Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rapid fire Louie like Rambo got bullets. I'm a gonna die harder like my kid Bruce Willis.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Apparently Spartacus just isn’t going to take any weeks off from its awesomeness. Deceit, violence, treachery, scheming, blood, boobs, more boobs, and in the end Ashur still managed to make himself even more hateable. And now he’s got The Psychotic Wild Bunch taking his lead. I hope Spartacus' girl has a lot more arrows.

--Archer and Pam. WOW. Well played AND played well.
I really need to get Archer to leave my voicemail messages.

--I’m not sure if Colin Hanks considers his five minutes on Happy Endings this week his best work, but he should. Of course Colin Hanks would be in a Hangover video game with Frank Caliendo and Justin Hoffman. Mix in some Paul Scheer as Avi, cleanses and sex dreams about Dave, well bra-f’n-vo. The storyline also made it as organic and funny as possible for the inevitable Dave and Alex hook-up. Grant and Max never did much for me.
My My Morning Jacket jacket. “I signed us up for a mini-triathlon so if anyone asks we’re dwarves.” Alex was on fire.
Penny wasn’t too shabby either with her Pajoveralls and reading the Kris Jenner book. I’m scared to see how many copies Kris Jenner’s book has actually sold.
The best part about Happy Endings last week? No special Leap Day episode.

--Great Parks and Recreation with the chess match Ben and Leslie found themselves getting schooled. However, clearly the star of this show was the water fountain drinking habit of Pawnee’s citizens so eloquently portrayed by Andy. Andy also makes for a very subtle water balloon kamikaze. An elevated April sounds good as long as she continues with things like when she asked Ann about her office door open or shut.
Perd – “What a hilarious image, a foot…in a mouth.”

--I always recommend you check out @airelav2’s monthly music reviews on ApeDonkey. She goes through just about every new release that month and puts up corresponding videos so you can judge for yourself. I completely agree with her take on Sleigh Bells. It’s not quite as good as Treats and certainly isn’t as much of an avalanche of sound. However, that’s not to say it isn’t good and won’t stand on its own. “You Lost Me,” “End of the Line,” and “Comeback Kid” are my top three off of it so far. I say “so far” because I haven’t really stopped playing those songs to listen to the others.

--Those promos for GCB really do look like it’s a satire of a show like GCB.

--Congratulations to my brother @SeanyeBest on his marriage to someone who is not on Twitter (I know, right?). @Sugar_Fairy did the groom cake and it was spectacular.

--I finally saw the “Crème Fraiche” episode of South Park. Ho-ly crap. So much goodness.
Randy – “Oh yeah, deglaze the fu** out of that pan.” “Yeah shallots is really smart because it won’t overwhelm the chicken’s natural flavors.”
Odd that I’ve never had crème fraiche in my life.

--If you need something to gun for it looks like the record for swallowing Buckyballs is 37 held by 3-year-old Payton Bushnell. Oh sure metallic goodness going down your throat, but then those bastards do what they’re supposed to do and form a magnet inside of you ripping through any old intestine or stomach lining in their way.
Buckyballs between Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi to settle it once and for all.

--Freida Pinto. Esquire. I’ll shut up now.

--In news you had already assumed happened, Fox cancelled Terra Nova. Needed more dinosaurs and less that annoying son. Though you could probably say that about a lot of families.

--Maybe I was just drunk and not in the mood to deal with a show in which Wilmer Valderrama is a cop, but I don't think I'll make it to another episode of Awake.

--The George Washington McNugget went for over $8,000 in an auction?

--Criminal Mastermind of the Week comes to us from New Mexico. Alan Golden was having dinner at an Applebee’s where a Tip-A-Cop fundraiser was going on where the cops were acting as waitstaff. The classy Alan Golden was at the Applebee’s with a couple of ladies. The ladies got up and left and the dine and dash had begun. Alan left a short time later walking on their less than $30 tab. Alan didn’t get far though because, you know, the cops were there.
The other unsuccessful dine and dash didn’t even include the “dine” part. A University of Georgia women’s soccer player tried to stuff hash brown in her pants, but was busted. In her defense once she was caught she did try to put them back without anyone noticing.

--Getting closer…

Questions, comments or if you really need to get some crawfish…

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