involved in Massive Street Brawl Over Facebook Comments”

--Lone Ranger may have Tonto wearing a silly-looking dead bird on his head, but Jack White doing the score is a major plus.

--If you never watched Rome I highly, highly recommend it.  And because I did the news of Pullo/Ray Stevenson joining Dexter is good news or at least as “good” as news can get around that downward spiraling show.

--Joining the long list of people I don’t need to hear on ESPN any longer:  Bill Polian.  Hugh Douglas.

Questions, comments or if you’re pissed off you’re not watching Rockets-Spurs this weekend…

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