Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This Is A Type Of Kinda Like A Formal Dedication. Giving Out A Shout For Much Inspiration.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--This seasons of Sons of Anarchy has been okay to me. A lot of crazy, contrived things happening, but we hadn’t seen any consequences which is usually what a season finale is for and after previously Sons finales my expectations were above-average. Before the opening title sequence even rolled I knew I was not going to like this Sons finale. Really in the “previously on” as soon as they showed Romeo assuring Jax that the feds didn’t have Bobby I assumed Romeo was on Team Law Enforcement like we’d all begin to suspect the last couple of weeks. Then they pull up to Potter’s operation and essentially end the season. A season which was a HUGE waste of time. Seriously you had some damn good acting performances, but they were all neutered as soon as Kurt Sutter decided the only consequence this entire crazy season would have is Jax becomes President. Clay lives? Whatever. I mean seriously what a f’n copout. This is a guy who killed Jax’s father, beat the sh** out of his mother, tried to kill Jax’s wife and did kill Opie’s father a member of SAMCRO and oh yeah ordered the murder of Opie’s wife. That guy still gets to sit at the table and vote. Really?
Juice is free and doesn’t have a care in the world, well except for the fact he was a rat and killed a member of SAMCRO and he did try to commit suicide, but at the end he says he’s good so I guess we’ll just forget about all that. Potter gets his legs taken out from under him by the CIA, but decides to stop Charming Heights? Uhhh, okay. Otto, well I guess Otto’s deal is off, who knows? The only guy who made any sense was Opie and thank God he didn’t show up at the table at the end. Hopefully Opie starts his own show. Hey, has anyone seen Piney? Oh I’m sure he’s fine and still in the cabin. And really Jax you’re going to put the letters in the garage?! And of course right where Gemma can see. Can we please be done with the letters already? Don’t even get me started on the worst music montage in Sons history. Not that it was a bad song, but seriously Bobby with a guitar?! Tara and Jax recreating the Gemma and John picture? Ugh. At least when Jax visited his father’s grave the “SO” and “NS” rings weren’t still on…you’re f’n kidding me the rings are still on the f’n headstone?!?! Everything was so contrived beginning with Tig running over some Oakland crimelord’s daughter last week to set up next season’s conflict. Just terrible Sons. I thought you were better than this. I think I’ll be back for next season, but really for what? What’s going to change besides Jax sitting at the head of the table? Nothing, at least judging from this non-season.
The best summary is what AOL TV’s Maureen Ryan had to say about this finale, “All in all, I was willing to accept certain contrivances this season, if the show repaid us with a game-changing finale. This was not a game-changer. It was a formula-embracer.”

--I'm just a little excited about Community's Christmas Glee-spoofing episode this week. Just a little.

--Writing of formulaic I came across an interesting(?) theory online that I’ll repeat here regarding the intern on Dexter so if you want to be completely shocked like you were (not) at Gellar, look away…or scroll down, yeah, scroll down is better. Theory is that the intern is the Ice Truck Killer’s son and Dexter’s nephew hence the intern’s fascination with the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter both. Although what kind of sense does it make for this guy to show Dexter, whose wife was killed by a serial killer, his newly created serial killer game?! I guess it could shake things up with the intern/nephew finding out Dexter’s secret, but Deb really needs to. Not that I have any confidence in the writers, at this point, to create a good direction out of any of this. The writing and specifically Dexter’s narration has been atrocious this season. Dexter is always narrating the overly obvious and it’s never been more clunky than this past week.
Is Travis’ conversation with Gellar with Dexter looking and listening in from the church basement the worst scene ever on Dexter not involving LaGuerta?
I will give credit where credit is due and Jennifer Carpenter was great as Deb this week. It can’t be easy being in charge of the most inept police department in the country.

--I’m not saying Chrissy Teigen is a magician, but she did somehow make former Next Food Network Star contestant Kelsey tolerable on Cookies and Cocktails. I watched 45 minutes of it before I realized I had watched 45 minutes of it. Good God Chrissy is mesmerizing.

--Brunchables. Awesome.

--It took me way too long to come across this World War II photo retrospective from Here is the Pearl Harbor entry. And here is the Allied Invasion of Europe. Picture #24 is something I’ve never seen depicted much less in a photograph. Canadians getting off their ship on D-Day with their…bicycles?

--Brad Penny and Karina Smirnoff. Engagment. Off. Sorry you had to find out about it this way.

By law since I mentioned Karina Smirnoff's name I have to show her in a bikini. I'm nothing if not a law abiding citizen.

--In Florida Being Florida news we have the mother of Spurrier Urban Reilly wanting to change her kid’s name. Okay. Maybe she’s seen the error of her ways. Yeah, maybe not as she only wants to change the middle name of Urban since he’s now at Ohio State.

Questions, comments or if you have $1.50 coming to you from Ticketmaster…DID YOU BASTARDS THINK I WOULD FORGET?!?!?!?!


  1. Why is LaGuerta still a)on the show. b)alive?

  2. And then what would Dexter do for eye candy? (shivers)

  3. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Ugh... Community left a really bad taste in my mouth and now its stuck there for God knows how long. That "Dumb Annie" number was just horrible.

    The League is killing it. Seasons 2 on Netflix streaming now for anyone who hasn't checked it out yet.

  4. Predictably I thought it was brilliant and loved Annie's bit(s)

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    You realize they're going to kill off Deb, right ?
    Gellar's sister dies, Dexter's sister dies - the dark passenger is satisfied. And, the divorce makes it such a nice neat package.

  6. Deb has had the only interesting role this season so it'd be very Dexter-like to kill her off though I can't imagine that happening. I also can't imagine acting with Michael C. Hall considering how that all went down.


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