Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--“I won.” Walt, you smug sonuvabitch. What an outstanding finale to an incredible season that repeatedly ratcheted up tension and suspense like those last 10 minutes standing in a bettor’s line in Vegas before the noon kickoffs. The tension kept building until Tio literally rang the death knell for himself, Tyrus, and the chicken man, the myth, the legend, Gustavo Fring. Then even after that the tension resumed as we found out it was Walt who poisoned Brock.
I was sad to see Gus go especially as it became apparent it was that bastard Walt who did the poisoning and lied to Jesse. Again. Walt’s plan to use Tio and lure Gus to him was a plan even Gus would have to envy though. Tio at the DEA office was classic. Mark Margolis played the hell out of that character. I think I’ve written every week how awesome Giancarlo Esposito is/was as Gus. When he walked away from the explosion and started straightening his tie I thought well yeah, obviously Gus is a cyborg. I probably would have rolled with that too. Then he collapsed and ding, dong the Gus is dead. I tried to tell Gus not to leave his direwolf, Mike, behind. I’m sure we’ll see Mike next season. Who better than Mike than to eventually show or tell Jesse the truth about Walt’s lies? Jesse is going to be pissed when he finds out Walt was there when Jane died. Jesse is going to go apeshit when he finds out Walt poisoned Brock.
I still have a hard time believing Sal’s bodyguard lifted that pack of cigarettes off Jessie and would have liked to have known how Gus got the berries to Brock. But I’m not going to nitpick the goodness this show delivered on a week-in, week-out basis.
Walt using his neighbor like that was so wrong which made it right up Walt’s alley. Only Walter White can make people root for cancer and I’m thinking a lot of people are rooting for cancer to show up on Walt’s doorstep next season.
Alan Sepinwall interviewed show creator Vince Gilligan. It’s a good read and we find out all sorts of things like the neighbor was actually Vince’s mom. Nice. Also nice? Seeing Gus or Tio in flashbacks next season.
The A.V. Club with a walk-through this season with Gilligan. Sweet. Part Two has some thoughts on the music of the show including details on my personal favorite Breaking Bad song, “1977” from Ana Tijoux. The Breaking Bad playlist on Spotify is gold.

--Maybe it was because I was mostly paying attention to the clock counting the minutes until Breaking Bad, but I didn’t care much for Dexter this week. Now if it was Aaron Paul playing the student religious freak and not Colin Hanks we might have something. As it is that angle isn’t going to do much for me I think.
I like Mos Def although Brother Sam and Dexter’s relationship felt too forced and fast-tracked for me. And Dexter’s narration about Sam being such a terrible monster was so heavy-handed that it just seemed to take forever for the predictable Brother Sam may just be a good guy turn.
I get it, the chick from Heroes is hot.

--Yeah, I think Homeland and I are going to get along just fine. Damian Lewis, Claire Danes, and Mandy Patinkin are delivering the goods. Two episodes in and I’ve yet to roll my eyes at any subplot.

--I could only make it halfway through American Horror Story. Dumb.

--Shaken to my core that I not only bought yogurt, but actually like it. A lot. Is there a support group for guys like me? You know, guys who don't eat red meat, but do eat yogurt. Thank God I drink otherwise I might get a reputation...(presses play on Death Cab for Cutie playlist)

--If I owned a hardware store there is a 100% chance I would have a “Zombie Preparedness Center” like these nine Ace Hardware stores in Nebraska. From the Omaha World-Herald article: “Westlake's online zombie defense guide includes a 20-point ‘frequently asked questions’ section. Sample question: ‘A zombie fell and put a hole in my drywall. What tools will I need to fix this?’ The store suggests patching up zombie-shape drywall holes with spackle, a putty knife and sandpaper.”
Can you imagine if when Brody from Homeland was buying his garage door tools he stumbled on to a “Zombie Preparedness Center”?

It's been too long since I've revisited Igby Goes Down.

--That’s the type of UFC card you want to pay-per-view. Great stuff from beginning to end.
You always know you’re going to get a good fight when Joe Lauzon is involved. This one was good and also very short and not the way most people would have thought if told this fight wouldn’t last a minute. Melvin Guillard came out with his hair on fire and Joe put it out quickly in impressive fashion. Love watching that guy.
As good as that was Leonard Garcia and Nam Phan was what we expected. A straight up throwdown from beginning to end.
Chael Sonnen took care of business against Brian Stann then had the promo of the night calling out Anderson Silva.
If I can go through life without ever being kicked by Jose Aldo I’ll have lived a nice life.
I don’t know how Frankie Edgar does it. Gray Maynard had him dead to rights in that first round, but couldn’t finish him. Then Frankie somehow took control the rest of the way until finishing him in the 4th. Amazing performance.

--I’ve always said that golf courses need more sharks. And the Tour de France needs more antelopes.

--On a Sunday full of WTF’s Darrius Heyward-Bey having 99 yards is #1 for me.

--If you’ve been waiting for a good Amish beard feud then here ya go.

--Wait, Dr. Cox is in Master Card commercials now?

--Round one of Richard Harrow vs. Irish Furio goes to Irish Furio.
Sometimes I wish it was called New York Empire and we just visited Atlantic City. I usually have that thought when Van Alden or Lucy is on the screen. Still though, a terrific scene along the Boardwalk when Nucky tells Jimmy, The Commodore (please let him be 64) and everyone against him.

Also liked a little Regina Spektor at the end.

--Never have Houston concertgoers faced a more difficult choice than the one presented on Tuesday. Dolly Parton at Verizon or Insane Clown Posse at Warehouse. Decisions, decisions.

--The fact that Hank Williams Jr. now has a “diss track” for ESPN and Fox News tells you all you need to know about that whole thing. Here’s the video if you have A LOT of time on your hands.

--It’s probably not good when your city, in this case Topeka, can’t afford to prosecute domestic violence cases any longer.

--Dr. Pepper Ten, a diet soda for a man’s man. Yeah, good luck with that Dr. Pepper.

One of these manly diet sodas should cancel out my recent yogurt splurge.

--Are RTs allowed in blogs?
RT @ApeDonkey Buck Compton from Band of Brothers and Bubba from Forrest Gump as the new villains on Justified. Sounds good to me.
Yeah, I like that too although it’s going to be damn hard to top the Bennetts although I guess Dickie may still be around.

--It seems like Esquire has one of these every three months, but Rihanna is its Sexiest Woman Alive.
I'm a bigger fan of some of the runner-ups. Though not of Hope Solo who looks waaayyy too much like Dexter's sister to me. Somehow Alison Brie wasn't a runner-up though Emma Stone, Fiona Gublemann (Wilfred) and Mila Kunis were.

--See how much fun it can be to get a comfortable lead and build on it to the end? Let's do more of that UH.

Questions, comments or if you know you’re getting old because the last three nights you’ve had a heating pad on your lower back…


  1. If Dexter couldn't give us Aaron Paul they atleast should have given us Brother Mousone instead of Brother Sam.

  2. More twitter usage - This ^^^^^^^

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    It’s probably not good when your city, in this case Topeka, can’t afford to prosecute domestic violence cases any longer.

    As long as we're keeping those dangerous pot heads off the streets.........

  4. Jared2:41 PM

    I may need some methadone to cope with the end of the Breaking Bad season.

    Summer 2012 can't come soon enough!


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