Friday, September 30, 2011

No Beastie Boys Lyric. RIP Rebecca (not literally, on Just Desserts)

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Community didn’t do much for me this week although maybe it's because I hold it to such a high standard. It’s rare, but really nothing much worked for me. Chang and Britta was just a waste of everyone’s time. I did like Martin Starr in his role as teacher and Model U.N. freak. Pierce had the line of the show with, “An Asian Annie. Obama’s America.”

--Parks and Recreation continued its phenomenal roll of great episodes. When Leslie asked April and Andy to get the calculators and Andy came back with the Rolodex I figured this would be another multiple view episode. There was no danger of this falling short for me since I knew Entertainment 720 was going to be involved. Bonus! Roy Hibbert. Jello-Shot helping Tom and Jean-Ralphio out was reminiscent of when Ben helped April and Andy become adults who keep their bills at room temperature. Next place I move into I’m installing a party switch.
Chris got to be his Chris-est in his angle with Ann.
Then we had Tammy 1, Tammy 0 and Ron sans mustache. Pretty weird looking at Ron without the ‘stache but he played the whipped, child-like obedient sycophant to Tammy 1 very well. Parks really should have just gone all out and brought on Margo Martindale’s Mags character from Justified for Tammy 0. Tammy 1 – “Oh are we playing a game where everyone says something stupid?” Gotta love April’s fascination with Tammy 1 and of course April thinking she could handle the moonshine because she’s Puerto Rican. Classic. We really need to have Leslie get drunk once every four episodes. EVERYBODY PANTS NOW!

--How did Sunny not tackle a Toddlers and Tiaras angle before this week? Great stuff as this has been my favorite start to a Sunny season out of the last few. From Frank’s diddle song to the gang's musical performances and of course this awesomeness...

--Mostly a collect our breath episode of Sons this week despite a nice, little explosion. I get the Tucson club was supposed to be our glimpse at the Charming chapter’s future, but it seemed unnecessary. I do like a couple of this season’s plot branches being the murder of Otto’s wife and her relationship with Bobby. Also Piney and Tara regarding JT. Nothing on Juice’s heritage this week and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like whatever happens with that anyway.

--I wasn’t sure what to expect from ESPN’s latest documentary, Catching Hell. I mean what else is there to know about Steve Bartman? Especially since we knew he wasn’t going to be interviewed for this. They did a good job showing a ton of footage from various angles and talking to all the people around him and even one guy who heckled him. I liked how that moron admitted he’d been kicked out of a couple of games before. How do you get kicked out of a sporting event multiple times? Anyway it was crazy to relive that night and see what Bartman went through to get out of Wrigley. Major props to Wrigley Field security for trying to quell a potentially riotous situation. Without them this story would have had a tragic ending. Surreal to think that after Bartman got out of the ballpark he went with a security guard to her place and after watching television highlights began to grasp just what the hell had happened. I know the director is a Red Sox fan, but shoehorning Bill Buckner’s story into this was unnecessary as was the scapegoat sermon.

--Wait, there is/was a mobile strip club called The Booty Lounge parked outside of Ford Field for Lions home games?!

--There are a lot of reasons why I like Samba Grille and one more is that they accommodated a person who presented them with this list. If you’re looking for a special occasion dinner then I highly recommend Samba Grille. This place deserves more business than it's getting and I can't wait for its Fall menu.

--Damn I love baseball or rather I love baseball when it’s the final day of the regular season and there are four teams still trying to get the two wild card spots. Wednesday night was the greatest night in recent regular season history…unless you’re a Braves or Red Sox fan. If you kept score at home that’s a 7-20 September for Boston and a 9-18 September for Atlanta. The Braves held an 8.5 game lead on September 5th and their season is now over. Ouch.
The two teams that had winning records against Philly this season? St. Louis and Washington.

--Considering the mashers the Rangers have had the last several years I’m a little surprised this is the first year since 1999 Texas has had three players (Napoli, Beltre, Kinsler) hit 30 or more HRs.

--Radiohead doing “National Anthem” on Colbert was a pleasant surprise.

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--Don’t ever change PETA. PETA founder Ingird Newkirk on the NY Times photo, “It's downright offensive, not just to people who care about animals but almost to everyone. It's a plucked, beheaded, young chicken in a young pose. It's necrophilia. It's not amusing. It's just ghastly and sickly. It's not fitting for The New York Times."

--Boardwalk, Breaking Bad, and Homeland can fill up a Sunday night. Really looking forward to Homeland.

--Helluva run on Top Chef: Just Desserts for Houston's own one-armed Sugar Hooker aka Sugar Fairy aka Rebecca Masson. She was clearly the funniest chef on the show and a going away souvenir of her cast signed by Ad-Rock is pretty strong.

--Obviously Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool is one of cinema’s top five scenes of all-time. So of course I loved seeing it in a JC Penney commercial. But sorry people, the terrorists win. The spot has been pulled because it was sexist or something and they may have a point, but look Phoebe Cates!

--The Kardashians filling in for Kathie Lee on Today next week. Yeah, that’s about right.

--I don’t know if I’ll watch it every week or just record and zip through a bunch at one time, but I liked Suburgatory or I could just be in love with Cheryl Hines. Well obviously that, but it was all right. I have to rip through all the Awkwards I’ve been recording.

--It’s never easy in El Paso, but good God Coogs show up for a first quarter once in a while. And if you’re feeling up to it four quarters of defense would be nice as well.

--This out of Austin where a 68-year-old woman was being loaded into an ambulance after a domestic disturbance call at a mall. The woman had some minor injuries. She also has a 50-year-old son who might have some issues seeing as how he drove his car right into the stretcher she was laying on. They tried to get her out of the way when they saw the car, but no such luck. She died. The son’s getaway was short-lived as he drove right into a police car.

Questions, comments or if you’re The Magnificent…


  1. this week's Always Sunny won me over, I'm back, hope they can keep it up

  2. It's been a great start and I like Archer, but having Sunny and League back-to-back next week makes my Thursday.

  3. Barry5:11 PM

    Hmmm. I really liked Community this week. I thought it was simple and effective. Everytime Hello by Lionel Richie came on I cracked up.

    This was my least favorite Sunny this season. I thought it was good, not great. Samantha was funny, but it felt contrived. Weird we sort of disagree in these two shows. But don't get me wrong I still prefer Sunny to almost every comedy on TV. It'll still make the top 10 in power rankings I'm sure.

    Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland AND Dexter on Sunday night. Loaded.

    Basically if you've liked any actor ever on a TV show, you'll like Suburgatory. It has Mandy from Shameless. Randy from the wire. Isabelle Hodes from Weeds. Ana Gasteyer. Jeremy Sisto. Cheryl Hines. Crazy cast. I think it might be a DVR build up. Awkward is great. It finishes well. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Well for me what Sunny has going for it is I start drinking at 7 for Community so by Sunny at 9 I'm much more agreeable to laughing and proclaiming brilliance.

    Good way to describe Suburgatory. Thanks for telling me where I knew Tessa from. And you listed all those and still didn't include Lloyd! from Entourage. Quite a cast.

  5. I sure did forget poor little Rex Lee! Yeah, I watch TV at a weird time. For example, I watched Sunny this afternoon at 3. Not the same as watching a great night of TV capped off by a Sunny delight. (see what I did there.) Community starts the night for you, but for me it comes much later.

    A post on this week's Community wouldn't be complete without a Lionel Richie "Hello" music video.

  6. I usually use restaurant week (month, whatever, Cleverly sucks) to introduce my parents to one new to them restaurant. This year we went to Samba. I noticed that a couple other foodie types, including Katharine Shilcutt, did the same thing. I think that's pretty high praise - the restaurant that's so good you want your parents to try it. Also, Nathan's a pretty awesome dude, so I like seeing his success.

    I get why there's some disappointment with Community so far, but every episode can't be some high conceptual masterpiece. Season 2 was so awesome, and I'm going to stick with it through "regular" episodes just cause I don't want to miss anything.

  7. I wouldn't have tried Samba without Katherine mentioning their salmon. Outstanding.
    There is zero chance I'll ever give up on Community. I just sometime expect masterpieces at least every other week and when it comes to hack to back weeks if good but not great I get slightly worried.


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