Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The next thing she said, "My place or yours? Let's kick some bass behind closed doors!"

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Breaking Bad is back? Already? We’ve waited far too long for the best show in television to return, but the premiere was worth the wait. I swear one of these days show creator Vince Gilligan is going to do an entire show with no words. This premiere was just fantastic and probably one of the better season premieres we’ve seen in a while. Starting things off in better times for Gale was a nice touch and reminded us just how much of a good guy Gale was, at least as much of a good guy as you can be for a meth cooker. Interested to see what happens to the lab results folder he had on his coffee table.
Giancarlo Esposito can go ahead and put a tape of this aside for his Emmy submission. Gus was expressionless in the box cutter scene and so nonchalant in putting his cutting scrubs on that I thought he might throw in a Mr. Rogers shoe flip. That whole time in the lab Gus delivers one line of dialogue, but it’ll be just as memorable as IFT.

“Well, get back to work.”
Why can’t that intense violence warning come at the very beginning of the show instead of right before the violent scene? Anyway it was a helluva scene at the apex of the premiere. A premiere in which Jesse went almost 3/4s of the show without saying a word yet the words weren’t even needed. Aaron Paul is just that good.
Walter – “I just wanna go on record. We should all be wearing masks.” This was definitely Walter White and not Heisenberg in the premiere. There was little of Heisenberg’s coolness or assuredness and a lot of Walt’s nervousness. But at least he and Jesse got to dispose of a body for old times sake.
Casa de Hank doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a very fun place this season.
Man I missed this show from its actors to its direction to its cinematography to its music to its use of Kenny Rogers T-shirts. I half expected one of them to have a wallet with BMF on it that closing scene was so Pulp Fiction-y.

--Larry – “You can’t even mention balls and breasts in the same sentence.” Truer words. The old guys were lucky Leon was there at the club to explain how Richard Lewis’ girlfriend’s burlesque dancing was “communicating.” Larry seemed to be a fast learner later noting that the “air f***ing was sensational.”

--I actually didn’t mind Weeds this week as it got back to some good old fashioned pot selling even if I’m on Team Silas and not Team Nancy. Nancy Botwin has been separated for three years of her toddler’s life and she still can’t come across as a sympathetic character. Has anyone besides her even mentioned Stevie this season? And exactly how much time does she get to spend away from the halfway house she’s one strike away from getting thrown back in jail? The stuff with Andy I could take or leave at this point. The Afghanistan scene was just stupid.
I think I’m gonna like whatever screen time (and I hope it's more) is given to Martin Short and his Trapper Keeper of broken dreams. “I don’t want to know what that means…I do…I don’t…I do…never actually tell me.”

--This took far too long, but South Park or Comedy Central more specifically is going to start selling Cheesy Poofs. You’ll have to hit Wal-Mart for them.

--Our Florida Story of the Week comes to us from Port St. Lucie. ‘Twas there that 17-year-old, Tyler Hadley, had a party at his parents' house. His parents didn’t mind because earlier that weekend he killed them with a hammer and left their bodies in their room upstairs. He was kind enough to throw some towels over them in case anyone went stumbling in their thinking it was the f*** room instead of Tyler’s personal morgue. Someone tipped off police the next day and Tyler woke up Sunday morning with a hangover and cops at the door.

--I just saw this the other day and it’s just too f’n creepy in so many ways.

--Wow, the women’s World Cup final rating on ESPN was better than the U.S./England rating on ABC? In the happiest ratings news of all the ESPYs were just the 14th most watched show on ESPN last week. That farce will end at some point, right?

--Remember when Wolfgang Puck got up from his table, led Jyll to the kitchen and showed her in front of everyone what a proper risotto is? Yeah, that was funny and quite a dick move by Wolfgang. Smell ya later Penny and Chris. Jeff with the understatement of the series: “My humor hasn’t always gone over very well with the judges.” Balls.

--It was only a matter of time “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Lannister.”

--Liking Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon. He was good as Thomas Jefferson in John Adams. Carice van Houten will be Melisandre. Damn I can’t wait for next season.
Foolishly I’m already close to halfway done with the fourth book of "Song of Ice and Fire." I know once I’m done with the fifth I’m going to be pissed off for years waiting for the sixth.

--How could you possibly pass this up at Trader Joe’s?

--Today in heart stopping fair food we go to the Orange County Fair in California. One food stand had you covered from chocolate covered bacon to fried butter to fried quesadilla strips. The fried butter vehicle was a churro because, well why not? They split a churro in two then layer butter inside before throwing it in the deep fryer. Because that’s not enough by itself it’s served on a bed of deep-fried chips topped with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream. Can’t wait to see what Texas comes up with this year.

--Nice try Nolan Ryan’s heart, but I’m pretty sure you know Nolan Ryan is immortal.

--Half Spike Jonze, half Santigold, half Team America, half Inception, half Walking Dead, all Beastie Boys.

--I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more often, but a 20-year-old guy scammed a town in Delaware posing as a former Iron Chef winner who was bringing a Food Network “Dinner Impossible BBQ” event to the town. Lenny Ruebeck sold about 300 tickets for $35 a pop until his fraud was discovered. Initially his story checked out because Lenny had himself a genuine Food Network chef jacket and a medallion he got for his Iron Chef appearance so obviously no further questions needed. So people thought Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Paula Dean, and Robert Irvine were all coming for a visit. Suspicions first surfaced after he didn’t have basic cooking skills at a class he taught. The township had a special committee meeting and Lenny brought along a fake production assistant and sous chef. Yeah, his ruse didn’t last much longer after that and he did pay everyone back so no charges were filed.

--Sorry to see Feast didn't work out in New Orleans. Also sorry to see Brandon Fisch moving on from Yelapa. Short, but sweet run.

Questions, comments or if you’re getting your ass to The Modular by the end of the week…

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