Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The beat is slow in order to dance. I wanna hear I dos and no I can'ts

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--This week….The Colts on Sunday Night Football!!!! The Jags on Monday Night Football!!!! Courtesy of Russell Baxter (@BaxFootballGuru): AFC South teams Colts (6), Jaguars (5), Texans (2) and Titans (1) have combined to lose 14 games in a row.

--A 5th or a 6th doesn’t sound like much to give up for Brandon Lloyd. If only the Texans and Broncos were friends.

--The zombies are back and I’m still on Team Zombie in this battle. The less acting and dialogue between the living on The Walking Dead the better as far as I’m concerned. This group stays alive only as long as Daryl stays alive. One thing these people need to do is stop listening to the music on the show. The suspenseful music that’s playing while they’re under the cars hiding out ends and suddenly the little girl thinks it’s a good time to get out because the music stopped. Wrong. Rick and Shane hear the sweet music as Carl gets closer and closer to a deer and boom Carl gets shot. That sappy music somehow made them think that a little boy approaching a deer with decent sized antlers was a good idea in the first place.

--Nucky v. Commodore/Jimmy took a slight backseat this week and thankfully Richard Harrow and Chalky White stepped up to the forefront because those actors/characters always deliver. I can’t wait to find out what Chalky is going to do with that stick he was whittling.
Suffering a stroke at the sight of a naked Gretchen Mol is a completely understandable reaction. Good scene with her recollecting their first “date” and proceeding to repeatedly tell him what the five fingers said to the face.
Love seeing William Forsythe getting in on the fun in Philly.
I will never get tired of watching Arnold Rothstein and that scene with his wife and the apple bread and “sound elimination” then practicing “Mr. Thompson” was an instant classic.
“It’s a special kind of fool who relies upon the promise of a drunkard.” Damn Margaret chill the f out already.

--A live reading of The Breakfast Club with among others Patton Oswalt, Mindy Kaling, and James Van Der Beek?! Nice.

--So you’re saying sticking your 17-month-old inside of the oven to teach him not to touch hot things is wrong? There sure is a lot to this parenting thing.
I mean this dad was drunk off his arse and so his designated driver was his daughter and apparently that’s not good enough for the police? Sure his daughter is only nine but as she told the cops she was “driving great” and wanted to know why she was pulled over. I do know bad parenting when I see it. Like this guy in our fair town who gave his daughter a gun and knife and told her to kill herself if she wanted. Idiot. Even I know never to give your children choices.

--I'm supposed to be surprised Paula Deen sells butter-flavored lip balm?

--I’m slowly getting into Happy Endings and Ken Marino (Ron from Party Down) getting in on it won’t hurt.

--Charlie Day and Emma Stone each hosting SNL in November? I’m in.

--Zachary Quinto is gay. I’ll pause for you to pick your jaw up off the floor.

--Three quarterbacks in NFL history have rushed for at least six TDs and passed for at least six TDs during their rookie seasons. Cam Newton, Vince Young, and Chris Weinke?!

--A nice little catch-up for the Paranormal Activity movies as the third one comes out this weekend.

--They don’t play at the World Scrabble Championships. Think your opponent is hiding a “G”? You best take him to the bathroom for a strip search and find out. Those judges, who were probably in on it, wouldn’t go through with it though. Everyone know the World Scrabble Championships have been fixed for years by the syndicate.

--Drudge Report headline I will not be clicking on: “Vegas man with 100-pound scrotum seeks money for surgery.”

--As if the ladies on Justified weren’t hot enough they’re adding Carla Gugino this season. Out-standing. Seriously, Raylan’s Angels would be an awesome spin-off and we can just go ahead and move that bad boy to Cinemax if it’s all the same to you.

--First ERA, now Yelapa is closing. Damn shame.

--Dan Harmon with how they mapped out Community's "Remedial Chaos Theory."

Questions, comments or if you plan on sitting outside with a beer that won't warm up every night that this blessed cold front is here…

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