Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your rhyme technique, it is antique . To all my heads Qu'est-ce-que tu fabriques?

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--On a day when the Texans dismantled the Colts 34-7 this was easily the best moment.

The NFL really nailed these league-wide commemorations. The only sound at Reliant during that was the sound of the A/C running.

--Tragic news about one of television’s BMF’ers. Andy Whitfield who played Spartacus on Blood and Sand passed away from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. RIP.

--Sh** meet fan. Fan meet sh**. What an hour of Breaking Bad this week. I don’t even know where to begin so let’s just go to the end. Fantastic scene between Walt and Jesse. It had its usual cool scene-framing, excellent dialogue and of course Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made it all come to life. This fight was a long time coming and when Walt made his crack about Jesse screwing up like he knows he will, Walt was begging to be punched. So once Jesse made sure Walt could walk so he could get the F out of there we got the end we were shown at the beginning. This time it was pretty easy in that beginning to realize it was Walt who was bleeding and picking up his glasses. Walt’s paranoia has cost him the one sympathetic partner in crime he had. Gus and Jesse were trying to work Walt when Jesse was explaining the Mexico/cartel situation, right? Something didn’t sit right with me the way Jesse was explaining that to Walt.
I assume they want Walt to be the one to go to Mexico and that’s why Walt thinks Jesse signed his death warrant. Either way incredible scene and a good fight by television fight standards.
Gus’s walk into sniper fire. Holy crap. Should I ever have a son Gustavo Riggins is the front-runner for his name. That scene led to Mike’s great deadpan advice to Jesse, “Next time, don’t stand there like an idiot. Run, move your feet and so forth.
In screwed if you do and screwed if you don’t news we have Skyler and the “T” in IFT. I can’t wait to see the look on Walt’s face once he finds out she’s giving Ted $600 grand. At least I think that’s what she’s going to do. Or maybe Saul is asked to find a guy to handle the Ted problem. It can’t be that hard to rig up an “accident” for a car like the Geo Ted is now driving.

--Curb’s finale didn’t do all that much for me. I like me some Alex P. Keaton, but the Parkinson’s shaking stuff just didn’t work. Michael Bloomberg was probably the most unnecessary and flat cameo ever on the show. Greg was fabulous, but all we did was wait for the inevitable swastika joke. However, give me some webisodes of Larry and Leon in Paris and we’ll call it even. All in all it was a season whose high points were the highest its reached in a while.

--Gotta love Danny Trejo and Benito Martinez joining Sons of Anarchy. I’m sure SAMCRO will piss off the cartel at some point but for this episode it was good to see everyone play nice, well except for the Russians, but we don’t have to worry about them any longer. At least I think so, I mean the cartel already said they put the word SAMCRO is off limits. I guess something got lost in translation.
I can understand why Clay and Jax are basically selling out the club, but it still seems pretty out of character. They’ve put themselves above the club and there will be hell to pay from within. And probably more hell to pay from Sheriff Roosevelt who was fantastic in his scene busting up the clubhouse.
I know we probably won’t get answers anytime soon, but I’m curious as to who knows or did what to John Teller among Gemma, Clay, and Unser.

Oh, so many good times.

--So nice to have Sunny and Archer back this week.

--If things would have worked out just slightly differently Basketball Wives’ ratings would be through the roof with Sarah Palin.

--I can say with 100% absolute certainty that I am not a “sweet genius.” Those Food Network promos for it don’t exactly make you want to watch.

--You know I’m down with an Achtung Baby cover album. Jack White – “Love is Blindness”? Yes, please.

--I do a lot of things when handling knives or something sharp in the kitchen where I think to myself “Yeah, this is a bad idea.” Jeremy Affeldt probably had that same thought when he took a sharp knife to separate frozen burgers. He cut himself deep enough to cause nerve damage and take him out of the Giants bullpen the rest of the year. Whoops.

--Do y’all remember that Ted Ginn guy from Ohio State a few years ago? I wonder if that Niner Ted Ginn who had those special teams touchdowns is related to him.

--I didn’t watch the Entourage series finale, but I loved reading its reviews. Apparently it sucked. Go figure.

--You have a cosmetic surgery addiction when you find yourself injecting hot beef fat into your face. Janet Hardt had a cosmetic surgery addiction. The 63-year-old went to the hospital after her latest self-injection and died shortly thereafter, but not because of that. Apparently she had a nasty case of peritonitis caused by a bacterial infection, but unrelated to the injections. In summary, injecting hot beef fat into your face does not (always) kill you.

--As for that Sex and The City prequel series, don’t worry you won’t accidentally stumble across it while flipping channels. It’s going to be on CW or The CW or whatever it is.

--Of course Point Break may get the remake treatment. Seriously, how can you have a Point Break remake without surfing? At that point isn’t just another undercover cop/heist movie?

--There are a lot of bad college alternate uniforms out there. Army and Navy’s aren’t among them.

--I finally went through all the 24/7s for Mayweather and Ortiz. The first one was good because we got some of that trademark Mayweather father-son quality time. The more and more I look at this fight the more and more I’m surprised Floyd took it. Victor has power in both hands, is 10 years younger, has actually fought in the last 15 months, but Floyd doesn’t take fights he might lose. But maybe this time. Maybe, although I’m going with Floyd by decision.

--I had no idea what H8R was about until I read Dan Fineberg’s review of it on Ummm, how does something like this greenlighted? Unbelievable. Read the awesomely scathing review.

--Nice Friday Night Lights shout on Parenthood’s season debut. Quality, quality show that has lots of Dillon connections including Jason Katims an executive producer on FNL. It reminds me of a little more expansive Men of a Certain Age in more ways than I think it will get canceled before its time.

--Really CNN? What the hell kind of debate ya running there?

--Novak Djokovic = man. I watched his last two matches in full and couldn’t believe the way he derailed Roger Federer and worked through his back problems to take out Rafael Nadal. Nadal had all the momentum in the world after that 3rd set and then Djokovic took the world’s best medical timeout ever before stomping Nadal in the 4th. That match had more great rallies than any match in recent memory. Although to be fair my recent memory goes back to about the first of September.

Questions, comments or if you’ve now spent at least one day on the air on all four sports stations…


  1. I didn't think the entourage finale sucked. It was just so very entourage. What did people expect?

  2. Some reviews I saw seemed surprised. That or either the reviewer has watched every episode despite how bad it's been since the first couple of seasons. But don't want to be a H8R so I won't.

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    The CNN debate is just the next step in finally turning the election into American Idol. Its always been a popularity/I just want to be on the winning team contest anyways.

    You see how many candidates(including the current president) are offering chances to spend time with the celebrity idols.... I mean candidates... for donating?

  4. More Idiocracy foretelling.

  5. Daniel8:30 PM

    DeMeco running out with the flag is a moment I will never forget. To be in the stadium about 15 rows up from the tunnel when that happened will be one of my all time favorite memories, and not just sports related.

    "Until the End of the World" is my fav U2 song and I'm not much of a Patti Smith fan, so I do quite know how to feel about that. Would love to hear Muse take it on.

    Achtung Baby was the first CD I ever bought. 20 years. Christ, do I feel old.

  6. Muse on "End of the World" would be perfect U2 song for them to cover. Patti Smith, eh.

  7. Just read the Feinberg piece. What a completely reprehensible premise. His review is so good it makes me want to never review another show again. Outstanding writing.

  8. Pretty much. At the same time how does that idea even get approved.


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