Wednesday, February 01, 2012

There it is - kick it!!!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Even when Parks and Recreation goes on cruise control for an episode it’s still golden. I guess as long as an episode has Ron grinning about a menu and Champion avoiding awkward situations it’s bound to be good.
Ron – “Son, people can see you!” and later “Oh what the fu**!”

--Archer – “Did you hear we met a tiger?...But he got murdered.”

--Hey ladies, I’ve achieved Spartan level on Temple Run. Just thought you should know.

--I’ll miss you Jeffster…oh and you too Chuck and Sarah Bartowski. Chuck wasn’t ever the best show on TV or the most realistic or the most hilarious. It was, though, one of the most fun to watch on a weekly basis. The finale hit all the right notes and kicked up some dust in the room as Chuck was telling Sarah their story and we had those flashbacks of that dork falling for the hot spy and vice versa. I’m going to miss those crazy kids.
Did not expect to hear the word “puss***!” during the finale.

--Nice to have Spartacus back even though we obviously aren’t treated to Andy Whitfield in that role after that sonuvabitch cancer took his life. Whitfield really owned that role and it’s going to take a lot of getting used to the new guy. It’s also going to take a lot of getting used to no Batiatus. Even though Batiatus was a dick and deserved what he got you still occasionally felt sympathy for him. Don’t think that will ever be the case for Glaber. Nope. I can’t wait to see Spartacus’ sword rip out Glaber’s entrails. Also can’t wait to see Lucretia remember Illithyia’s role in the slaughter of their home. Solid set-up episode.

Never forget.

--I’ve been to Vegas too many times without ever having gone to The Palms. New sportsbook? Wireless betting devices? I’m in.

--Like most red-blooded Americans I’ll watch anything with Nick Nolte in it so I’m down with Luck. Dustin Hoffman recognizing he ripped off some shirt buttons was the comedic high point. Obviously the cast is great and David Milch from Deadwood leading the way doesn’t hurt, but I doubt this will be must watch Sunday night TV for me. I think I might rather watch the how-to on the filming of the horse racing scenes because those were outstanding.
Hopefully that’ll be the only time we see a horse break a leg and have to be put down.

--I assumed Sam Houston State won their Division 1 title, but ummm I guess not...

--Hate that Jonathan Jones is no longer part of Xuco Xicana. I had more meals there than any other restaurant since it changed from El Patio to XX. From the ceviche to the campechana to the mushroom enchiladas it was all damn good. Why it, ERA, Yelapa weren’t consistently packed is beyond me.

--My Paranormal Activity rankings: 1, 3, 2. The third one was almost a stand-alone as opposed to a prequel. I mean if all those things had happened to those girls as children I’m pretty sure they would have been much more scarred for life. I’m pretty sure they never would have allowed video cameras inside their homes again either.
Oh and that friend of the husband playing “Bloody Mary” inside of a home he knows there’s a good chance is haunted put the “dumb” in dumbass.

--I was doing a little searching for goods and services descriptions for trademarks when I came across two descriptions that caught my eye. One I need. The other nobody needs.
Spirit-filled energy pillows. – I need unless the spirit is named Toby because that spirit is a real jerk.
Milk-based energy drinks. – Disgusting. Just disgusting.

--I’ve watched every season, but can’t recall seeing one chef dominate a season like Paul Qui has dominated this season of Top Chef. I don’t think that top to bottom this is one of the better rosters they’ve had, but the guy is winning something on a weekly basis. By the way beginning next week on Southbound Food we’re going to start interviewing whoever and quite possibly whomever gets eliminated each week. Last week on Southbound was pretty rough what with Uchi and Café Pita + bringing up food. I also got my hands on The Uchi Cookbook. If I can find one thing in there I can make for the Super Bowl party I will have done my job. Anyone have any momiji oroshi? Maybe some honjemiji mushrooms and negi rounds?

--Café TH expanding? Sweet.

--Louis C.K. developing a comedy sounds promising until you add the “for CBS” part.

--Who are you 12.5 million people who watched the Pro Bowl?

--Bud Light Platinum? Really? Darren Rovell tweets that it’s better than Bud Light Lime, so we have that going for us. On the other hand @BuffBrew released its copper ale, 1836, last week. I had the first one at Ziggy’s downtown because that’s how I alcoholic. If 2011 was the year of the food truck in Houston. 2012 could very well be the year of the local brewery.

--I saw the clip of Kristen Bell dancing around in her bra and panties so I didn’t feel the need to watch the other parts of House of Lies this week. By the way, House of Lies, Californication and Shameless have all been renewed. I haven’t watched this season because every season was the same, but seems like Showtime needs to cut the cord on Californication and Weeds.

--What more could I possibly add to this Drudge headline:
'Fix-a-Flat' butt injection suspect attacked with syringe during talkshow taping...

--Wait, so you might come under suspicion if you purchase 17,000 rounds of ammo from Academy in just three trips?

--It seems like the MIP I got back in 1994 in San Antonio during Oysterfest would have come back to haunt me sooner than 2012 when I’m trying to renew my driver’s license.

Questions, comments or if you don’t feel a year older or a year smarter, but you’ve lost a lot of hair that may indicate a year has indeed passed…


  1. Without looking it up, I seem to recall Richard and Stefan being fairly dominant in both of their Top Chef seasons. Also, the Voltaggio brothers more or less ran their season. Seems like the favorites usually choke. I hope Paul makes it.

    I still enjoy Californication's light-hearted fluff. Not the funniest show on TV to be sure, but I find David Duchovy likable. Also, last week, Natalie Zea side boob. Catch it On Demand.

    Xuco Xicana going out of business really sucks. It means that the most significant, chef-driven restaurant to open in 2011 was The Modular. I'm almost mad enough to blog about it, but that feels like a lot of work.

  2. Paul has 5 elimination wins and 2 quickfires so far.
    Richard - 4 wins, 3 Quickfires
    Stefan - 4 wins, 4 Quickfires
    Stefan's group was about the same quality as this one I think, but hopefully Paul doesn't share Stefan or Richard's fate.

    Note to self: Watch last week's Californication.
    Even for just side boob?
    Natalie Zea's side boob.
    That's all you had to say.

  3. Surprised Ron was as happy as he was with that menu without the word bacon on it.

    Looking forward to trying the 1836.
    Anyone who likes their local craft brews should check these guys out. Keep tabs on what's going on with beer laws and help fight for the craft brewers.

  4. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Happy Birthday


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