Saturday, October 08, 2011

As I bust I really must encrust. This microphone rust with diamond fairy dust

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--A nice Community this week. Well a nice episode, our Mean Clique wasn’t nice at all especially to that loser Todd. No offense. I know the group isn’t the nicest bunch of people kind of like the Seinfeld group, but they were particularly a bunch of jerks this episode. I did like when they all made excuses to their original lab partners. Obviously the best was Troy’s, “I need to catch up on Breaking Bad.” Michael K. Williams had his best moment of his brief run thus far though it gave Magnitude a sad when after the obligatory “Pop! Pop!” Professor Kane told him, “You know they’re laughing at you, not with you. That’s my theory.” I liked Chang’s B-story as well, especially he and the dean’s battling voiceovers towards the end. The show hasn't hit a home run in its first two episodes, but I'm going to keep the outfielders deep for next week's.
A.V. Club interviews (A.V. Club interview links will be a theme) Joel McHale. Can’t wait to see who they’re getting to play Daddy Winger.

--Yeah, I’m going to need that Pawnee book for Christmas and probably a 720 pillowcase as well. Even Ron read it and he only reads nautical novels and his own manifestos. Loved how Leslie wrote “get well soon” on Jerry’s copy. Much like the president’s enemies I too thought Burt Maclin was dead. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.
“Oh God, not the Gotcha Dancers.”
“Is she going to powder her vagina?”

--Reason will prevail! Mac, “I don’t know how to express myself without anger and personal attacks.” Truer words for the Sunny clan, truer words.
Barnabas Reynolds
2010 – TooSoon
Now if you’ll excuse me I need some Wolf Cola – the right cola for closure.

--I like Archer, but it’s damn good to have the boys and girl of The League back. PUMPERNICKEL!
The Shiva Bowl Shuffle was great with MJD, Sydney Rice and even Brent Grimes getting some love.

“Bang, bang. What’s the hang?” Welcome back Taco. Highnotized.
I hope Raffi and his friend who looks like an illiterate wolverine, Dirty Randy, drop in more often than Raffi did last season.

--How am I supposed to take American Horror Story seriously if it’s going to have a husband cheating on Connie Britton?! By the way the lovely Mrs. Coach also confirmed that the Friday Night Lights movie is happening “for realsies.” How can you not love her?

--Is it legal for Zooey AND Lizzy to be in the same show. Ms. Caplan joining New Girl for a few episodes. Nice.

--Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to like this season of Sons of Anarchy much better than last. I liked the introduction the two new cops got, but I hate that they somehow flipped Juice or rather I hate what I feel is the very contrived way they’ve done so. I don’t know how motorcycle clubs operate. I just know what the show has shown me thus far. Juice has been with SAMCRO for years. In the time we’ve seen SAMCRO I don’t remember one instant of out and out racism. I do remember them battling white supremacists. I do remember them forging partnerships with black biker gangs. So I’m not buying that SAMCRO would suddenly put Juice’s feet to the fire because his father is black. I’m especially not buying Juice acting like a damn fool trying to get a sample of the drugs. He’s never been portrayed as someone without a brain before this season.
The letters have been a ticking time bomb we’ve been waiting to go off. I guess we’ll be waiting a little longer. I didn’t think or maybe didn’t want to believe Clay had anything to do with JT’s murder, but that was put to rest. I just kind of liked the idea of the conflict that would have ensued if it was Gemma and Unser who killed JT and covered it up. I guess I just didn’t want yet another Clay-Jax showdown. Either way I can’t imagine Clay surviving this season.

--PSA: Bored to Death is back on HBO this Monday.

--I seriously doubt Showtime is going to let Dexter end over $4 million. In a perfect world Michael C. Hall would sign on for one more season and we could stop doing Dexter-blood-paint-by-numbers seasons.

--Damn “cassette tape.” Getting removed from the dictionary is pretty much the ultimate insult. I still got love for ya though. As does Will Arnett on Up All Night. I get through this show in 15 minutes since I just fast-forward through any appearance by Maya Rudolph and/or Nick Cannon. Those are a good 15 minutes. I know they changed Maya’s role and I’m not sure what it was before, but it feels so shoehorned into what is otherwise a nice little comedy.

--There cannot be enough Cheryl Hines on Suburgatory.

--Luke - “How many moms does it take to screw in a light bulb?....None because they get you to do it, sucker.”

--Cannot wait for Pearl Jam Twenty to air October 21st on PBS.

--Better for MLB than having three deciding Game 5’s is having Terry Francona replace Tim McCarver for the first two games of the ALCS.

--People are surprised Dancing With The Stars isn’t judged on actual, you know, dancing?

--Top Chef: Just Desserts eliminated two more people this week. Megan and Katzie are gone as is just about all of the personality left in the cast. Regular Top Chef can’t get here soon enough.

--Not that I've watched Real World since Puck was on it, but gotta love Johnny Bananas suing Entourage for trademark infringement. Wouldn’t you rather see this trial than the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor?

--Love that The Houston Press chose C & D Burger Shoppe as the subject of its café review. It doesn’t have the best burgers or best fries, but it has a helluva lot of personality and nostalgia. Also pretty good onion rings and milkshakes.

--Burglars of the Week come to us from California. A couple of teenagers broke into Kraig Stockard’s barn and stole some DVDs. Later when they watched them they discovered it was child porn. So these punk kid heroes actually went to the police to turn themselves in and let them know about this perv who spells Kraig with a ‘K’. Well done.

--Gay Bowl XI and UFC 136 both in Houston this weekend? Quite a weekend. Heavy MMA and the Chronicle's Jeremy Botter breaks down UFC 136. I’ll take Frankie Edgar in the lightweight title fight mostly because Gray Maynard bores me. I really can’t wait for Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian. Kenny doesn’t get this spotlight again unless he beats Aldo. I just can’t see it happening though. I always enjoy watching Joe Lauzon though Melvin Guillard is going to be tough to topple. Nam Phan was robbed the first time against Leonard Garcia and whoever wins it’s likely to be through chaotic violence. Sweet. Really, really good card. Represent Houston.

--If you can’t (and I couldn’t) wait to watch the first minute of Breaking Bad’s season finale then has you covered here. It’s not anything crazy that’s going to ruin the finale or anything. It’s just the first minute of what should be an awesome finale.
A.V. Club interviews Dean Norris/Hank. Good stuff. For heavier stuff there’s their interview with Giancarlo Esposito/Gus. It’s impossible not to read his answers in Gus’s voice.

--Footloose would be better off by not showing its trailer on television. pointed this out…the Aggies are 1st in sacks and last in pass defense. Wow. That takes talent.

--People, when you are stoned and/or have marijuana in your pocket it is best NOT to pet a police K-9. I don’t know how much easier I can explain it.

--Eating contests are good. Eating contests that put people in the hospital are great. First, where do you think the “world’s hottest chili” competition would be held? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Edinburgh, Scotland of course. It was a curry eating contest with a curry called the “Kismot Killer.” There were 20 total contestants at the beginning, but 10 dropped out after “witnessing the first 10 diners vomiting, collapsing, sweating, and panting.” The “winner” had to be taken to the hospital twice over a 5-hour span.

Questions, comments or if you were ERA's last customer on Friday and you hate that a good, very reasonably priced pizza place couldn't make it in Market Square...


  1. I think I'm going to write something on Suburgatory this week. Very good show.

    From what I remember, the other Sons clubs aren't the whitest bunch of guys.

    The past 2 weeks of Just Desserts reminds me of when they eliminated Hugh from TC Masters and sucked all the personality out of the show.

    And as always Reason Will Prevail unless you're a reality television show.

  2. I really enjoy The League, but there's one thing about it that bothers me. They get all the fantasy details wrong. Whenever one of the guys has to make a sit/start decision, it's always between 2 guys where it would either be obvious who to play or who wouldn't be owned in their pathetic, 8 team league. This episode, it was the draft - 5 people cannot draft from the same computer. And yes, I know that makes me the super nerdy equivalent of the doctor complaining about backwards X-rays on Scrubs, but surely they have one writer who actually plays fantasy that could help them get this stuff right.

    If you missed PJ20 at the River Oaks Theater, you are going to love seeing in on PBS. I was amazed by how much old footage they had, including from the 2nd time they performed together as a band. Also, it's really great to hear from Jeff, Stone and Mike. Not sure it translates to non-PJ fans, but I don't really care about whether or not they liked it.

  3. There's nothing nerdy about pointing out The League's real fantasy aspects, but I started letting that stuff slide after the first episodes in the first season.

    Better Man from the Mexico City concert is one of my favorite live tracks from anybody.


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