Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls with curls and big long locks. And beatnik chicks just wearing their smocks.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Works out great that the Texans open date coincides with the Dynamo and Galaxy going for the MLS Cup. Great win from Dom and company without Brad Davis for the bulk of the game against Kansas City, excuse me, Sporting Kansas City. That and a 31-3 home loss to the Dolphins couldn’t have made for a very pleasant Sunday in KC.
By the way you want to take five minutes out of your day and watch Brian Cushing on Sound FX.

--High-five Glenn! The rest of The Walking Dead was boring as hell. Trying to salvage that well from zombie contamination was just dumb. If a walker falls into it, it’s thereby property of said walker. This is known.

--Oh no Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy are off the Oscars?! Whatever shall we do?! I guess the answer is Brian Grazer and Billy Crystal. Whew, close one. The Oscars almost sucked.

--Another strong Homeland although I did groan twice. First when Saul uttered the word “mole” and second when his lie detector test spiked when he denied slipping the razor to the terrorist. However, when you mix in terrorist-on-terrorist violence and Brody’s lie detector test I’m good with a couple of groans. I hope they either give us some legitimate confirmation that Saul is the mole or they stop with the red herrings. The show doesn’t need an overabundance of those and they’re getting close to the edge with them.

How powerful was Brody’s roll call at Walker’s service? It’s always a stacked category, but I’ll be pissed if Damian Lewis doesn’t get an Emmy nomination.

--If you missed the first round of Alfredo Angulo and James Kirkland go watch it now. I’ll wait.
F’n awesome, right? I hope Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez entertain half as much.

--I haven’t really liked a lot of the ways we got to where we got, but there’s no denying that was one intense episode of Sons this week. I still don’t like Clay’s almost cartoonish villainous ways especially his conversation with Gemma in the clubhouse. This Clay just isn’t one we’ve seen the last few seasons. I know he wasn’t a choir boy, but he wasn’t a homicidal maniac either and one second he loves Gemma so much to leave the club and the next he’s talking down to and beating on her? Regardless as I’ve been saying the guy has to die and has to die this season. Or I guess I could see a scenario where Jax wants to kill Clay after the meeting with the Irish, but the feds move in and arrest Clay before Jax gets his kill shot or face pounding. I’m not exactly sure how Jax is going to want Clay to die. You figured there was about a 95% chance Tara was going to live through the hit although I would’ve made it 100% if I had known they were using the Home Alone robbers as the cartel’s hit men. All they had to do was keep it clean and not mess up her face. So maybe a gunshot as soon as you grab her? Why are you trying to kidnap her? Oh, nevermind we had to crush her hand. However, it led to a really strong performance from Maggie Siff when she told Jax what she was now resigned to in life. Credit to the writers for making Tara a hateable character for long stretches of the first couple of seasons only to make her the one character not named Opie who I just want to get the hell out of Charming immediately.
Writing of Opie, helluva scene with Jax. Opie now feels betrayed and soon he gets to find out his father was gunned down. Not a good season for the Op-ster. How the hell he was able to not beat the sh** out of Jax after Jax told him to keep his wife and dad close to him is beyond me.
SAMCRO sure doesn’t seem to mind the cops talking to Joosh all the time now. They don’t wonder what the hell that’s all about, why it keeps happening to just Joosh, especially with Joosh’s weird behavior lately?!
Fantastically horrific shot of Clay’s ring-laden fist coming down on Gemma’s face. Just one big part of a crazy ass episode. How the hell are there four more to go?

Seriously, how many times do I have to tell you "no takebacks"?

--Boardwalk had a whole lot of Margaret and a whole lot of Irish brogue so it wasn’t my favorite episode despite the meeting of the gangster babies. Obviously the ending with the attempted shot on Nucky was good stuff, but who in the audience expected Nucky to actually receive a life-threatening injury much less a fatal one? The best part was Jimmy’s facial reaction when he overheard that Nucky was going to be okay.
For having Irish in me I sure can’t understand shillelagh when Irish people are speaking on my television whether it be Sons or Boardwalk. Those conversations are more fun if you just insert phrases from Lucky Charms commercials. Anyway at least Margaret and Owen got the kissing of the blarney stone out of the way.
I hope Van Alden was simply trying to gain trust with Esther by laying his cards on the table because he’s going to help Nucky. If he’s going against Nucky then I’m much less interested in his character.

--Hell on Wheels didn’t grab me nearly as much as I was hoping it would. It’s just so paint-by-numbers Western without any of what made Deadwood memorable and I don’t just mean the poetic cursing. Thomas Durant is no Al Swearengen and I’m not even sure it’s Colm Meaney’s fault? His speeches sucked. His scheming simplistic especially when it’s spelled out for you. I may watch the second episode or this may just take up space on the DVR while I wait to hear if it got any better.

--I’m sure I probably missed something worthwhile, but I couldn’t even make it to Weekend Update on SNL when Charlie Day hosted last weekend.

--The “We’re No. 1” column on The AV Club is always a good read. This time around they look at “Waiting for the Sun” from The Doors. Good stuff, but next time we get M.C. Hammer’s “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em”. Out-standing!

--We didn’t have to wait for the new season before Starz went ahead and granted Spartacus another season. I guess that’s promising.

--What kind of guy works and dates a chick and when they eventually break up shows their boss nude texts she sent him? Apparently Terry Pena of the Galena Park police department.

--Let’s go over the good parts of last week’s Dexter. Ummmm, hmmm, oh the "Ice Truck Killer" sighting was nice. It was a nice reminder of this great show I used to watch called Dexter. Remember that show?

--Obviously I’m not much of a steakhouse guy despite the fact I’m going to a Mario Batali steakhouse on Saturday. Anyway, I’ve never been to Morton’s. Perhaps you have. I’m sure it’s just the way most restaurants are in Florida, but in this particular sexual assault suit one former employee claims a chef would stick a stalk of asparagus in his pants to create a veggie bulge because oh man, that’s so funny. Of course this asparagus would eventually find its way onto a customer’s plate.

--Claire from Lost on Once Upon a Time is about right. Maybe she’ll make another cute little squirrel baby.

Quite the looker, that one is...

--As 30 for 30s go the Auburn/Alabama one is well down my list. It was more of a summary of the last two years with far too heavy dose of Paul Finebaum and the tree poisoner. The old history I thought was interesting and I never knew they took a 40-year break from playing each other, but there wasn’t nearly enough of that.

--Eight games into the season and the Niners have a five-game lead in the NFC West.

--Memoir title of the year goes to R. Kelly for Soula Coaster: The Diary of Me.

--RIP Smokin’ Joe.

--RIP Heavy D.

Questions, comments or if you expected to get away from Penn State talk when you turned to NFL Network…


  1. Daniel4:56 PM

    Not sure if you have seen it yet, but Showtime is playing "From the Sky Down". It was pretty incredible, mostly for one scene. Don't want to mention it if you haven't seen it, but just an amazing moment in the studio when you realize what is going on. Also had some unaired footage from Rattle and Hum that would make any Texan a little giddy.

  2. I'm there. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I liked From the Sky Down, but I used to be a pretty hardcore U2 fan, and I didn't think there was a lot of new information. Also, there was a lot of Bono at the expense of Edge, Adam and Larry. After PJ20 was so good, it just didn't work as well for me.


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