Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Yes, yes, y'all - you don't stop. You keep it on - and shockin' the place.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--So uhhh, Breaking Bad is pretty good, huh? Another incredible episode in what may be one of the best seasons of television ever. Hyperbole? Maybe, but each week the stakes have been raised until we get Jesse holding a gun to Walt’s head while Walt implores him to pull the trigger. We get Walt and Jesse trying to take out Gus, but he sniffs out their plan. How? Well because he’s Gustavo Fring and by the time he replayed his conversation with Jesse over in his mind he realized the Albuquerque Rock ‘n’ Roll Express might have re-formed and plotted against him. I still think Gus and Tyrus both eat it, but I can see it going down in a hundred different ways because if there’s one certainty about this piece of New Mexico it’s that nothing is certain. As far as Brock being poisoned, depending on the direction of the wind I can believe it was an accident somehow, Walt did it, Gus did it or it’s something other than ricin. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
It seems like there would have been more police or security around the hospital if a boy was poisoned with ricin.
Am I the only one who thought when Skyler took a smoke break on the patio that a sniper was going to take her out then and there?
How about that image of the gun barrel’s imprint on Walt’s forehead? Holy crap.

--Dexter is back and the premiere had a high school reunion as a backdrop for our favorite blood splatter guy/flag football offensive lineman player. I’m slightly more intrigued by our villains this season as opposed to last. Only slightly because between them and Harrison’s preschool it was a lot of religiousy talk and I don’t feel like getting hit with religion on both of those fronts repeatedly. I did like the little snakes in a gut which made for one of the more interactive corpses we’ve seen in Miami. As for everything else, it’s everything else. La Guerta, Batista, Deb, etc. are just chances for me to go to the kitchen to get a beer or something to eat.

Is this the season Batista wonders about Dex? Between him mentioning how Dexter can slip in and out of his apartment undetected and Batista’s sister talking about Dexter’s nighttime relaxation methods I think we might be going that direction. Yawn. Everyone supporting actor and actress in that cast owes Michael C. Hall a percentage of their paycheck…except Jennifer Carpenter. Michael just did her wrong.

--It’s now four times in four weeks a team has trailed by at least 20 points only to come back and win. It happened four times all of last season. The Lions are my favorite non-Texans team so to see them do it against the Cowboys was just. too. damn. sweeeeeet.

--I’m trying to curb my enthusiasm about all this mini-season of Arrested Development along with a movie talk because we’ve had our hopes raised for something like this so many times before, but this time it’s really happening, right? Right?

--Solid Boardwalk Empire this week as the game really got underway and Nucky finally realized he has to change his gameplay. Hopefully at some point he makes Eli eat it. Couldn’t stand him last year and really can’t stand him this year. Mrs. Schroeder looks like she’s going to be a big help even if her Irish Furio comes in and complicates her personal life.
Gotta love Chalky and anytime we head to New York for some mixture of Rothstein, Luciano, and Meyer.
Didn’t miss Van Alden.

--If you’re one of the few people wondering when the hell is Chuck back? Friday, October 28th.

--It won’t happen because it’d be too awesome, but Idris Elba as the next James Bond would be outstanding.

--From the moment I saw the first trailer for Homeland I figured it would be a keeper and the premiere did nothing to dissuade me. Damian Lewis is perfect to play the role of a guy who you don’t know where he’s coming from or what exactly is going on in his head. I’m not quite ready to say that’s he’s a completely turned terrorist yet, but showing that scene of him beating his partner to death was ballsy this early in the game. A great cast from top to bottom helps to cut through all the clich├ęs of pill popping genius, war veteran coming home to wife who moved on, pothead teenager, etc.

--It took three times to pass, but Senate Bill 344 finally did pass and so no more sexy time for people and their animal of choice. I don’t need to tell you what state this happened in do I? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with Florida.

--Make no mistake about it the first Mortal Kombat movie kicked ass. The good news is that there’s going to be another one. The bad news is it’s from the same director as Fame and Glee 3-D?!

--Liked flipping through these color photos of Babe Ruth from Life.

--It’s a Choose Your Drunk of the Week. In this corner we have Scott Grahg of Indiana. Scott was pulled over after driving like drunk people drive. He said he wasn’t doing anything wrong because he hadn’t even hit anything. Scott would be an awesome attorney. Anyway the police disagreed and took him to the hospital and while he was getting blood drawn Scott decided to throw a bag of his urine at the cop. I assume he hit the cop with it because he remains in jail. And in this corner we have Donald Gartner of Flo..you know the rest. Police originally found drunk Donald climbing out of the bushes at his neighbor’s house. So he spent all Sunday afternoon in jail getting sober. Apparently sober Donald is just as dumb as drunk Donald. Sober Donald was waiting for a ride at the police station and decided he’d just be better off if he tried to steal a car. Yeah, he tried twice before taking a short walk back to jail in handcuffs.

--First R.E.M. and now Hall & Oates?! There is no God.

--Does anyone really care if there’s another season or not of The Simpsons?

--I cannot wait for the first time Kevin Hart and Phil Dunphy meet on my television screen. Please tell me Phil has a Shaq impersonation in his bag o' tricks.

--People, when you get pulled over while you’re smoking a joint and a cop rolls up to your window make sure you put the joint out and throw it down, to your left, to your right, just don’t leave it in your f’n hand. Looking at you former prospect who we traded Michael Bourn for. Can’t we just have Ed Wade do the time for him?

--If you were wondering how many times you can have sex in a German soccer stadium before you get kicked out, the answer is two.

Questions, comments or if the thing you’re most proud of this summer is that you kept your electric bill under $100 each month…


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    The movie gods have already graced us with a second Mortal Kombat:


  2. I don't count that one since they killed off Johnny Cage.


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