Wednesday, January 25, 2012

B-E-A-S-T-I-E, what up Mike D. Ah yeah, that's me.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--No surprise that the best line of the weekend to sum up the football games belongs to Colbert, “Congratulations Giants and Patriots. Way to stick it to those dwarves and traitors.”

--One postseason passing record Tom Brady won’t be getting. He fell two games short of Brett Favre’s streak of 20 straight postseason games with a TD pass.

--I wish I had watched some of the short-lived Karen Sisco so I might have been in a bit more on Carla Gugino’s character on Justified. Not that Carla Gugino ever needs anything more than to simply appear on my screen. This episode felt a little more like a season one episode that was self-contained for the most part. I’m not complaining. It was a good story with some quality time for Art and a little time for Rachel. Quality time also for Dickie and Boyd which I don’t think Dickie was too fond of. We got the obligatory Boyd and Raylan scene that let Boyd get off, “Well now, Raylan, you’re talking to a man who’s sleeping with his dead brother’s widow and murderess.”
I liked the little outro-intro for Mykelti Williamson as Limehouse.
Oh and Guarnere! as the Band of Brothers connection continues in Kentucky.

--The AV Club with a long look at the “Stuck in the Middle With You” scene from Reservoir Dogs better known as the ear slicing scene. Reservoir Dogs had a long reign at the top my favorite all-time movie list and is still probably the movie I've seen more than any other. And every time I use a hand dryer in the bathroom I think of Mr. Orange’s cover story about the pot he had on him when he was in the bathroom surrounded by unknowing cops and a K-9. THAT is how you tell a story.

--While we’re on AV Club they’re doing another walkthrough a television season. This time with Alex Gansa who is one of the producers for a little show called Homeland. Real interesting and serendipitous story about how Damian Lewis got the Brody role.

--I thought the first episode of Angry Boys this week with Daniel’s punishment play date with the local gay teenager and Tim Okazaki’s overworked and depression diagnosis was good stuff. I need to find a GIF of when Momma Okazaki was going after Tim and stiff-armed her daughter in the process. I think next week are the last couple of episodes. It’s been okay, but far short from what I expected coming off of Summer Heights High. More Gran and less surfer dude and S.Mouse would have gone a long way.

--I finally caught up on Chuck as we enter Chuck finale week. I only need two things to happen in the finale. Sarah and Chuck to open up that red door to their dream house. And I need to see the Intersect destroyed. Thanks in advance. Oh and if Yvonne Strahovski needs to do the entire finale in body paint like her Sobe ads, well okay.

--More Kristin Chenoweth on National Anthems please.

--Big Balls of the Week Award goes to Costa Cruises which operated the ship that capsized in Italy last week. Their spokesman, "The company is not only going to refund everybody but they will offer a 30 per cent discount on future cruises if they want to stay loyal to the company."

--It’s a heartwarming story of a man with a dream named Aziz Ansari who was opening for a tardy Drake and had to deal with a crowd that booed him until a light shone upon Aziz and a single man come from out of the unruly crowd to say, “Shut the fu** up! Shut the fu** up! We got Aziz here, motherfu****. He's trying to make us laugh with his cock out, motherfu****. Shut up and let him do his sh**.” That man, nay, that hero’s name?
Cuba Gooding, Jr.

--Is House of Lies a character study? A comedy? A sex comedy? A satire? A drama? Entourage with college degrees? It bounces around a TV theme pinball machine without ever settling on a resting spot. I’m not sure what to classify it as except okay. I think Alcatraz also falls under the “okay” category.
I'm still pissed about how terrible Heroes got so I'm not giving Tim Kring's Touch a chance unless I hear Jack Bauer is setting up weekly perimeters. 24 - perimeter defense so bad you'd think Kevin Martin was a part of it.


--Not only do we get Spartacus back this week, but also the premiere of Fat Chef! Food Network has completed its transformation into MTV and History Channel. If you want shows that are centered around the actual names of the network you’ll have to go elsewhere. Thankfully Cooking Channel is Food Network’s MTV 2. Seriously, Fat Chef. The promos look like an Onion satire or some new Funny or Die.

--When I first heard about Moneyball being turned into a movie I thought there was zero chance it could be made into a compelling movie despite being a compelling book that I enjoyed reading. Then Brad Pitt and Aaron Sorkin came on board. Then the reviews were really good. Then I found out Chris Pratt was Scott Hatteberg. Then I raised my expectations, watched it and it still surpassed what I thought it’d be. I still don’t know why Paul DePodesta didn’t want his name in the movie, but Jonah Hill did a nice job with his role. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Art Howe on the other hand was a disaster beyond the obvious complete lack of physical similarities. I guess the filmmakers wanted a villain-type and made Howe fit the bill regardless of the facts and it’s not like the movie was straight off the book anyway.

--While we’re on the subject of baseball and the possibility of the Astros changing their name. Yawn. Who is actually taking that seriously? The way it got people talking about the Astros in January does give me hope about the intelligence of the newbies at Minute Maid.

--One rebound on Sunday was all that stood between Deron Williams and his first career triple-double. Can’t believe he doesn’t have one yet.

--Best WWTDD headline in a while: Vanessa Hudgens continues her erotic awakening. That’s a slideshow that even the most anti-slideshow activists can’t help but click through.

--I’m a sucker for re-cut television credits. This one for The Walking Dead.

--Damn you Rockets for being good and fun to watch. Lose Knicks lose.

--A Game of Thrones board game? Out-standing. Although finding enough people to play and understanding the rules while drinking like Tyrion may be problematic. The rules are a good read while not spoiling anything about the upcoming season of the show which can’t get here soon enough.

--I doubt anyone reading this read this post on about the return of Southbound Food. However if you did and you clicked the link on Danny Vara you went to Danny Vara’s Facebook page. This Danny Vara has never been and will never be on Facebook. I don’t know why but Lance’s picture on that link cracks me up.

--A Dave Chappelle AND Chris Rock comedy tour?! I’ll take one with Aziz Ansari and Kevin Hart as well please.

Questions, comments or if you’re going to miss the GOP debates once they go away because all politics aside it’s just damn good television…

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  1. Ha! The writer of that article just went on Facebook, found a Danny Vara and linked to it. With journalistic chops like that he should be writing for the Chronicle.


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