Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waking up before I get to sleep. Cause I'll be rocking this party eight days a week.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Walking Dead is back and some characters are as stupid as ever. Looking at you Lori. I mean how exactly was your dumbass going to bring back Rick, Herschel, and Glen? Now your ass needs saving. Great. I’d like this episode a lot more if it didn’t leave me with a sense of dread because of how Lori’s stupidity is going to play out. And that’s what kills me about this show is every week there’s one extremely idiotic decision made by someone that I could never see being made if when the apocalypse happens, but for plot’s sake here it has to go down like this.
I got excited when I saw Michael Raymond James’ name (Terriers, True Blood) in the opening credits. I got more excited when Rick went Raylan Givens on him and his tubby friend. And then less excited when I realized it meant no more Michael Raymond James on a show in desperate of an actor with his chops and personality. Best scene on the show I can remember in a long time.
Not exactly sure how Dale put together what Shane did to Otis.

--There’s going to be a death on Community?! RIP Leonard. I’m just assuming it’s Leonard. I guess it could be someone like Magnit…nah, can’t even joke about that.
The latest in the long line of guest stars at Greendale will be John Hodgman.

--Helluva episode of Spartacus as we're moving at breakneck speed after the first two episodes set up the game. I'm glad we didn't have to go through multiple episodes of Crixus not knowing he was lied to about Naevia's death. Or that we had more episodes searching for Naevia. Unfortunately though we do have a new Naevia actress which sucks since we obviously are still trying to get used to a new Spartacus. I liked the old Naevia and wonder what pilot she thought she was going to get that'd be better than standing by Crixus' side in Spartacus.
“Stone at last cracks. In defense of a f’n whore.” - Ashur

Same ol' f'n Ashur. Bastard. Of course Ashur would be the one to tell Oenomaus about his wife's affair with Gannicus. Can't wait until the first time Oenomaus and Gannicus meet again. First though we gotta free Crixus. Those mine scenes were claustrophobic.

--The best part of the Grammys that I watched was the Chipotle “Back to the Start” ad. Hopefully that will be the last time Victor Cruz salsas at the Grammys. Also where do we sign up for Ricky Gervais to host the Grammys next year? “Sir OG Paul McCartney” would sound a lot better coming from Ricky than LL Cool J.

--Writing of Ricky Gervais, after taking off The Ricky Gervais Show and An Idiot Abroad I think I’ll be down for Life’s Too Short with Warwick Davis who you most likely remember from Leprechaun in the Hood. Life’s Too Short starts up Sunday on HBO. I miss Extras.

--The one thing that never changes on my last meal on earth menu is the king crab and uni spoons from Kata Robata.

--I finally got around to watching Drive which had some Blue Valentine overtones to its bad ass-edness. Ryan Gosling? Check. Short blonde hair love interest? Check. Deliberate pacing? Check. Cool 80’s-like soundtrack? Check. Sense of overwhelming depression? Thank God no. Mind you I’m not complaining. I liked both a lot. Not to mention Drive gave us some Ron Perlman, Christina Hendricks and Bryan Cranston. I had heard it being criticized for being a bit slow, but I liked every minute of it and it’s a nice, tight 100 minutes. Albert Brooks was terrific as was that creepy latex mask the Driver wore on occasion. Same director, Nicloas Winding Refn, as Bronson. Talk of a sequel sounds good to me.

--My personal favorite out of the ChrisBishop.com Game of Thrones Valentines

--What the hell Mattel, a Back To The Future hoverboard that doesn’t hover?! So you’re essentially selling a board for hundreds of dollars. God bless America.

--Thankfully we have Canada coming up with things to spend our disposable income on. Scratch n sniff jeans that smell like raspberries? Sold.

--Camouflaged sharks just really aren’t fair, not even for other sharks. National Geographic with more pics of this sad shark-on-shark violence that occurred in Australia.

--Oh all of a sudden you can’t pay for lap dances with crack?! This is Obama’s America!

--Maybe House of Lies will turn it around at some point, but I don’t think I’ll be sticking around to find out.

--All the new Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale commercials are great. I’m partial to this one.

Questions, comments or if you didn’t let one year of high school Valentine’s Day pass without doing something pathetic…(types the guy who is posting a blog on Valentine’s night)


  1. I was upset that MJR got killed off that quick. However in the book you realize that no one is untouchable. The Lori think was really stupid and undercut a good episode. Dave Navarrro had a good point on the Talking Dead that the biggest threat turned out to be other humans.
    Dale has been skeptical of Shane's story from the get go.
    Liked that you put the menu of the beer place on last week's post. Nice prices on the beer but did not like that they did not have them for the food. Odd

  2. I can't wait to tear through the books once this season is done. Although that just might make it more frustrating to watch the show. I haven't checked out Talking Dead yet. I know Dale has been skeptical but he just surmised about every detail of Shane and Otis' trip.
    Didn't realize no food prices. I'm all over fish rolled in salt n vinegar chips


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