Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think her name is Lucy but they all call Loose. I think I thought I seen her on eighth and forty-deuce.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--The Emmy nominations are out and it’s not as bad as in years past, but I seriously must have missed something from Modern Family this season. It was an okay season with a couple of strong episodes, but nothing like the previous season. So I find it ludicrous that it gets SIX supporting actor/actress nominations while Community gets zero. Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover are all more deserving than anyone on Modern Family save Ty Burrell and Sofia Vergara. Whatever the photography equivalent to an Emmy is needs to be awarded for this...

I am happy to see Louis C.K. nominated in Best Actor in a Comedy although I imagine Steve Carell is a shoo-in for the annual Alec Baldwin honor.
Justified got much deserved love from Timothy Olyphant to Walton Goggins to Margo Martindale to even Jeremy Davies for Best Guest Actor in a Drama. Well deserved.
Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach Taylor along with the show itself were all nominated. I wish there could have been room for Michael B. Jordan, but still hopefully FNL gets one award. I can’t tell you how happy I’d be if it won Best Drama. Holy crap, that would be awesome y’all.

I wish Peter Dinklage, Andre Braugher, and Walton Goggins could all share the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series award.
I don’t know what the over/under was, but 19 nominations for Mad Men including one for Mrs. LaRusso/Miss Blankenship/Randee Heller. So a little Karate Kid connection since Daniel-san was on Dancing with the Stars which was nominated.
Pillars of the Earth up for Best Miniseries is nice.
Idris Elba (Stringer from The Wire) got a nomination for Luther that airs on BBC America. You gotta check out his celebratory tweet that includes a drama evaluation from when he was 14.
I don’t know how many Outstanding Special Class Programs they are to choose from, I just know The Academy Awards shouldn’t be nominated for anything this year.
30 for 30 some love in Best Non-Fiction Series.
Zero love for Treme, but if The Wire never got any Emmy love why would Treme?

--A fantastic oral history of Friday Night Lights from
Lots of good nuggets. Dwight Yoakum as Coach?! Whew.
Zach Gilford was working in a sporting good store? Minka Kelly was a scrub nurse in a plastic surgery clinic?
Check out for several different series reviews of FNL.

--Even more Friday Night LightsGQ with its 10 Greatest Music Moments on FNL. Kashmere High School representing from the 70’s at #7. I’m partial to The National “Runaway” when Matt and Julie are saying goodbyes in Chicago. I think that’s what they were doing. It was hard to see through the tears.

--How awesome was Joan Rivers on Louie? Funny, irreverent, poignant and a shot at Betty White just for fun. Great stuff.
Vulture interviews Joan.

--I guess I shouldn't be surprised TNT cancelled Men of a Certain Age, but it would have been nice if TNT gave it a real chance. I think people were just late to the party on the show and the ratings, while not great, were improving. It didn't help that TNT chopped up this past season into two six-episode chunks. Oh well, another quality television show bites the dust while MTV renews Teen Wolf.

--Personally I’d like to thank Netflix for saving me some money on my plan as soon as I ditch the DVDs. Streaming is a must, but the average time a DVD I get sits unwatched by my television is three weeks. There are just way too many other options and Redbox can take care of everything else.

--Ted Danson to CSI?! I’m a Danson mark so I guess I’m in for at least a couple of episodes.

--One of the reasons I love AMC is not The Killing. It is, however, the fact that they give new fans a chance to catch up and old fans a chance to rewatch AMC series like Mad Men. It’ll run Mad Men from its beginning in three-hour blocks beginning July 31st.

--Interesting EW interview with George R.R. Martin who gave us a little ol’ books series titled Song of Ice and Fire. I was cautious reading so as to avoid any spoilers since I’m only halfway through the third book. I think there’s only one thing that is spoilerish that I quickly looked past.

--I had no idea Chris Pratt was playing Scott Hatterberg in Moneyball. I just assumed his life beyond his real-life wife Anna Faris and television wife Aubrey Plaza was a void to balance out his increasingly awesome life. The Big Lead with a nice interview with the luckiest guy in the world.

--Grantland posted this Tony Kornheiser piece from 1980 about a guy named Nolan Ryan. It’s funny how much his won-loss record gets pointed out or criticized in the piece. For example, then Angels GM Bill Bavasi on if he could replace Nolan Ryan: “You mean could I find two 8-7 pitchers?” Also amusing to read how he can’t see himself pitching much more than the length of his original Astros contract.

--If you can judge a new sitcom by its promos, and I think you can, then Whitney looks awful.

--Twitter lists. First Matt Jackson’s list of 25 people to follow and I highly recommend it and not just because I'm on it (well maybe a little). Second SI’s list of Top 100 follows. I follow 7 of those 100.

--Remember that time you said, “Wow. Craig James has really added to this broadcast.” Me neither.

--ESPN does a lot of stupid, ignorant things, but the "My Wish" week on SportsCenter isn't one of them. My tears start Sunday with Landon Donovan.

--Oh, suddenly it’s not okay to take a car for a three-day test drive and then drop it off back at the lot without telling anyone? Well excuse me.

--Mila Kunis movie out so we get Mila Kunis in GQ. Works for me.

Lucky ducky.

--Nice line from Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, “As hard as it is to say, I miss Darnell [Dockett]. That must tell you the lockout has gone on too long if I miss Darnell.”

--The Curious Case of Curt Flood documentary on HBO was as fascinating as you’d expect an HBO sports doc to be. I knew Curt Flood the name and for what his court case eventually meant, but I never knew Curt Flood the player much less the man. The doc put it all on display. I really liked hearing Bob Gibson’s recollections of Curt. Bob on Curt’s catches in the outfield, “They were like pretty girls walking by…the next one was better than the last one.” I also liked how the documentary swerved the audience with Curt’s paintings. At first it was amazing to think this ballplayer could paint like that and then to show it was all faked towards the end was a jolt. Crazy. I’m glad Curt could make amends with his family in his final years because it looked like he had a lot of making up to do.
Judging by my timeline more people were watching the ESPYs than the Curt Flood doc and that boggles my mind.

--Personally I prefer Chris Webber to Shaq on TNT.

--In a little late now news, the judges from the Paul Williams/Erislandy Lara fight have been suspended. headline I probably won’t be clicking on: “When it comes to surrogacy the key is a fluffy uterus.”

--Canelo Alvarez and Alfonso Gomez on September 17th in what should be an entertaining fight. That's the same night as Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz.

--How can Sarah Michelle Gellar possibly return to All My Children as Kendall?!

Questions, comments or if you think you're about to become good friends with Bombay Pizza Company's $5 happy hour 8-inch pizzas...and of course Warming Glow had this GIF....


  1. No need for SMG to return as Kendall. Her day is long gone. Alicia owns this role now. (Not that SMG cares.)
    This new deal with the show online better not mess up a happy ending for Zach and Kendall.

  2. Agreed. Alicia has done a great job with Kendall for a decade. I'm curious how Sarah will fit in. I'm also curious how long this will last as a web series.


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