Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So watch your back when he takes the stage. Or he'll send you off on a naked rampage

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I went in to The Walking Dead finale simply wanting a zombie showdown and change in locale. Mission accomplished. Even got the introduction to Michonne who I’m sure will be best buds with Andrea. Hopefully Michonne will give the audience a badass character to root for especially now that it’s apparently not Tara from True Blood. Maybe the audience wasn’t supposed to, but how could it not have a smile on its collective face as the farm burned and was overrun. Finally we’re off that set and onto the prison. Sweet. There were a lot of missteps, a lot of poor characterization, continuity errors and worst of all Lori, but seeing that prison gave me hope. Now we wait for the next chapter in the story. In the meantime I can’t wait to see some of the cast on Top Shot because they have mad sniper skills. Those scenes didn’t make much sense, but hey one week you have Lori all but saying “kill Shane” and the next you have Lori backing away and looking at Rick as if he’s a monster because he killed Shane. It’s all relative on The Walking Dead.

--It’s nice to have the gang at Greendale back. As soon as I saw Theo Huxtable busting out some MotownPhilly I was set. Missed those Human Beings.
Comedy Central to host Community reruns next year?! Nice.

--In a cast that includes the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farino, and Nick Nolte the standout, to me, in Luck is John Ortiz who plays the trainer Escalante. I like this show more and more each week. The horse racing scenes have been spectacular. Sadly as they’re filming the second season a third horse had to be euthanized. And the show went quickly from halting production to cancelling it permanently.

--Okay Eastbound let’s go for some laughs next week because the last couple of episodes have been depressing as hell. Lily Tomlin as Kenny’s mother should be nice and I liked the way they shot that reveal of her teasing the whole way at the Bowl-A-Rama. As sad as some scenes were there was nothing more cringe-inducing than when Kenny referenced the unspeakable act in Requiem for a Dream. Brrrr.
Can we please have Stevie wear a wig and get some fake eyebrows on him? Please.

--I’m Team Dunkin’ Donuts unless that team takes a road trip to China because shredded pork Dunkin’ Donuts, just no.

--Let’s see now, Spartacus, Ilythia, Lucretia, Seppia, Ashur? vs. Glaber. Not looking to good for you Glaber.

--On the one hand, stealing is bad. On the other hand, clean clothes are good. So no, I don’t know where I stand on the Tide stealing epidemic.

--Dark Shadows trailer, uh, no. Now Cabin in the Woods, I’m down with.

--There’s dine and dashes and then there’s just being stupid. This falls into the latter category as four guys walked into Vue de Monde in Melbourne. As its name implies it’s got a pretty view seeing as how it’s 55 floors up and all and has an awesome looking balcony. So these four guys each order a Negroni and then upon finishing them they base jump off the balcony. This story has a sad ending though, all four men lived.

--I was just thinking to myself that one Garbage Pail Kids movie was never enough.

--I still don’t know why anyone would want a f’n cupcake out of a machine. But hey knock yourself out people.

--New Zealand is the home of my favorite Jemaine and now my favorite pizza promotion. None of that stuffed crust or cheese stuffed inside cheese stuffed inside a crust that’s wrapped in bacon. Nah, the promo at Hell’s Pizza is Pizza Roulette. Order a whole pizza and one of those slices will have two drops of ghost pepper sauce. Sweet. Their tagline: “It doesn’t cost, but someone pays.” Indeed.
Your move Pi Pizza Truck.  If you have not had a 420 slice from them you're missing out. 

--Occasionally at bars I’ll stumble across what our forefathers referred to as a “newspaper.” I was reading some Astros notes and thought this kind of summed things up from Steve Campbell’s little notes section that appeared Monday:
“(Jack) Cust is 0-20 this spring, though he and Brad Mills have noticed an improvement in the quality of his at-bats.”

--Not much can get me to click through a slideshow, but I’ve always been fond of Mary Camden. This from W Magazine or W or Dub-Mag. Just look.
--Oh those wacky English and their crazy ways. Like this whole driving on the left side of the road and first tweeting out when missing kids have been found before telling the parents. Had to be weird for mum to check her twitter feed to see the police indeed found her daughter so she replied, “Has my daughter been found.” The police responded in kind, “yes an officer will be in touch or call 101 and they will update and return her. thank you.” Twitter rulz.

--I’m not sure which NCIS promo we’ll see a million times during tournament coverage this weekend, but it can’t be worse than the one last weekend showing Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon sucking face.

--What kind of true Juggalo runs to his school’s administrators to complain about some guys harassing him for payment of tattoos? I guess the kind of Juggalo who didn’t bother to tell the person who tattooed him exactly how to spell Juggalo since the side of this 16-year-old’s back says “Juggallo.” The kid never paid and so this 22-year-old winner at life known as George Doyle started the harassment. Apparently Georgey fed this kid some alcohol a few months ago until he agreed to get some tats. Yeah, you best have some license if you’re going to be putting a needle onto someone. George doesn’t. That’s assault and battery with a deadly weapon and illegal tattooing. At least the kid can tell people that it's cool because Coolio has a misspelled "Jugalo" tat on him.

--Rest assured that during your next trip to Vegas you will be able to eat at Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor. So you have that going for you though his first restaurant was only open four months so you may want to move up that trip.

--Despite serving green ketchup all weekend Burger King has fallen behind Wendy’s in sales volume among hamburger chains. To put it in perspective just how far McDonald’s is in front of both. Wendy’s 2011 sales = $8.5 billion. Burger King = $8.4 billion. McDonald’s = $32.5 billion. Among restaurant chains period Subway checks in behind McDonald’s at $11.4 billion. Credit for this is mostly attributed to Jay Glazer and Michael Strahan.

--You ever stand at the urinal and look down and see a camera phone reaching out from underneath a neighboring stall recording your “business”? Me neither, but I usually try to avoid convenience store bathrooms. I don’t think I’m missing out. As for this freak’s excuse that it’s all part of his elaborate wiping routine, well uhhhh...good luck with that.

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  1. I saw on Diners,Drive Ins,and Dives a place that made fresh glazed donuts and then rolled them in bacon bits. So awesome yet SO bad.
    I liked Walking Dead. I think people nit pick way too much. Looking at you Ape Donkey comments.
    The one thing that puzzled me was if I'm Jimmy and driving an RV with tons of zombies running around. I may want to lock the door. Just saying.

  2. Bacon is one thing but shredded pork? Yikes.
    I like Dead but I think it could be so much better if they didn't make the characters so dumb, gave them better dialogue or maybe it's just better actors needed.


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