Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Finger Licken, Finger Licken Good Y'all

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Things like the below Breaking Bad 8-bit game done by College Humor are the real reason the Internet was invented. Brilliant. And a nice primer for any fool who wants to start watching the show, but is too lazy to start from the beginning.

--The Giants were the first Super Bowl team, not just winner, but team to ever be outscored by their opponents in the regular season (400-394).
Your list of RBs who’ve scored a game-winning rushing TD in the final minute of the Super Bowl: Ahmad Bradshaw, Joseph Addai, and the man, the myth, the Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala.

--30 Rock is having its strongest season in a while. Kristen Schaal was great in her little substitute page role. I could watch Tracey and Jenna do “What’s the guy who plays first base?” all day.
Jack – “Jack Donaghy, playing with himself…It’s a Jack-Off.”
Sorry 30 Rock but it’s nice to see your ratings at 7 pm on Thursdays are comparable to what Community pulls in against Idol and Big Bang Theory.

--I watch a lot of TV, but there is nothing better on right now than the Luvs commercial where babies have a contest to see who can fill their Luvs with the most excrement. Poop, there it is. Why Luvs didn’t roll this bad boy out for the Super Bowl is beyond me. Getting kids to poop violently on command to try and break diapers is gold. And how has this been on the air for more than a year and I'm just now seeing it?

Taking cell phone pics of babies pooping. I mean, of course.

--What’s the point of spending money on a Super Bowl commercial if you’re just going to put Jay Leno in it?

--One more thing about the commercials, Marko f’n Jaric. Adriana Lima and Marko f’n Jaric.

--Babboo the ocelot!!! Finally a realistic fight scene on top of a train.
Terrorist to Archer – “I can tell you never played hockey. Probably too busy running around shooting black guys.”

--Love ya Parks, but let’s not go crazy with the Ann and will she find romance angle please. Oh and please find more ways to work Martin Starr and Adam Scott into the same scenes. And at the very least give us a webisode of Ron’s birthday of riddles.

--Showtime doesn’t do much for me, but putting Lizzy Caplan in a pilot titled Masters of Sex is a start.

A long way from Freaks and Geeks.

--I still haven’t gotten around to reading The Walking Dead, but I know of the character The Governor. Business is supposed to pick up whenever he’s introduced next season. John Hawkes as him works for me. You may remember his as Sol from Deadwood or the crazy hippie from Lost’s last season or Kenny Powers’ brother. You may also someday know him from the Jackie Brown prequel. I think I was supposed to like Jackie Brown more than I did.

--Andrew Toothman is our Kentuckian of the Week. The 22-year-old broke into a supermarket and did what we’d all do if we had the supermarket to ourselves. Yep. He took off his clothes and covered himself in chocolate and peanut butter. For good measure he also discharged some fire extinguishers. Our boy started to get a guilty conscience so he decided to spell out “SORRY” in NyQuil.

--Pretty sure I’ll spend more time looking at Katherine McPhee in GQ than in Smash. Writing of GQ, pretty interesting in-depth read on Terry Thompson and the Zanesville zoo craziness.

--I saw about two minutes of Fat Chef the other night. The chef was too fat to ride in bumper cars with his significant other. It was tragic.

--I highly recommend reading this whole story on The Houston Press to get the details. Long story short, rich guy f’d up and now faces a wrongful death suit preemptively protects his assets by adopting his 42-year-old girlfriend. Wow.

--Lucretia and Ashur. Interesting.

--No more Paz de la Huerta on Boardwalk Empire? Sweet.

--Kristen Bell in an interview with Vulture on her superfly dance moves a couple of weeks ago. Yes she can do “cute till the end of the day.”
House of Lies also had you dancing in your underwear on-camera. Was that worse?
The only thing more vulnerable than dancing on-camera is dancing in your underwear. Your moves are immortalized. Especially because it was supposed to be erotic. Not my forte. I can do cute till the end of the day, but sexy is a whole different thing to embrace. I’m not Christina Hendricks. And I’m not even dancing to music — they laid that in after. You couldn’t imagine how awkward that was: no music, I’m in my underwear, and there’s 40 stinky crew members in the room. But I kind of just had to go for it.”

--From Drudge:
PAPER: New flesh-eating bug spread by sneezes.

It’s an English “paper” so I wouldn’t worry about it.

--Ummm, no.

--There’s evil and then there’s robbing a guy’s house and taking, among other things, the guy’s dog.

--If you like waiting for your table, you are going to looooove Uchi.

Questions, comments or if the Bud Light Platinum you were drinking during the Super Bowl suddenly tasted a lot better once you heard Kanye’s “Runaway” during the Platinum commercial…

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