Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(Well how feelin Mike D?) Well I feel all good. All day is how we play in the neighborhood.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Nothing like essentially clinching the division in Week 7 with a 4-3 record. Awesome. I imagine regardless of what happens I’ll probably want Gary Kubiak fired at the end of the season, but 41-7 in Tennessee was damn fun. Like most of you I’ve seen Chris Johnson kick the ass out of the Texans and/or my fantasy team. I don’t know who is wearing that #28 for the Titans, but it’s not Chris Johnson. I’m also not sure who’s wearing #17 in San Diego because that’s not Philip Rivers. That’s definitely #25 for the Texans.

--Like everyone else I love Richard Harrow’s character and I love a good scalping so obviously this week’s Boardwalk Empire was right up my alley. Richard, don’t even play like you’re going to take yourself out. I’d be more despondent about losing you as a character than anyone else on television right now. Nice scene between Jimmy and Richard affirming Jimmy has his back. In a show with so much deceit it was nice to hear a truth that you don’t have to doubt. Jimmy would fight for Richard.

I expected Eli to have second thoughts about lining up to go against his brother, but did not expect Nucky to be so incredibly vengeful. Get on your knees and kiss my shoes?! Nice brawl there and the best work Eli/Shea Whigham has done on the show with his drunken face bashing, grave digging night.
Nucky – “Do you actually like golf?”
Harry Daugherty – “I like being a man with the time to play it.” - True that.

--Someone left a comment on Sepinwall’s Walking Dead review that summed up Daryl. “Daryl is the new Sawyer.” Pretty much. A strong episode this week even though the group didn’t make any movement down the yellow brick zombie-filled road.
I hope we get more flashback scenes.
They are saving a ton of money if Glenn is getting paid per line. He was a good character last season, but this season has had less to do than anyone else.

Vivian Volkoff!

--I’m shocked, shocked I say to read that a former SNL cast member, in this case Darrell Hammond, revealed he drank and did coke while on the show.

--Seriously all those cops at the crime scene and no one is going to notice a trail of blood and/or a greenhouse with a bloody handle on it until Dexter shows up?! I like Mos Def’s character, but that’s about the only thing I like about this season of Dexter thus far. Maybe the religious angle will get some legs, but mostly I just want Colin Hanks to meet the dark passenger sooner rather than later. Even Edward James Olmos is doing nothing for me. And don’t even get me started on Masuka and the hot chick from Heroes.

--Homeland keeps getting more and more compelling. I just wish Claire Danes and her boss had never hooked up. And I hope we’re not going down mole alley with the warning that dude got while he was being followed by Carrie.

--Interesting look at Donnie Darko by Nerve.com. The question it poses is if the movie holds up. To me it does. To this person it doesn’t. I will agree with a couple of his points. Drew Barrymore was just awful and unnecessary in this and I didn’t understand her inclusion originally until I saw her name with a producer credit attached to it. Richard Kelly hasn’t done jack since Darko, true. However, I’m not sure how that’s supposed to be a mark against Darko. One-hit wonder doesn’t diminish the one hit. Interesting read for those of us who still quote Sparkle Motion, use “They Made Me Do It” too often and are far too concerned with Papa Smurf and Smurfette's relationship.

--Two tidbits from DeMarco Murray’s sick 25-carry, 253-yard rushing day. He was only the third RB to ever get to 250 yards while also averaging at least 10 yards a carry. Jamaal Charles did it, but I would have gone through a lot more guesses (Chris Johnson, Dickerson, Sanders, etc.) before thinking Corey Dillon also did it. It was the second-highest one-game rookie rushing total. #1 belongs to Adrian Peterson who went for 296 yards back in 2007, which is the one-game record rookie or not.

--I gave up midway through the first episode, but Mena Suvari to American Horror Story could be interesting. Or not.

--The Saints scored on their first nine possessions. The Colts had nine first downs total. AFC South rulz!

--UH is rolling right now. Seriously a Case for Heisman sign popping up on Gameday in East Lansing and then a NY Times piece on Case. Still can’t believe UH accumulated 621 total of yards of offense last Saturday in just 17 minutes and 45 seconds of possession. And thanks for the jinx Big Lead, “Keenum…leading Houston to what will probably be an unbeaten season.”

I cannot wait to see Big East teams come to Houston and really cannot wait to go to the Garden for the Big East Tournament.

--Like this quote from Mario Batali on Chew hate: "There's a lot of haters out there that were soap opera fans. The demise of the soap opera is a big business. It's not my business, but it didn't go the way they wanted and they're not happy with me. I'm perceived as having chopped off Erica Kane's head and kicking her body around the block."
Chopping Erica Kane’s head off, eh, okay. But if I find out a young Michael Symon put an explosive on Jenny Garner’s jet ski…there. will. be. blood.

--If you’re curious about what food shows Anthony Bourdain likes or at least tolerates, here ya go. Completely agree on Good Eats and Molto Mario.

--I’m not sure which bastard mosquito I hate more. The one who waits until you’re relieving yourself of the night’s beer intake to fly right in front of your face knowing damn well you’re going to swipe wildly for it. In the process making sure you spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up the restroom. Bastard mosquito. The other one I hate is the one who plays head games with you. The one you think is on your cheek so you slap yourself silly only to come up empty. Wait, is that him on my forehead. Smack. Nope. Back of the neck. THWAP. Nope. CALF!! SLAP! Nope. Get out of my head mosquitoes!

--This is just weird divisional scheduling to me, but the Ravens don’t face the Browns until Weeks 13 and 16. The Steelers don’t see the Browns until Weeks 14 and 17. It’s like the schedule makers forgot to include Cleveland. That or they hate the Browns and wanted to give them back-to-back hell twice this season.

--John Hannah/Batiatus to Damages?! Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

--More Achtung Baby cover love from Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and The Killers. I expected a little bit more from NIN on "Zoo Station." I think all the songs are perfect fits for the respective groups. The Killers with "Ultra Violet (Light My Way) didn't stray far from the original, but I'm not complaining...

--Remember that time you were 21, probably drunk and your friends bet you $100 that you couldn’t stick your legs through a baby swing at a playground and you needed the money so you put liquid detergent on your legs to help squeeze them through the two cut out swing holes and you won your bet but your friends literally left you hanging there all night because you couldn’t get out until nine hours later when the groundskeeper called the fire department which cut off the swing chains and took you to the hospital to use a cast cutter to cut the swing off your legs, remember that time? This dude will never forget it.

--Did not expect that come Week 8 Darrius Heyward-Bey would have more receiving yards than Roddy White.

Questions, comments or if your DVR crapped out on you before you could watch PJ20...


  1. Alton Brown's quirky, cheesy style isn't for everyone, but you will learn a ton watching him.

  2. I'm hoping to have my PJ20 review up by tomorrow. I just want to know how Darrel Hammond pulled off being a crackhead and the fattest SNL cast member this side of Horatio Sans?

  3. Exactly. His cookbooks have so much more than just recipes too.

  4. I look forward to it. I hadn't listened to Pearl Jam in forever until I saw the PJ20's trailer. Can't wait to find it online or something.

  5. I hope the Chew dies a painful death and they realize how stupid they were.

    Snax looks like a freak right now with the amount of bites on his body. I would feel bad for him, but he's such a little shit.

  6. Early on Chew's ratings were down from AMC. Don't know about lately.


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