Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master can. Come on now.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Matt Leinart, huh? I have no idea what to expect from him and I don’t see how anyone could since he hasn’t played in forever. Here’s hoping he’s average because average and the Texans are in good enough shape to still get a home playoff game. A Texans home playoff game AND a College Gameday at Robertson in the same football season? There is a God…and he obviously hates Houston sports teams so get ready for something catastrophic soon.

--Just think how many games the Astros can lose in the American League!!!

--Sons was kind of a letdown this week with the exception of Potter/Big Otto’s talk and the final scene. If Opie gets killed while Clay skates I’m going to be pissed for a lot of reasons beyond the show losing a great character like Opie. I’m having a hard time believing Jax could look at his mother’s face and not smack Clay at least one time on principle alone. At least Tig took offense while the rest of the club turned the other way.
I like Drea de Matteo and it’s nice to see her, but don’t we have enough sh** going on already?
The Joosh storyline still doesn’t do anything for me.
Poor Lem. Poor, poor Lem. A grenade and a mine, “You gotta be sh***** me” is right.
Ryan Gosling was great in Lars and the Real Girl, but Tig and the Real Girl would’ve owned Oscar night.

--I’ve yet to really be letdown by Homeland. Seriously if next season they just want to send Brody and Carrie around the nation getting drunk and committing vigilante justice then I’m all for it. Damian Lewis and Claire Danes are fantastic when they share the screen. Their heart-to-heart was as intensely calm (if that makes sense) a scene I can remember lately that didn’t involve Gustavo Fring. I’m glad we finally got back to the explanation about Brody’s finger movements that spurred Saul to give Carrie some rope in her surveillance on Brody. Brody sure knows how to deliver a “fu** you.”
No real Saul is a terrorist red herrings this week so that’s good.
As for the swerve with Walker being alive and the terrorist (or one of), works for me.

--Juan Manuel Marquez looked terrific against Manny Pacquiao. Who expected that kind of performance after finding out JMM stopped drinking his own urine?! Just imagine if he had continued that scientificlly proven training method. I had Marquez winning, but I guess could be talked into seeing it Manny’s way by a point, but no more than that. Here’s hoping there will be a fourth. And gotta love Freddie Roach talking to the Coogs Friday night.
Couple of other Vegas-related thoughts. The Hilton’s football theater is outstanding for NFL Sundays. Faye Reagan is hot even with her clothes on. Video greyhound racing, that’s a thing. When you turn $7 into $150 on video blackjack don’t walk away, run.

--Andrea from The Walking Dead is really moving up the Most Annoying Character on TV chart. I’m going to have to start reading the comics because the TV show is losing me a little.

--Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum on The League did not disappoint one single bit. Best Thanksgiving dinner table scene ever. Sorbet. Shakespeare. Taco continuing to eat. Sorbet. Then Goldblum plowing Silverman. Fantastic.
Heather - “Remember? Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open up the doors and eat all the people.”

--“For what it’s worth I think you would make an incredible brunette. Ron Swanson.” Not the usual awesome sauce Parks and Recreation, but that final scene with Leslie and Ben in the world’s smallest park was excellent.
Loved these lines from last week:
Ben – “I didn’t really do a Model UN in high school…oh wait, I SUPER did!”
Leslie – “What are you going to do without tides Peru?!”

--Kamala had a leg amputated?! Scariest one-legged man on the planet. I always wanted to go as Kamala for Halloween, but then there’s that whole people might take it the wrong way and if I didn’t have a Friday there to explain my costume I’d be screwed because as Kamala I’d be mute.

--I think you know what state we’re talking about if we’re talking about a high school math teacher taking money to improve student’s grades. Jeff Spires was the teacher and he took up to $40 to change some quiz grades. To his credit he didn’t take $200 to change a “B” to an “A” so he wasn’t totally crooked. Florida Public Schools – Not Totally Crooked. You can have that one for free Florida.

--Solid and sweet, if not always hilarious, Community this week. Dean Pelton was outstanding and you had superstars like Luis Guzman, Jeff Garlin, and Awesome from Chuck.
Obviously I’m not a happy camper about the news that Community will be replaced mid-season. Community does have a cult audience and ANY show would have and will get slaughtered in the ratings opposite The Big Bang Theory. But I trust NBC knows what it’s doing because this is the network that will now give us an hour each week of Whitney and that Chelsea Handler show. What I’m saying is I hope NBC is getting used to looking up at Univision in the ratings.

--The only reason I won’t crush NBC for this Munsters remake is because it has a Pushing Daisies writer behind it.

--Unsurprising Headline of the Week: Sour Candy is Almost as Bad for Your Teeth as Battery Acid.

--Stephen Colbert with the best advice regarding kids and their use of vodka-soaked tampons or butt chugging.
"A very important advisory to my teenage viewers: Do not do this. It is very dangerous. And for God's sake, if you soak your tampons in tequila, don't salt the rim." Truer words.

--Drudge: 1 in 4 Women Take Medicine for Mental Disorder.
I won’t rest until it’s 4 in 4.

--Tilapia ceviche? C’mon Top Chef between that and store bought flour tortilla enchiladas, well let’s just say less of Chicago and more of Texas would have been a good thing. Full recap up on Ape Donkey.

--In a story I’m sure you’ve heard by now a certain Tina Marie Arie and Howard Windham were arrested at a Montgomery County Whataburger earlier this week. Howard couldn’t handle his downer drugs and was passed out at the restaurant with a bunch of pills in his pockets. Tina had some pills on her as well, which was unfortunate for them because the cops showed up. So off to jail they go, but along the way the cop looks in the rearview mirror and doesn’t see Tina’s head. He pulls over to see what’s up and she says she was just resting…with Howard’s di** in her mouth. Is that frowned upon? Now mind you they both had handcuffs on behind their backs so how they were able to unbutton and/or unzip his jeans is one for Unsolved Mysteries. A spokesman wasn’t sure whether the jeans were buttonfly or not. Love that a police spokesman addressed that.

--I liked what Boardwalk is setting up the for the final few episodes as even Angela’s scenes didn’t annoy the hell out of me this week because I found the little counter-culture stuff interesting. I’m not sure why Jimmy who has never underestimated Nucky is now underestimating him and being dismissive when Eli brings it up. Seemed a little out of character, but he was out of character from the point Nucky “gave up.” I don’t know why Jimmy hasn’t paid Horvitz the $5,000 yet either. Surely he has it.
When Arnold Rothstein speaks, people listen. The manure line while talking to Meyer and Lucky was gold as was his “do nothing” talk with the old-timers.
Can’t wait for the inevitable 3,000 Tommy guns to come into play. I assume it’ll be the reverse of Sons where our guys sell guns to the IRA.

--I know it’s my fault because I continue to watch (for the most part), but Showtime renewed Weeds for some reason. They really need to announce that this is it. Not that I think it can be salvaged at this point.
In very related news, Dexter has been renewed for a couple of more seasons.

--Hunter Pence and Playmate Shannon James. I think the trade is agreeing with him.

--“You look like Keri Russell after she ruined Felicity.”
“You look like John McEnroe’s sister.”
“You look like a Quaalude dealer.”
Happy Endings is the highlight of Wednesday nights.

--First Community and now The Joy Behar Show! Apparently her show was on for two years. If you say so.

Questions, comments or if you’d like to once again thank Oregon for a lovely weekend a week ago...

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