Thursday, March 01, 2012

Looking down the barrel of a gun. Son of a gun son. Getting paid getting rich. of a bitch.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Spartacus will never win an Emmy, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more entertaining hour of television this year than “Libertus.” From the first scene of the Capua arena where Gannicus is squaring off against Oenomaus to the last where the arena fell it was non-stop ass kickings and chess moves. Yeah, the effects when the arena fell were bad, but at that point it didn’t matter. The f’n arena was burning to the m'f'n ground! 
Liam McIntyre took a big step forward as Spartacus. Now with Gannicus the whole gang is back together. On the bad guy side I thought Glaber finally stepped into his villainous role and together with Ashur they’ll make a formidable duo. Perhaps this forces Ilythia to conspire with Lucretia before Lucretia inevitably gets her revenge. We’ll see. What I hope we’ll see is at least one more episode of Spartacus this season that compares to the one we just saw. 

Gannicus – “I am for wine and the embrace of questionable women.”--Warwick Davis is fine and all on Life’s Too Short, but I may just fast-forward to the portions where it’s he, Ricky, Stephen and celebrity of the week. 

--No more Robert California on Office after this season. I think we’ll manage. Another departure on a show I liked once upon a time, Alan Ball as showrunner from True Blood.

--I didn’t watch The Oscars because I’ve long passed the Billy Crystal phase of my life, but I did see that Jim Rash stole the show. Dean Pelton and Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords with Oscars. Nice.

--The Razzie nominations have been announced and there’s a good chance Jack & Jill will be The Artist of them. But I guess you can never count out Bucky Larson.

--It’s not me, it’s you dunk contest. 
--Kate Upton is good at commercials.

--I’m liking Eastbound & Down more this season than last. You think there’s no way Kenny Powers or any adult would put a baby in a backpack and yet we get stories like this from Kansas. ‘Twas there an unidentified mom got home and noticed she was missing something, but what it could be? Hmmm…oh yeah, a two-year-old boy! The boy was busy attracting a crowd one and a half miles away from home. He was cut up and bleeding and crying because when toddlers fall out of cars they usually cry. They’re funny like that. How he managed to get out of his car seat and open the door and fall out is beyond anyone, but the boy. Mommy eventually retraced her steps and found him, but the people who found the boy made her wait for the police to arrive. 

--Thursday June 28th we get Wilfred and Louie back on FX starting at 9. After that there’s an hour filled with Charlie Sheen’s show and one with Russell Brand, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be better off just re-watching Wilfred and Louie at that time. 

--Sleigh Bells, April 14th, Warehouse Live. On it. 
Oh and what did we do as a city to deserve two Madonna shows and not get an Aziz Ansari show?

--It’s not an Oscars until Sean Young gets arrested.

--The premise doesn’t sound particularly promising, but the part where Larry Wilmore will be in a show from the creators of Sunny does.

--I just can’t figure out why America is so fat? It boggles the mind.

But seriously how does America not get the deep-fried McRib sandwich known as the McRibster before Austria does?

--After what seems like an entire calendar year Top Chef is over and done with and thankfully Paul Qui emerged as champeen. Nobody has ever dominated a season like Paul from beginning to end. Job well done.
Loved Paul’s tweet as he was watching the finale:
“@pqui Japanese food with an Asian influence WTF lol”
Paul was a pretty big favorite early on, but probably not as big a favorite as Maria Menounos is in the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

--What happens when autocorrect and a wrong number meet? Well a, “gunna be at west hall today” text ends up as “gunman be at west hall today.” Yeah and with West Hall being the name of middle and high schools in Gainesville, well lockdowns were inevitable. Now if we can just get our phones to autocorrect by releasing a poisonous gas from the phone anytime someone asks Siri to call them a rock god. C’mon autocorrect, it’s time to earn your keep!

--RIP Davy Jones. Even though it happened on Labor Day I’m pretty sure it counted. 

Questions, comments or if you’ve been living with your two-year-old nephews for the last five weeks and despite the horrific diapers, bathtime crying, and being noisy during television time you’re going to miss the hell out of the little guys…

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