Monday, March 12, 2012

I feel like Steve McQueen a former movie star. Look in my rearview mirror seen a police car.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I've always, mostly, usually, sometimes, on occasion, rarely, this one time trusted the Texans, but they know what they're doing...I think.  Yeah.  Definitely.  Wait is this coming off as sarcastic?  It's not.  No, really.  

--Walking Dead has finally picked things up. Last week we just had to not think about why Carl was left alone to roam freely or why Dale didn’t see or hear that zombie or how that zombie had super-zombie strength to rip open an abdomen. RIP Dale.
This week it was Shane’s turn. The first domino to fall is Lori being all Lori and foolishly giving crazy Shane a glimmer of hope that they could have a future together. Let’s just forget that just two weeks ago Lori basically told Rick to kill Shane. Shane’s plan with Randall was nicely done and the showdown was solid. Why Carl had his gun pointed at his dad before Shane even woke up was odd, but now we know Carl is a good shot. That’s good because if they’ll just look behind them, yeah, that’s a horde of zombies on your asses. Now how that horde has been that close to the farm without the survivors seeing them or vice versa is beyond me. But hey I’m expected to believe Lori would let Carl out of her sight (again) with an armed Randall on the loose much less Carl actually finding his dad and Shane.
ApeDonkey with a solid list of the humans to wish death upon first. Carl and Lori get a reprieve from me because Tara from True Blood is coming into the zombie mix.
Oh and big shock, graphic novel is better than the TV show. I’m through the first four volumes and wow. There are 15 in all. Fifteen and barely one is spent on Herschel’s farm. Why TV is going at a snail’s pace is beyond me. The one thing the TV show has that the graphic novels don’t is Daryl. I’m glad to see Daryl is back to being a badass. Also glad to see Andrea turning into a much stronger character. One non-spoiler note from the graphic novel, Andrea and Dale are doing it. Gross, I know.

--Cannot wait until Community returns next week.

--Really want to see a Ronda Rousey vs. Melitta (Spartacus’ girl) match-up. Melitta vs. that hot blonde German was one of the best fights this season. But nothing will be remembered from this week’s Spartacus more than the quite literal defacing of the German at the hands of Spartacus and his sword that really needs a name. Wonderboy?

--Maybe my hopes were a little too high for a Nick Offerman written Parks and Recreation. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m Ron Swanson I’m hooking myself up with a college professor so I can wear my Tiger Woods ensemble too. There’s just not much that stood out to me in this episode beyond Andy being Andy.
Andy – “Oh my God, Ron. I think it was you who said that to me!”
The Leslie campaign stuff was boring and predictable, but it did give us drunk Leslie and drunk Ann which is never a bad thing. This time it just wasn’t an out and out hilarious thing.
Pawnee takes some time off until April 19th. Parks has filmed two versions of its season finale? As you probably guessed, one for a Leslie win and one for Knope she doesn’t.

--Not an instant classic Archer for me, but Katya and Bobby doing The Graduate bus ride scene at the end was awesome.
Archer – “I was emotionally shattered, which turns out to be quite a panty dropper.”

--This was the rare week that 30 Rock was my favorite of the Thursday shows, but that’ll happen when guest stars like Kenneth Toilethole and Gaylord Felcher show up. A Jack-off between Jack Donaghy and Jack Donaghy is Jack’s #1 toughest challenge, but a teenage girl named Kaylie is not much less of a worthy adversary. Best of all Kenneth got out of his tired and increasingly annoying Kenneth role.
Jack – “Once again, Lemon, I leave your office more confused than when I entered but having glimpsed yet another tile in the rich mosaic that is your menstrual history.”

--I guess all those headlines I saw about Men in Black 3 weren’t a joke. Or it’s a pretty elaborate one with a trailer and all. I’m partial to On the Road’s trailer. I might need to run through the book again because it’s been a while and sometimes it’s good to read things that don’t have to do with dragons or zombies.

--Coors Light Iced T? Um, okay, you go first.

--We head to my favorite county, Manatee County, for our Florida Story of the Week. ‘Twas there that a son and mother were sitting down for some classic Flo-Mex food. Mom didn’t have salsa or taco sauce (whatever that is) so surely her son wouldn’t mind shar…oh yeah, it’s Florida. The son put his mother in a headlock. After mom escaped they shared a good lau..oh yeah, it’s Florida. He called for his girlfriend to smack his mother around a few times so she would always know who the salsa king is.

--Hey Johnny, yeah man, that bird is going to be distracting. I’ll wait for the crow free version on The Lone Ranger DVD.

--I’m not sure if Josh Hartnett even makes movies anymore, but he’s dating Amanda Seyfried so things seem to be going good for him.

--Helluva hour of Justified last week with some of the best chess moves we’ve seen from the show. I’m glad Wynn Duffy got a chance to run smack at Raylan since he has been relegated to Robin to Quarles’ Batman. Stephen Tobolowsky as the FBI guy once again was great. All the call backs to the prior seasons were as it nearly became an It’s Your Life for Raylan.

--Hard to tell, but it appears Peggy Olsen is ready to start up the next season of Mad Men on March 25th.

--Your Drunks of the Week come to us from the Amish community?! Apparently some party poopers called the cops after spotting some Amish buggies pulled over to the side of the road near the Pennsylvania-New York border for an impromptu drinking party. Oh sure, it’s all fun and games until your buggy hits a cop car. Then it’s all alcohol charge this and alcohol charge that. The last line of the story keeps cracking me up: “Police say several other buggies fled the scene.”
Don’t the cops have a dashboard cam so I can see what it looks like when buggies flee the scene?

--The more The River focuses on the people they’re trying to find and their journey instead of the people who are trying to find them and theirs, the better. It’s not like high-quality television either way, but only two episodes left so I’m down.

--If you’re wondering what Mr. Blonde aka Michael Madsen has been up to. It looks like UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, drinking, getting into fights with his teenage son and staying as far away from a comb as possible.
Mr. Blonde – “Yeah, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I told 'em not to touch the alarm - they touched it. If they hadn't done what I told 'em not to do, they'd still be alive.” Can’t beat Mr. Blonde logic.

--Three things I need to pick up the pace and watch before the tourney starts. I Am Bruce Lee, The Announcement, the Juan Manuel Lopez/Orlando Salido fight.

--How do you know your city has problems? Your local government has to work on conflict resolution between gas station owners and your citizens. Of course I’m talking about Detroit. Let’s get a quote from Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality about the latest gas station incident, “From what I’m understanding, the price of a condom should not be somebody’s life.” Yeah, I think that’s a fair statement.

--Am I picking Florida State to reach the Final Four based solely on the fact that its coach, Leonard Hamilton, looks like Bunny Colvin from Hamsterdam fame? Well, let’s just say I’m using criteria like that instead of RPI this year. Using this handy Game of Thrones/NCAA head coach mash-up from Big Lead might work as well. Roy Williams is Renly Baratheon. Nice. Coach K. as Stannis Baratheon also very strong. But the best has to be Jim Calhoun as Walder Frey. F’n Freys.

--Dick Van Dyke is 86, but still has game to pull a 40-year-old makeup artist. It’s your typical fairy tale love story. Wealthy old man sees pretty girl half his age at the SAG Awards, hires her as his own personal makeup artist, and they live happily ever after.

--Erin Andrews leaving ESPN? Umm, for what exactly? Oh wait!  That's just a rumor.  Oh man, stay tuned this is going to be HUGE!

Questions, comments or if in the past week you hit Samba Grille, Underbelly, Vic & Anthony’s, and Killen’s and you’re pretty full and your wallet is equally empty…
Killen's crabcake - Instagram-ized because that's the only way.


  1. Glad you finally started reading the comic. I think the main reason they stayed on the farm so long is $$$$. Remember the rumors about cutting back on the zombies and just using sounds instead? With Frank leaving creative, i think AMC was unsure so they played it safe. If they follow the Governor storyline there is going so $$ on sets ad then the prison. I think they have built up enough trust that AMC will pony up. No too thrilled about Tara as Michonne. I am hoping that she was a victim of bad writing as opposed to bad acting. Have you seen Grantland's Wire bracket? McNulty as a #3 seed is way off

  2. Yeah you're right about the money and especially how much money is going to have to go in with the new sets.
    I looked at Grantland's bracket but if Randy isn't in and Ziggy is then I'm out.


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