Saturday, October 15, 2011

Deal with the schism, ride on the rhythm. Sweet like pie and the pie's what I give 'em.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I seriously doubt we’ll get a better 90 minutes of Thursday comedy goodness than what we got from Community, Parks and Rec and The Office this week. I did a full review of Community for Ape Donkey this week. Not surprisingly I thought it was a terrific episode that got the show back on the rails after a couple of just okay episodes. It also made them the likeable bunch I prefer them as instead of the jerks that really jerked it up a week ago.
Pierce – “Call it Yahtzee all you want. It’s Puerto Rican chess.”
Jeff – “You guys see what happens when I leave you alone, right?” Yes we do Jeff. The group doesn’t have the “no” guy around and they dance and get along just fine.

The Palms in Vegas should replicate that apartment for people to rent out.

--Tom to Ben – “What's wrong with you today? Did they cancel Game of Thrones?”
Ben – “They would never cancel Game of Thrones. It's a crossover hit. They're telling human stories in a fantasy world.”
Pawnee Rangers. Pawnee Goddesses. Aubrey Plaza in a Pawnee Goddess uniform. Brother Nature. Treat Yo Self Day. Tom calling Ben “Bento Box.” Smores-off. Puppy Party.
Ron – “Before we begin does anyone have any dietary restrictions?”
Group – “No.”
Ron – “Correct. You do not.”

Great episode that utilized everyone from Leslie and Ron to even Shirley and Jerry. Glad we got to see Ben down in the dumps some after his break-up or whatever with Leslie. I hope that’s not the end we see of Batman.

--Solid Office, but how could it not be with a garden party at Schrute Farms? I loved Mose’s “jump” over the cars he valeted. And who doesn’t like hearing Extreme’s “More Than Words”?

--Shadynasty. I liked the Frank-centric Sunny that took us back to a simpler time when the music was soulful and the coke was plentiful. Judging from other Sunny watchers on Twitter and at work I’m alone in liking this trip.
Nice turn by Lance Reddick (Wire, Lost, Fringe).

--Despite a tragic DVR wipe I’m finally almost all the way caught up on Parenthood and it’s better than ever. I almost watched two straight episodes without my eyes feeling the effects of all that dust in the room. I don’t know if Michael B. Jordan is leaving the show or he and Haddie are just on a little break, but that sucked.

--Bob Odenkirk for Black Keys. This is how you promote an album release.

--Top Chef magazine?! Seriously, this is getting to be a little much. I’m not sure how I’m going to push through these final couple of episodes of Just Desserts. It’s not just because I heart Rebecca, but the season has really gone downhill since that Beastie Boys episode.

--At least Sons tried to justify the race angle with Juice’s conversation with Chibs, but it still rang pretty hollow to me. I assume Chibs will keep an eye on Juice and eventually out him as the one who took the kilo.
The two things I did like were Tig’s scenes and Piney smacking Opie upside the head.
Clay ordering the hit on Tara seems a little much considering she’s had the letters how long now and done exactly what with them?
Gemma – “This is why mothers should drown baby girls.”

--Finally an all-black remake of Steel Magnolias. I guess we won't be seeing this on the television at SAMCRO's clubhouse.

--Ray – “Hueston we have a problem cause you’re gay.” I missed you Bored to Death. Ray with his baby is going to be gold anytime they get together for a visit. Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson just kill it every single time on this show. George – “It’s like she’s hiding a cello in that dress.” One more George, “Oh I’m sorry Steven. Because of the marijuana my whole life is like that film Memento.”

--Nice to see Neal from Freaks and Geeks on Modern Family. He was definitely an asset.

--Gotta love a Vancouver restaurant banning men for peeing while standing up.

--For probably some made up reasons the Detroit police impounded The Booty Lounge. SMH.

--I don’t think this is surprising, but Boardwalk Empire has been renewed for a third season.

--Best news all week is that Chris Lilley is bringing another show to HBO in January. He was the mastermind creator/actor/actress behind Summer Heights High a few years ago. This time around he’s helming Angry Boys. He’ll play not one, not two, not four, but six boys that’ll be followed mock documentary style. It’s already airing to praise (shocker) in Australia. HBO will have 12 episodes showing two each Sunday night beginning January 8th. Can’t wait. came up with its list of Top 10 Most Annoying Characters on TV right now. It includes Maya Rudolph from Up All Night therefore I approve…well at least on that one.

--Another list, this time from of the best songs in the last 15 years. The top six includes Radiohead (#1 – Paranoid Android), The Killers (#5 – Mr. Brightside) and The White Stripes (#6 – Fell In Love With A Girl) so who am I to argue? The entire list is here on Spotify. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let the entire Spice Girl’s “Wannabe” play, but that was mostly because I was trying to understand what the downside was to “if you want to be my lover you gotta get with my friends” because that sounds like a pretty good deal.

--I’ve written before about this Achtung Baby cover album with my most anticipated track being Jack White’s take on “Love is Blindness.” Sweet.

--Wow. Hulk Hogan is pulling his support from Barack Obama. Game-changer.

--An Adult Swim Block Party sounds like a pleasant way to spend a day. It’s hitting 10 college towns around the nation including Lubbock.

--Finally Fred Durst got a TV comedy deal. Rest easy America.

--Do we really need another American Pie movie? The answer is apparently yes for the sake of Jason Biggs’ career.

--So San Francisco restaurant workers are looking for a mandatory 25% tip to be included on bills. Yeah, good luck with that.

Questions, comments or if you’re looking forward to catching up with your zombie friends on AMC Sunday night…and you’re crossing your fingers that Gustavo Fring is among them…although Zombie Tio in his wheelchair ringing his bell might be the most frightening zombie ever…


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps thinking Donna's name is Shirley. I just assume every overweight black woman's name on television is Shirley.

  2. Can't believe I did Donna like that. Hilarious.


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