Saturday, October 22, 2011

(Well how you feelin Ad Rock?) Well I'm feelin well. Bonafide, qualified, with a story to tell.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Dear Texans, It would be pretty cool if you won this week. Thanks in advance.

--All my minor quibbles aside with this season that was one helluva Sons of Anarchy this week. We have rival cartels adding to SAMCRO’s problems, the fallout from Unser’s warning to Tara and now his conversation with the hospital admin., Tara realizing just how deep the Sons and her family is in this quagmire, Bobby calling for a vote on an officer change and oh yeah Juice. Wow. I hate this racial angle, but the entrapment was a nice Stahl-eque tactic and Juice sold the hell out of all of his scenes. At first I didn’t hear the branch snap and a thud of a body hitting the ground. I thought Juice was dead until I read Sepinwall’s review noting the snap. I imagine Juice isn’t dead, but main characters will be and soon. There’s just too much lethal crap hitting the fan for the boys to get away clean. Not sure exactly how you ever get away from a cartel either, well unless you poison tequila.
I did have a problem with Jax going gung-ho by himself after a car full of guys with semi-automatic weapons. I mean really no one is going to go with him?! Not even a Mayan since it was their President who took a bullet?!

--Another solid Homeland. Putting it mildly, Brody sure does have odd ways of expressing physical affection for his wife.

--Nice Matthew Berry cameo on The League. Really can’t wait for the Thanksgiving episode with Jeff Goldblum as Ruxin’s dad and Sarah Silverman as Andre’s sister.
Taco - "I'm going to date Nicki in the bathroom."
Ruxin to Taco - "We don't have a urinal...that's a shower that you pee in."

--Frank – “How do you know the blacks don’t have bread in those speakers?”

--Tiger Mom is aight, but Renaissance Fighter Dad sounds kick ass. Well unless it’s your ass he’s kicking and that “your” is Fighter Dad’s 16-year-old daughter. Father of the Year candidate Fremon Seay was pissed at his daughter for running away so he showed her just how much he cared by getting a switch from the yard and smacking her with it until he thought better of his actions. By “thought better” I mean putting Renaissance armor on her giving her a shield and wooden sword and playing Battle of Blackwater with her for two hours until she collapsed. The daughter was able to text a friend and police came which is when daddy explained he was a “Renaissance Fighter.” He’s spending some time in modern day jail.

--Despite all the rumors apparently true love really does exist. This is a nice little story despite the fact it ends in two deaths. Gordon and Norma Yeager were married 72 years and were driving to the store the other day when they got into a car accident. They were side-by-side in the ICU and Gordon passed away followed by his wife an hour early. And this, from their son, might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever read and can’t believe I’ve never seen it in a movie:
"It was really strange, they were holding hands, and dad stopped breathing but I couldn't figure out what was going on because the heart monitor was still going. But we were like, he isn't breathing. How does he still have a heart beat? The nurse checked and said that's because they were holding hands and it's going through them. Her heart was beating through him and picking it up. They were still getting her heartbeat through him.”
It just got really dusty up in here.

--For your last-minute Halloween costume needs we have the Gustavo Fring two-face mask. RIP. I think I remember seeing some pictures from last year, but EW has some pics of this year’s Breaking Bad wrap/costume party. Bryan Cranston as Tio. Nice.

--I think the GOP debates are on reruns the next couple of months, but one thing these have shown me is that there ain’t jack to watch on TV Tuesday nights. That or maybe Parenthood and Sons of Anarchy need to start earlier.

--Yes because what we really need is a Cannonball Run remake. Just re-release the original and be done with it.

--If I had to go with a description of M83’s sound I’d go with “hell if I know.” Thankfully @airelav2 is much more descriptive so I’m looking forward to her monthly music review on Ape Donkey next week. When M83 opened for The Killers here and Morgan Kibby came out to sing "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" with Brandon Flowers it was the highlight of the show. They'll be at Warehouse in a couple of weeks.

--The fourth Starship Troopers movie, Invasion, is going to be a CGI-animated feature. I’m in. F the bugs.

--If you gave up on Bored to Death after or during its first season you really should give it another shot this season. It has totally figured out what works and that’s more Danson and Galifaniakis and less Schwartzman. We’re three episodes into this season and it’s gotten off to a strong start with the last episode being one of the best episodes of comedy from any show this season.

Ray - “I had a really beautiful dream about a gumball machine. Can I tell you about it?”

--Yum! (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver’s) wants to get included for food stamps. This should solve that skinny America problem we have.

--If you watched Top Chef: Just Desserts last season (and I’m quite sure you didn’t) you will undoubtedly remember Morgan who was the dick of the show. He was recently indicted on child porn charges up in Plano. Crazy.

--We may not get a new New Girl until next month, but we do get Zooey Deschanel singing the national anthem during the World Series. Life's about trade-offs.

--First Fred Durst gets a pilot then MC Hammer is putting out his own Internet search engine. It’s like everything nobody asked for is finally coming to fruition! What’s next a wrestling company from Billy Corgan?

--CNBC put together an interesting list of the world’s 10 most tweeted moments. Surprisingly to me Osama’s death wasn’t higher than #10. Obviously I’m not going to click through an entire f’n slideshow to see the rest of the top ten. But I will see what the world’s #1 most tweeted moment was…Beyonce’s baby bump. Ugh, I’ll never get back that 30 seconds.

--In news that will make my mom happy…Amy Sedaris is going to be on The Good Wife.

--Drunk of the Week comes to us from Florida so you know it’s good. Patricia Siciliano was taking her family for a nice drive down I-95 after a Blue Oyster Cult concert. Some in her family didn’t like the 100 MPH she was driving or the fact she was drunk off her arse. Her husband and teenage son tried to get her to pull over and got beat up for their trouble. So the son called the police and eventually Mommy ran out of gas. The police showed up as the son was telling the 911 operator, “She’s not a very smart alcoholic – at all.” Make it past tense and we have ourselves a nice epitaph. By the way Mommy also resisted arrest and spit on the cops for good measure.

--Pretty sick that Tony Gonzalez will likely pass Marvin Harrison and Cris Carter this week to become 2nd in all-time receptions.

--The housing crisis explanation Dave gave on Happy Endings is eerily similar to my own.
Dave – “They took loans, and they repackaged them, subprime. It's a numbers game.”

--Recruiting Michael Jackson’s daughter?! That’s it Lingerie Football League. You’ve lost all credibility with me.

Questions, comments or if your two-year-old nephews battled a lot in their short lives, but nothing can compare to years from now when their parents will show their friends pictures of them dressed in skinny jeans and Bert and Ernie costumes...


  1. My grandparents left their home together to take my grandfather for a heart checkup. While there the doctor said my grandmother didn't look well. They both died a short time later in the hospital. Neither ever returned home without the other. I don't think they would have had it any other way.

  2. If you gotta go it may as well be with your soulmate.


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